Crystalline Lightworker Tools and Techniques for Yourself

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Crystalline Lightworker Tools and Techniques for Yourself

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Row A


Seed of Life Play

CLW Voice

Meta Intentions

Clear Sphenoid

Clear Mandible

Emotional Body

Clear Emotional Body


Kundalini Healing

CCT Grids

Animal Communicate

Shift to LWEmotional

Radiate Light

Kundalini Earth

Kundalini Creative

Kundalini Solar

Kundalini Heart

Star Constellation


CES Chakras

CE Structure


Healing Self w/Light

Row B

CLW Setting Fields

Quick H Chambers CE System>CE Fields Light Consciousness

Light Ancestor

Heal Animals


Healing Em Body

Healing Mental Body

Kundalini Throat

Kundalini 3rd Eye

Kundalini Crown

Money Group

Money Infinity


Accelerate Learning

Move Energy

Flower of Life

Creating Light

Row C


Energetic Integrity

Balance Spirit/Personal

HTE for Integrity

Programming M/E

5 and 7 Chakras

5 and 7 SOL Chart

HC’s for Healing

Money Seed

Money Fruit

Money Tree

Money GC

Money Intention

I Choose


FOL Connector

Wing Hug


Row D

SG Identify

SG Release

SG Protect

SG Apply

SG Refine

SG Spiral


Personal Growth

Spiritual Growth




Right Action

Light Spark

Group Infinity

Group Tree 1

Group Tree 2

Group Expressions

Work on your self

Work on your Group

CV/UN Card

HTE Card

Group Chart

Infinity Chart

Row E

HTE Gifts

Happy Birthday

Measure Conscious

Radiating Light





Point of Belonging

Group Roles

Innate Wisdom


Seed of Life Chart

Fruit of Life Chart

Tree of Life Chart

Tree of Life Healing

Tap Root


Note: CLW is Crystalline Lightworker

Level 5

Journal 5

Seed of Life Play 7

Crystalline Lightworker Voice 8

Meta Intentions 10

Clear Sphenoid 11

Clear Mandible 13
CLW Setting Up Fields 16

Quick CCT Protocol with Healing Chambers 16

CE System Connect to CE Fields 16

Light Consciousness 19

Light Ancestor 19
Assimilation 22

Energetic Integrity 26

Balance Spiritual/Personal 27

HTE for Integrity 28

Spiritual Gifts Identify 30

SG Release 31

SG Protect 31

SG Apply 32

SG Refine 32, 34

SG Spiral 34

HTE for Gifts 34

Happy Birthday Chart 35

Measure Transformation 40

Radiating Light

Level 6

Developing Emotional Body 6

Clear/Repair Emotional Body 7

Kundalini Symptoms 9

Kundalini Grand Cross Healing 15

CCT Grids 19

Communicate with Animals 22
Heal Animals with Healing Chambers 23

Mini Session for a Group 25

HTC: Holographic Time Chamber 28

Healing Emotional Body 32

Healing Mental Body 33
Programming Mental and Emotional Bodies 33

Harmonize 5 and 7 Chakras 37

5 and 7 Chakra SOL Chart 37

Healing Chambers as Healing Components 38

Rows D & E: Life Areas
Level 7

Shift to LW Emotional 10

Radiate Light 10

Kundalini Earth 16

Kundalini Creative 16

Kundalini Solar 16

Kundalini Heart 17
Kundalini Throat 18

Kundalini 3rd Eye 18

Kundalini Crown 19

Money Group 25

Money Infinity 25
Money Seed 26

Money Fruit 26

Money Tree 27

Money Geometric Configuration 29

Money Intention 30
Right Action 31

Light Spark 36

Group Roles Infinity 41

Group Roles Tree 1 41

Group Roles Tree 2 42

Group Expressions 45

Point of Belonging 46

Group Roles 50

Innate Wisdom 55

Guides 55, 56

Level 8

Star Constellation Emotional Body

TOL Organs 5

TOL CES Chakras 8

TOL CE Structure 11

Soaring 13

Healing Self w/Light 5
Wings 8

Accelerate Learning 9

Move Energy 11

Flower of Life 13, 15

Creating Light 16

I Choose 18

I AM 18

FOL Connector 19

Wing Hug to Self 19

Orbs 19

Rows D & E: Other Tools

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