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Cultural life in our town is not so rich as in large cities. In spite of that, there are some ways of spending leisure time. I can go to the cinema, to the theatre, dancing or I can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch TV and read books. I am not a TV addict and I am not one of those who spend hours in t say about radio. Radio and TVfront of the screen. Unfortunately this I can are for someone sources of information, for someone sources of entertainment or only a background noise.

1) What do you prefer:
It is hard to say what I prefer. I think that cinema, theatre and TV have their own advantages and disadvantages too. I prefer going to the cinema when I want to t want to wait for it in television (for itssee some new movie and I don broadcasting in TV). Sometimes I prefer going to the cinema when I am bored and there is nothing to do in the weekend. Watching movie in the cinema is something entirely different from watching it in TV. In the cinema there is the strange atmosphere, but there is also one disadvantage – the tickets are quite expensive.

Watching television is very popular. You can watch it everywhere and anytime you want. You can watch many TV-programmes on many TV-station. Some people say, that watching TV is waste of time, but I think that s unnecessary to say it, because everyone can choose those programmes heit prefers or can switch off the television.

I think that TV is quite good source of information. You can get very cheep and fast summary of news. The news can be sometimes more concerned with entertainment than information, but every viewer have to choose the correct channel. Another kind of TV programme I prefer sm interested in nature all over the world, and itis e.g. documentary films. I very exciting to watch the life of animals, plants or other people in foreign countries. The situation comedies are my favourite too, but they must be good. I like to watch some good films on TV too. It could be the film I had wanted to watch in a cinema, but I had no time for it. The TV programmes I hate are e.g. soap operas. They are too long and boring and even very predictable. Another bad TV programmes are stupid competitions, where you needn't know anything to win s competition, you mustsome money. I think it is quite unfair, because if it prove something of your knowledge to get some money, not only by chance. Then I hate more and more advertisements. But sometimes some of them are so stupid that they are funny.

I like to listen to the radio too. According to my s very good source of information and mostly the big source of music.opinion it s not so big waste ofI listen to the radio as much as possible. I think it time, because you can do many thing by listening to radio. The radio programmes I use to listen are: radio news, radio music charts, discussion programmes, commentaries, etc.

2) The history of film:
The very first films started to be shot in the beginning of the 20th century. They were mostly documentary films (they were something like recent TV-news). Later, although the films were still black-and-white and silent, there appeared first movie star. They acted entirely in comedies. (the most popular comedy actor were e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy and many other).With the developing of television, the number of visitors of cinemas goes down. People are too lazy to go to a cinema. Recently there appeared another competition for cinemas – video lending offices.

3) My favourite film, director and actors:
Rudolf Hrušinský, Vladimír Menšík, Miroslav Donutil, Jiřina Bohdalová,:…
Hate Jean Claude van Damme, Silvester Stalonne and all action heros.

4) Radio and TV in U.K. and in ČR:
In GB radio and TV broadcasting is mainly provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which has four radio and four television channels. The first channel presents almost news and information programmes, the second and third channels are for light programmes (such as films, soap operas or competitions) and the last one presents the cultural programmes. The channels of radio BBC have the similar kinds of programmes. In Britain there are also some independent TV e.g. ITV – Independent television, which is the biggest rival to BBC. BBC is financed by sailing of television licences and ITV is financed by advertisement.

The same situation is in our republic. There exist the competition between Czech TV – ČT (first channel – light programmes, news etc. and second channel – cultural programmes and programmes for minority) and independent TV – Nova, Prima, etc. Czech TV derives its income from the sale of TV licences and from advertisement too.

There are many radio channels in our republic: Radio Alfa, Krokodýl, Hit radio Publikum, Frekvence 1, Radio Jih, Vltava, Radiožurnál, ...etc.
Vltava – channel of classical music.
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