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1322 Banquo Court Georgetown University

McLean, Virginia 22102 School of Nursing and Health Studies Box 571107

3700 Reservoir Road N..W.

Washington, D.C. 20057-1107

Phone Home 703-356-9033 Georgetown University 202-687-8150

Fax 703-356-1772 202-687-5553


University of

Minnesota: Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, History, Humanities and

Social Science majors)

Master of Health Services Administration

Master of Arts (Public Administration, Latin American


Doctor of Philosophy (Health Services, Epidemiology )

2000 Professor and Chair (to 2008), Department of Health Systems Administration, Georgetown University

School of Nursing and Health Studies

1998-2000 Senior Health Advisor, Academy For Educational Development,

Subcontracted to The World Bank, and

    1. Professor (visiting) and Chairman (Interim), Department of Health

Services Management and Policy, The George Washington University
1996-1998 Consultant: 1) International Finance Corporation, Health Sector Development Study 2)The World Bank, Romania health sector reform loan design 3) planning and implementation of the Tashkent conference on reform of medical education in the former USSR.
1996-2004 Senior Research Scientist, Center for Health Services Research, Medical Group Management Association
1993 - 1996 Vice President, International Development

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (part-time)

1993 - 1995 Associate Director

Pew Commission on the Future of the Health Professions (part-time)

1965 - 1993 President

Association of University Programs In Health Administration

1968 - 1982 Executive Secretary

Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration

1965 Acting Director, Minnesota Hospital Association
1962 Guest Scholar, The Brookings Institution
1961 - 1962 Administrative Resident and Administrative Assistant

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

1959 Administrative Fellow President's Office, University of Minnesota
December 1956 - Director

April I957 Hungarian Student Refugee Reception Center, World University Service and Institute of International Education, Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Current Memberships and Appointments
American Association for Higher Education

American College of Healthcare Executives

American Public Health Association (Fellow)

American Society of Health System Pharmacists, Commission on Goals, 2004-2008

Association of American Medical Colleges

Companion Care Association, Board of Directors and Treasurer, 2004-

The Cosmos Club, Washington D.C., 1980-

Global Health Council

Society for International Development

Citizens Advisory Center, Board of Directors, 2006-

Upsilon Phi Delta, (health administration honor society), Board of Directors, 2002-

Volunteers of America, Board of Directors, 2008-, International Advisory Board (Chairman), 2002-

McLean Community Foundation, Board of Directors, 2007-
Past Memberships and Appointments
American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Accreditation Steering Committee, 1997

American Council on Education

Commission on Educational Credit and Credentials, 1974 - 1980

American Health Planning Association

Board of Directors, 1983 - 1984

American Hospital Association

Library Committee

Panel on Licensure

Panel on Health Institutions Classifications

Board Committee on Institutional Leadership, 1979 - 1981

Coming Achievement Award Selection Committee, 1980 - 1981

American International Health Alliance, Board of Directors, 1992-1994

American Public Health Association

Task Force on Federal Research Policy, 1972 - 1973

Committee on Chilean Health Workers, 1974 - 1975

Advisory Committee on Public Health Manpower Analysis, 1981 – 1983

American Refugee Committee, Board of Directors, 1984-2004

Association of American Medical Colleges

Chairman, Minority Affairs Grant Advisory Board, 1971 - 1973

Blue Cross Association - AHA Advanced Fellowship Advisory Committee, 1967 – 1972

Center For Transformational Leadership in Health Care, Board of Directors, 1999-2002

Coalition For Nonprofit Health Care, Chairman, Research and Development Advisory Council, 1997-1998

Commission on Education for Health Administration (W. K. Kellogg Foundation)

Educational Advisory Panel, 1973 – 1975

Commission On Collegiate Nursing Education, 1998-1999

Committee on Effective Drug Abuse Legislation, 1970 - 1972

Committee on Health Politics, 1973 - 1975

Council of Specialized Accrediting Agencies

Board of Directors, 1973 - 1975

Vice-Chairman, 1974 - 1975

Department of Health and Human Services

National Advisory Council on Health Professions Education, 1983 - 1987

Council, Agency for Health Care Policy Research (AHRQ) 1990-1992

Fairfax Audubon Society, Board of Directors, 1990-1993

Federation of Associations of Schools of the Health Professions

Chairman, 1970 - 1971, 1976 - 1977

George Washington University, Advisory Council, 1989-92

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations

Committee on Accreditation, 1979 - 1981

Policy Advisory Board, 1979 - 1983

Committee on Standards and Procedures, 1980 – 1983

Roundtable on accreditation and the health professions, 2004-2005

Joint Committee on Medical Care Education (APHA, ATPM, ASPH, AUPHA), 1969 - 1971

Job Corps Health Advisory Committee, 1965 - 1970

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Health Advisory Committee, 1974 - 1975

