Curriculum Vitae Dr. Antonia Levi 906-69 Jamieson Court

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Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Antonia Levi

906-69 Jamieson Court

New Westminster, BC V3L 5R3

(604) 616-4694;

1983-1991 Ph.D. Candidate

Stanford University: History Department

Advisor: Dr. Peter Duus
1980-1982 Visiting Research Fellow

University of Tokyo: Law School

Advisor: Dr. Matsumoto Sannosuke
1976-1980 Ph.D. Student

Stanford University: History Department

Advisor: Dr. Peter Duus
1978-1979 Language Student

Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies

1974-1976 M.A. Student

University of Southern California: History Department

Advisor: Dr. Gordon Berger
1964-1974 B.A. Student

University of Hawaii: History Department

Academic Experience
1998-2006 Portland State University

University Studies Department

Portland, OR 97207


Freshman Inquiry: Metamorphosis and Forbidden Knowledge

Sophomore Inquiry: Asian Studies

Sophomore Inquiry: Popular Culture

Japanese Animation (FLL)

Japanese Literature and Film (FLL)

Youth and the Family Through Film (Waseda-Oregon Program)

1998-1999 Portland State University

History Department

Portland, OR 97207


Early Japanese History

Medieval Japanese History

Modern Japanese History

Introduction to Modern East Asia

Women of East Asia

Japanese Animation and Manga

The War in the Pacific: Image and Reality

1988-1996 Whitman College

History Department

Walla Walla, WA 99362


Traditional Japanese History

Modern Japanese History

Traditional Chinese History

Modern Chinese History

Modern Korean History

Traditional East Asian History

Modern East Asian History

Introduction to Asian Civilizations

Chinese Civilization

Asian American History

Women of East Asia

Friends and Enemies: World War II and the Occupation of Japan

Introduction to Historical Methodology

The Art of History
1992-1993 Associated Kyoto Program

Doshisha University

Kyoto, Japan


Traditional Japanese History
1986-1988 Loyola Marymount University

History Department

Los Angeles, CA 90045


Modern Japanese History

Modern Asian History

Western Traditions

1985-1986 Amherst College

History Department

Amherst, MA 01002


Japanese History to 1600

Japanese History since 1600

Occupied Japan
1985 California State University, Long Beach

History Department


Japanese History to 1868
1984 University of Southern California

History Department

Los Angeles, CA 90028


Japan since 1945

The Samurai Tradition

Levi, Antonia, Mark McHarry, and Dru Pagliossotti. Girls Doing Boys Doing Boys: Japanese Boys' Love Anime and Manga in a Globalized World. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing, 2009. [Forthcoming]
Levi, Antonia and Dannelle D. Stevens. Introduction to Rubrics: An Assessment Tool to Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback, and Promote Student Learning. Herndon, VA: Stylus Publishing, 2004. Revised edition forthcoming 2009.
Levi, Antonia. Samurai From Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company, 1996.

Chapters and Peer-Reviewed Articles:
Levi, Antonia. “Yaoi, Zowie, I think They’re Gay: North American Reactions to Same Sex Romances in Anime and Manga,” in Mark I. West, Ed. The Japanification of Childrens Popular Culture: From Godzilla to Spirited Away. New York: Scarecrow Press, 2008.
Film Review. Howls Moving Castles. Mechademia: An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga, and the Fan Arts, Vol. 3, 2008.
Levi, Antonia. The Werewolf in the Crested Kimono: The Wolf-Human Dynamic in Anime and Manga. Mechademia: An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga, and the Fan Arts, Vol. 1, 2007.
Levi, Antonia. “The Americanization of Anime and Manga: Negotiating Popular Culture,” in Steven Brown, Ed. Cinema Anime. Palgrave MacMillan, 2006.
Charles Ryan Brown, Grace L. Dillon, Celine Fitzmaurice, Greg Jacob, Yves Labissiere, Antonia Levi, Cherry Muhanji, Candyce Reynolds, and Jack Straton. “Varying Realities of the Human Experience: The University Studies Program at Portland State University.” Diversity, Educational Equity, and Learning Communities. Summer, 2005.
Stevens, Dannelle and Antonia Levi.  Leveling the playing field: Using rubrics to achieve greater equity in teaching and assessment.  Essays on Teaching Excellence, Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, 17 (1), 2006.
Levi, Antonia. “New Myths for the Millennium: Japanese Animation,” in John A. Lent, Ed. Animation in Asia. Sydney, Australia: John Libbey & Company Pty Ltd, 2002.
Book Review: The Confusion Era: Art and Culture of Japan During the Allied Occupation, 1945-1952. By Mark Sandler. [Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1998]. Pacific Historical Review. Winter, 1999.
Levi, Antonia. “The New American Hero: Made in Japan,” in M. L. Kittelson, Ed. The Soul of Popular Culture: Looking at Contemporary Myths and Monsters. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company, 1997.
Levi, Antonia. “The Animated Shrine: Using Japanese Animation to Teach Japanese Religion,” Education About ASIA, Vol. 2, No. 1 [Spring], 1997.
Levi, Antonia. “How Heathens Treat Women: Sati, Footbinding and Female Genital Surgeries,” in Mulugeta Agonafer, Ed. Africa in the Contemporary International Disorder: Crises and Possibilities. New York: University Press of America, 1996.
Fiction, Op-Eds and Misc. Publications:
Levi, Antonia. Anime and Manga: Its Not All Make-Believe. Japan Society. About Japan: A Teachers Resource web site:
Levi, Antonia. Anime: An Annotated Filmography for the Classroom. About Japan: A Teachers Resource web site:
Levi, Antonia. Bedtime Stories. Pearls 27, 2008. [Fiction]

