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Name: Mohamed Mohamed Abdul-Satar Fayad.

Gender: Male.

  Nationality: Egyptian.

  Date of Birth: 1/11/1980.

  Address: Zagazig City, Sharkia, Egypt.

Marital Status: Married.

  Languages: Arabic and English.


College of Computer science and Informatics, Information System.Dept.



 B.SC: Technology of Information Systems.

 Faculty: Computer Science and Technology of Information Systems, Zagazig University

 Project Grade: Very Good.

    • Programming Diploma Oracle 10g Developer (SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports ) Cairo University.

    • Graphic Course (Graphic Concepts, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Indesign CS5, Project) Cairo University.

    • ICTP (Information & Communication Technology Project) Zagazig University, Training Course Includes:

    1. Communication and Technology infrastructure

    2. (Administrative computing systems (MIS, DSS)

    3. Portal for Universities

    4. Integrating technology into teaching and learning Promotion of distributed and e-learning

    5. Digital libraries

    6. ICT Training

    • ICDL (International Computer Driving License).


I Studied Subjects of Database Management Systems(1 11 111), Networks (1 11 ), Integrated Circuits, Data Security, Management Information Systems, Parallel Systems, Data Structure, Project Management, Software Engineering, Logical Circuits, Programming Language( vb 6 , c++ , c++ , oracle ) Artificial  Intelligence, Robots Engineering plus Management, Accountant and English Language Courses.



    • Programming Oracle 10g (SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports ).

    • Technologies HTML5, Css3 (Tables, Dives), JS

    • Web Designing Tools (Microsoft Web Expression, Front Page, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Image Ready, Swish Max, Swish2, Sound Forge, FTP Tools, HTML Coding , Java Scripts, PHP Scripts and  other Multimedia Programs).

    • Graphic Designing (Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Indesign CS5, Adobe Image Ready, Brochures , Logos, Booster, Flyers, Bussines Cards )

    • Web Graphic Designing (PSD Layout , Header , Footer, Banners, Animated Banners, Flash Banners, Flash Intros, Flash Cards, Flash Books , Flash Presentation , Flash Photo Gallery, Icons, Buttons, Backgrounds)

    • Vbulletin (Installing Script, Installing Pluggin, Installing Products, Style Design, Style Edit, Style develop , Scrip Update , Technical Support)

    • CMS Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Joomla, Xoops, the Islamic Magazine)

    • Multimedia (Swish Max, Swish2, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Image Ready , Adobe Fire Works, Windows Movie maker, Sound Forge)

    • PHP Scripts (YouTube , Mobile Messages, Photo Gallery, Messenger Topics, Contact us, News Letter, Flash Games, Flash Cards, Sites Directory and Smiles Library)

    • E-Marketing (Google Addwords , Familiar with Search Engine, Facebook , YouTube Twitter, Familiar with any Web applications)

    • Diggi Chat and Voice Chat ( Technical Support, Adding user icons and Smilies , Changing Colors , Designing Banners and icons, Familiar with Servers and Reseller)

    • Domain (Register , Transfer , Whois , Reseller , Enom , Electronic Payments)

    • Linux and Windows Hosting Servers ( Configuration, Create Account, Reseller, Transfer, Electronic Payments)

    • MS-Office (MS office 2003 , MS office 2007 , MS office 2010 )

    • Hardware (PC Maintenance , Installing Windows, Installing any software, Installing Drivers , Installing New Hardware, Anti Virus, Firewall)

    • Networks (Simple Knowledge Maintaining and Designing)




FROM OCT.2004 TO OCT.2005          VGA (Dubai)

IT (Information Technology)

    • Responsible for all IT tasks inside the company.

    • Installing Operating Systems.

    • Installing Software.

    • PCs Maintenances.

    • Harmful Virus Removing.

    • Making backup.

FROM JAN.2006 TO MAR.2007              NET.COM (Tripoly)

Sales /Hardware

  • Contracting with Internet Cafes to do the Following tasks:

  • Provide them by the Internet Services.

  • Assembling the PCs.

  • Protect PCs from Under attacking.


FROM APRIL 2007 TO AUGUST 2012         Kuwait25 Web Hosting (Kuwait)


  • Designing &Web Sites as Customers Needs

  • Web Sites

  • Updating Websites and Maintaining.

  • Making Animation, Flash(Adobe Image Ready , Swish Max)

  • Management and Designing with Developing Kuwait25 web site (

  • Management of Hosting Server and Domain Reseller

  • Management of both Digi Chat and voice chat Server

  • Designing websites for Kuwait schools

FROM OCT 2012 TILL NOW         Zagazig university (Zagazig)


  • Developing, Designing and Editing Agriculture College official website.

  • Designing printing graphics.

  • Designing web graphic Design.

  • Designing website templates.

  • Programming access database applications.

  • Technical IT support for all Departments.

  • Management Information Systems MIS (Data entry).

  • Organizing IT Workshops for Professors,Students and Employees.

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