Task Force on Lifelong Learning, 1976 – 1977

Medknowlogy, Inc. Chairman, Technical Advisory Board, 1996-2000

Institute of Medicine, Committee on Allied Health

Personnel Study, 1986 - 1988

Pan American Health Organization/WHO

Advisory Committee to Latin America Education Project, 1979 - 1985

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, Board of Directors, 1986-1992

(President 1990-91)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,

National Advisory Committee on Faculty Fellowships, 1983 - 1991

Royal Society for Health (London)

University of Massachusetts, School of Public Health Advisory Committee, 1978 - 1980

University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

Health Care Management Program Committee, 1979 - 1980

HMO Management Program Advisory Committee, 1974 – 1976

University of Scranton, School of Graduate Studies Board of Visitors, 2005-2007

University of Wisconsin, School of Business Administration

Advisory Committee on Health Care Fiscal Management, 1977 - 1980

Administrative Medicine Program National Advisory Board, 1989-1996

Veterans Health Administration

Administrative Scholars Program Review Panel, 1977

Advisory Committee on Management, 1978 - 1980

Innovations in Nursing Advisory Committee, 1997

Associated Health Professions Review Committee, 1997

Western Network for Education in Health Administration, Governing Council, 1982-1993

Medical Group Management Association, Education Advisory Committee, 1997-1999.

David A. Winston Health Policy Fellowship, Board of Directors 1990-2007 (President 1998-2002)
Consultant Appointments
University of Kentucky, Graduate School

Ontario Council on Graduate Studies

University of Houston - Clear Lake City, The Chancellor

University of California (Los Angeles), School of Public Health

University of Chicago, School of Business Administration

University of Colorado, School of Medicine

Duke University, School of Medicine

University of New Hampshire, School of Health Studies

The Ohio State University, School of Administrative Science

The Ohio State University, School of Medicine

Saint Louis University, School of Administrative Science

University of Washington, School of Medicine

U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences

University of Ottawa, School of Management

Universidad de Antioquia School of Public Health (Colombia)

Ben Gurion University School of Medicine (Israel)

Centro de Educacion en Administracion de Salud (Colombia)

Alabama Regional Medical Program

W. K. Kellogg Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Miami Valley Community Hospital, Dayton, Ohio

Intermountain Health Care

U.S. Department of Labor

Medical Group Management Association, Center for Research

National Institute of Health

Peace Corps

Department of Veterans Affairs

Pan American Health Organization - World Health Organization

Government of Argentina, Ministry of Social Welfare

National Sick Fund, Israel

Arthur Young & Company

Martha L. Rothman and Elliott Paul Rothman, Architects

Universidad de Chile, Faculties of Economics and Administrative Science and Public Health

University of Alabama-Birmingham, School of Community Health

Central American Public Administration Institute (ICAP), Costa Rica

Indian Health Service (DHSS)

National Center for Health Services Research and Technology Assessment

Government of New Zealand, Department of Health

University of Minnesota, Center for Health Services Research

The Baxter Foundation

The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Tulane University Medical Center

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Vanderbilt University - Peabody College

Kettering College of Medical Arts

International Finance Corporation

VHA, Inc.

The Coalition for Not-For-Profit Healthcare

University of Iowa, School of Medicine

Association of Academic Health Centers

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Pew Global Stewardship Initiative

Western Maryland Area Health Education Center

University of Central Florida, College of Health and Public Affairs

White House International Health Assessment

The World Bank

American International Health Alliance

Indiana University

James Madision University, College of Nursing and Health Care

Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University

Health Resources and Services Administration (DHSS)

Johnson & Johnson International

McKinsey & Company

Eli Lilly and Company

Joint Commission International
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Editorial Appointments