“Toni-chan Explains It All,” quarterly column for Animeco Magazine, 1997-2000, articles include:

Miko, Mecha and Mecha-Miko

Local God Makes Good: The Return of Susano-o

Warlords and Ninja and Guns, Oh My!

World War II: The Animated Version

The Deeper Significance of Cuteness

Mrrrreeeeoooow: Cats in Anime
“Crisis in Okinawa,” Op-Ed, The San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 7, 1995; The Seattle Times, Nov. 8, 1995.
“The Plus Side of the Power Rangers,” Op-Ed, The Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 3, 1995.
“Cold Comfort for Comfort Women,” Op-Ed, The L.A. Times, Sept. 8, 1994.
“Unbound Feet: the Women of Hong Kong,” an historical background produced for use in making a documentary film of the same title. Director-Producer: Sam Kwong. 1993.
Portrait of a Misunderstanding: The Japanese Communist Party and the Occupation of Japan,” Ph.D. Dissertation. Stanford University, 1991.

Academic Presentations

For the Love of Bishies: Boys Love Manga and Anime in North America. Presented at the Popular Culture Conference, San Francisco, CA, March, 2008.
Himikos Daughters: The Image of Japanese Women in Anime and Manga. Presented at the Schoolgirls and Mobile Suits Workshop, Minneapolis College of Arts and Design, Sept. 2006.
Stevens, D. D., Levi, A. & Emil, S. Faculty and the use of rubrics for quality assessment: Three case studies of faculty involvement. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment. June, 2005. Hong Kong, China.
The Werewolf in the Crested Kimono: Japanese Werewolves and Other Shape-Shifters in Anime and Manga. Presented at the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2005.
Androgyny in America: Exploring Sexual Boundaries Through Yaoi. Presented at the Popular Culture Association Conference, San Diego, CA, March 2005.
North American Yaoi Fans: The Results of an On-Line Survey, presented at the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2004.
Stevens, D. D. & Levi, A. Rubrics: A practical and equitable tool for instruction and assessment. Paper presented at American Association for Higher Education Assessment Conference, Denver, Colorado, 2004.
Fan Fiction In and Out of the Margins, Panel organized by Antonia Levi for The Popular Culture Association Conference, Apr. 16-19, 2003.
Myths for the New Millennium: Anime as Global Storytelling, Michigan State University Asian Studies Center, Nov. 14, 2002; Portland State University, Feb. 2004.
American Shoujo: Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and What Women Really Want to See, The Popular Culture Association Conference, Mar. 13-16, 2002.
Crossing the Cultural Divide: Challenges and Strategies for Marketing Japanese Animation and Comic Books in the United States, The Popular Culture Association Conference, Mar. 31-Apr.3, 1999.
Mononoke-hime: From Animism to Environmentalism in the Works of Miyazaki Hayao, Association of Japanese Teachers Conference, Mar. 11, 1999.
Himiko and her Daughters: The Priestess-Exorcist in Japanese Animation Films, The Western Conference of the American Association of Asian Studies, Oct. 29-30, 1996.
The Japanese Resistance: The Japanese Peoples Emancipation League and the Making of Postwar Japan, The Siena Conference on World War II, June 1-2, 1995.
How Heathens Treat Women: Sati, Footbinding and Female Genital Surgeries, The African and African American Development Conference, Dec. 2, 1994.
Tinker, Tailor, Traitor, Spy: The Mystery of Nosaka Sanzo, The Western Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, Oct., 1993.
The Eells Incident: Student Protest in Occupied Japan, The Canadian Association of Asian Studies, June, 1992.
Walter Eells and the Educational Reform in Occupied Japan, The West Coast Association of Asian Studies, Oct., 1989.
Between Two Camps: The Radicalization of the Japanese Communist Party Under the American Occupation of Japan, The “In the Pacific Interest” Conference at Willamette College, Feb. 1988.
Peaceful Revolution in Japan: The Nosaka Theory and the American Occupation of Japan, The Fulbright Seminar in Tokyo, Feb., 1982.
Portrait of a Misunderstanding: Nosaka Sanzo and the American Occupation Forces, The Modern Japan Research Group, June, 1981.
The Imperial Rescript on Education and its Implementation Through the School System, The First Annual Conference on East Asian Studies at U.S.C., May, 1975.
Anime and Manga Conventions
Anime Evolution: 2006-2008 (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC)