The Journal of Health Communication

Editorial Board, 1999-

The Journal of Health Administration Education

Founding Editor, 1982 - 1993

Editorial Board, 1999-

Health Administration Press

Editorial Board, 1972 - 1984

Management Committee, 1972 – 1984

Undergraduate Advisory Board, 2007-

Health Services Research

Management Committee, 1979 - 1985

Health Progress

Editorial Board, 1979 - 1993

Health Management Quarterly

Editorial Advisory Board, 1984 - 1995

Educational Record

Editorial Advisory Board, 1980 - 1983

Guest Editor, Fall 1984

Journal of Health Care Marketing

Editorial Board, 1980 - 1982

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

Editorial Board, 1975 - 1980

AUPHA Program Notes

Editor, 1965 - 1982

PAHO/WHO Scientific Publications

Editorial Board, 1985 -1995

U.S. House of Representatives:

Subcommittee on Health: 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980

Committee on Appropriations: 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

Committee on Agriculture: 1996

U.S. Senate:

Committee on Appropriations: 1972, 1985, 1987 1988

Committee on Labor and Public Welfare: 1972, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1987, 1995


American Refugee Committee, Humanitarian Award, 2004

Fellow, Salzburg Seminar, 2000

Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, President’s Award for Meritorious Service to the Field of Continuing Medical Education – 1995, Honorary Member

Endowed “Filerman Prize for Innovation in Health Services Management Education”, Established by AUPHA, 1993.

The Ohio State University, HHSA Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award, 1992

University of Chicago, Honorary Alumnus, 1991

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Honorary, 1989

American Academy of Medical Administrators, Honorary Life Fellow, 1985

ArabHealth Conference, Honorary Chairman, 1985

Regents of the University of Minnesota, Outstanding Achievement Award, 1982

Who's Who in America

Who's Who in the World

Association of University Programs in Health Administration

Distinguished Contribution Award, 1979

Change Magazine, Among “100 Young Leaders of the Academy” October, 1978

Leuven University (Belgium), Silver Medal of Leuven, 1972

Organization of the American States, Fellow, 1964

Milbank Memorial Fund, Travel Grant, 1964

W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Graduate Fellowship, 1961 - 1964

Phillips Foundation, Scholarship, 1959 - 1960

National Hillel Commission, King Gustav Award, 1957

(for “A Most Significant Contribution to Human Relations on an American Campus”)

June 2008

G. L. Filerman
December 2007 India

Survey of HIV/AIDs program collaboration opportunities for VOA

February, October 2004 Mexico

May, October, 2005, April,

November 2006, April, November 2007

Development and supervision of Chiapas student internships

April, Novermber, 2006 Consultation with IMSS on management and leadership development

programs and administrative needs assessment.

June, 2003 Germany

International Symposium on AIDS in the Workplace; World Bank,

ILO, GTZ, Georgetown University

May, 2003 Switzerland

World Health Assembly, World Health Organization

NGO Observer

July, 2000 Austria

Salzburg Special Seminar of the Future of Global Health

May, 2000 England

Present the John Henry Phillips Memorial Lecture on health care

January, February, Romania

April, June, 1998 World Bank Health Sector Reform Project Design Team, workforce


April, 1997 Uzbekistan

Coordinated the AIHA-USAID Conference on Health Workforce Policy and Planning in the former USSR

February-March, 1997 Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia

Conference planning, Health Workforce Policy Research and Program Development, AIHA-USAID

November, 1996 Botswana, South Africa

International Finance Corporation Private Health Sector Deveopment Project investment assessments

November, 1994 Russia

USAID/AIHA Partnership Project Review Conference

November, 1993 Chile

W.K. Kellogg Foundation International Symposium on Health Administration Education

February, 1993 Russia

USAID Health System Administration Development Projects needs Assessment

July, 1993 Colombia

Consultation, University Health Management Program Development, USAID

July, 1992 Colombia

Consultation, Management Workforce Development Assessment and Planning, Ministry of Health, PAHO

January, 1992 Jamaica

USAID Health System Management Improvement Project Development

May 1992 Mexico

Lecture, School of Business Administration, National University (UNAM)

September 1991 Korea

U.S. Representative, WHO South Pacific Region Conference

July 1991 Jamaica

USAID Health Administration project management oversight

December 1990 Jamaica

USAID Health Administration education project management, oversight

September 1990 El Salvador

USAID Consultation, National Health Management Workforce Planning, Ministry of Health

August 1990 Pakistan

Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan University, consultation on management development for the AKF system and program development at the university.

July 1990 Costa Rica

USAID Regional Health Services Development Strategy Planning


USAID Health Administration needs assessment and program design

April 1990 Jamaica

USAID Health system needs assessment and administration program design.