Kumori-Con: 2006-2007 (Portland, OR)

Otafest: 2008.( University of Calgary, AB)

Sakura-Con: 1998-2007 (Seattle, WA)

Presentations include:
Sailor Buffy

American Bishounen or Why Angel is Not a Man’s Man

Cowboys v. Samurai: Who Would Win?

From YAOI to Slash and Back Again

Yaoi, Zowie, I Think They’re Gay

Heroic Visions in Anime, the Whedonverse, and Beyond.

Myths for the New Millennium

Changes in Anime Fandom

American Shoujo: Buffy and Angel as Entertainment for Women
Other Public Presentations
Japan Society. Programs for Educators: Teachers’ Workshops. Summer, 2006-2008.
OHSU: Nursing Program. Workshops: Using Rubrics Across the Curriculum. 7th and 8th Annual Nursing Education Institute Conference, Portland, OR. 2005-2006
Introduction to Anime, an ANCEA funded presentation for high school students offered in conjunction with Sakura Con, Seattle, May 2004.
Cultural References in Japanese Animation, SakuraCon, 1999-2003
Introduction to Anime, Japanimation Festival, SUNY: Buffalo and Hallwalls Community Center, April 20-21, 2001.
Miyazaki the Myth-Maker, International Film Festival in Norway, November, 2000.

The Girls With the Big Eyes: Images of Women in Japanese Animation, NOW, Blue Mountain Chapter, May 12, 1996; University of Hawaii, Jan. 30, 1997; Portland State University, May 15, 1998.
Workshop on Japanese Animation, Japan-America Society of Oregon, Seventh Annual A Glimpse of Japan Workshop for High School Students of Japanese, May 1, 1998.


From Inspiration to Publication, Fifth Annual Writers’ Conference at Walla Walla Community College, Mar. 7, 1998.

From Pen to Publisher, Fourth Annual Writers’ Conference at Walla Walla Community College, Mar. 1, 1997.
Beyond Star Blazers: Japanese Animation in the U.S., Eastfest Lecture Series, Stanford University, Feb. 23, 1996; University of Hawaii, Jan. 24, 1997; Borders Books & Music, Jan. 26, 1997; Northwest Academy, Oct. 6, 1998.
That Shojo Stuff: Written by Women for Women, Symposium on Gender, Whitman College, Feb. 10, 1996.
The Future of International Feminism, Central Washington University, May, 1995.
The Japanese Discovery of Europe, MLB Book Club, Walla Walla, WA, Apr. 1994.
Dragon Ladies and Sex Kittens: Images of Asian and Asian American Women in the Media, Asian Awareness Month Lecture Series, Whitman College, Apr. 1994.
Angry Ghosts: Female Shamans in Korea, Women of Whitman Lecture Series, Oct., 1993.
They Just Dance: Shinto in Contemporary Japan, Comparative Religions Study Group, First Congregational Church, Walla Walla, WA, Feb., 1993.
The Last Empress, MLB Book Club, Walla Walla, WA, Apr., 1991.
The Question of Oppression: Women in China and Japan, Women of Whitman Lecture Series, Mar., 1991.
American Colleges and Universities, Yunnan University English Lecture Series, PRC, June 22, 1990.
Women in American Society, Yunnan University Lecture Series, PRC, June 20, 1990.
Housewives, Geisha and Office Flowers, El Camino College Lecture Series, Apr., 1987.

Awards and Honors
1992 Associated Kyoto Program Fellowship

1982-1983 Japan Fund Fellowship, Stanford University

1980-1981 The Japan Foundation

1979-1980 Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship

1976-1979 Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University

1975-1976 Graduate Fellowship, University of Southern California

1974-1975 Haynes Foundation Scholarship, University of Southern California

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