March 1990 Jamaica

USAID Ministry of Health capacity program development

October 1989 Guatemala

USAID Regional public health and health administration education needs assessment

October, 1989 Dominican Republic

USAID Health Services Management Project Assessment

July 1989 Costa Rica

USAID program oversight

June 1989 The Dominican Republic

USAID Hospital Improvement Program development


Keynote address, Japan Hospital Association

May 1989 Jamaica

USAID evaluation of university development projects

December 1988 Costa Rica

USAID Social Security Management Development Project assessment and staff development program

May 1988 England

Kellogg Foundation, Oxford University International Symposium on Health Services Management Education

June 1988 Japan

Lectures in five cities sponsored by the health insurance industry

June 1988 Thailand

Review of American Refugee Committee refugee health services

November 1987 Guatemala

USAID Projects progress review conference

August-September 1987 The Dominican Republic

W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Undergraduate professional education workshop planning and implementation.

June, July 1987 Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica

Management education projects consultation, USAID, PAHO, W.K.Kellogg Foundation

March 1987 New Zealand

Health system management development strategy conference, Ministry of Health

February 1987 Australia

National lecture series, Heath Administration program development consultations at five universities

October 1986 Mexico

W,K,Kellogg Foundation, UNAM Workshop on health services management needs and education strategies

June 1986 Israel

University of Tel Aviv Board of Governors Meeting. Presentation of health management education program plan.

May 1985 Brazil

PAHO Regional Health Administration Education Conference

February 1985 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Honorary Chairman, ArabHealth 1985 Conference

October 1984 Chile, Peru

W.K.Kellogg Foundation, University program development and grantee assessments.

April 1984 Chile

W.K.Kellogg Founation, consultation on graduate program and faculty development planning for the University of Chile

February 1983 Israel

Planning a management development program for the National Sick Fund

October 1982 Mexico

Lecture, Annual Symposium of the National Academy of Medicine

July-August 1982 Israel

Visiting professor at Ben Gurion University

June-July, 1981 Portugal

AUPHA and EAP. Directed the institute on health services management and planning education for international faculty

April 1981 England, Portugal

AUPHA and EAP. Planning for the international health services management and planning faculty institute

February 1980 Portugal, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy

Development of the international faculty development institute, fund raising.

January 1979 Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast

USAID Assessment of health services systems management development projects

July - August 1978 England, Israel, Portugal

Explorations of African health management development resources, strategies and experiences

Consultation on managerial and planning manpower training in Israel and faculty development in Portugal

March 1976 Mexico

W.K.Kellogg Foundation . Directed a conference of Latin American health administration faculties. Consultation on public health and management education at National Autonomous University.

August 1975 Finland, Denmark

Conducted a three-week international faculty institute on health services organization in Finland

May 1975 Finland, Denmark

Planned an international health management faculty institute

October-November England, France, Denmark and Finland

1974 Consultation to NHS committee on management development for the reorganized National Health Service (U. K.)

Attended Institute of European Health Administration Programs

Consultation at WHO-Copenhagen, planning for international faculty institute on Finnish health service organization

December 1973 Colombia, Guatemala

PAHO, consultant to regional education centers

May-August 1972 Belgium and EEC counties

Visiting professor at Leuven University to participate in the organization of the Institute of European Health Service Research

September 1971 Argentina

PAHO , consultant on developing programs for health services administration and visiting Professor at the National School of Public Health

July-August 1971 England

Conducted a three-week institute on health services delivery in the U.K. for international faculty

April 1971 England, Belgium, Germany

Meeting of European Association of Medical Care and Health Administration training programs

October 1970 England

Conducted a three week institute on teaching health organization for international faculty

July 1968 England, Belgium

Participated in the Hospital Conference of Western Europe

August 1967 Colombia

WHO (PAHO) Regional Conference on Medical Care Teaching

January 1967 Mexico

W.K.Kellogg Foundation consultant on hospital administration teaching program

August 1966 Colombia

Conducted Conference of Latin American Schools of Hospital Administration and Public Health and attended the conference of the Pan American Federation of Associations of Medical Schools

June 1966 Colombia

Consulted on hospital planning and administration at Hospital San Juan de Dios (Bogota), University Hospital (Medellin) and others

November 1965 Mexico

Lectured at UNAM School of Medicine. Consulted on hospital administration curriculum.

March-November Chile

1964 Dissertation Field study of organization of the National Health Service

February-October Venezuela, Colombia, Peru

1964 Hospital Management field study

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