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Name: Victor Chiagozie ARIOLE
Date of Birth: 12th March 1961.
Place of Birth: Oka Isiala-Mbano, Imo State.
Home Address: House 16B F Close 21 Road, Festac Town Lagos, Nigeria.
Postal Address: Room A523A, Arts Block, Department of European Languages, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos Nigeria.
E-mail Address:
Tel: 08033182290
Nationality at Birth: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
Academic Qualifications: - 2004: Ph.D. French.
- 1989: M.A. French.
- 1986: B. A. Education/French.
Schools Attended: - 1975-1980: Rapid Result College, London   (Côte d’Ivoire centre)
- 1982–1986: University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

- 1988 – 1989: University of Lagos, Akoka.

- 1990 Times Journalism Institute, Lagos.

- 1999 – 2003: Part Time, Nigerian College of Administration (NICA), Lagos.

Professional Qualifications: - 2004: Chartered Administrator, ACIA.
- 2003: Chartered Manager, MNIM.
- 1990: Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism Times Journalism Institute.

Daily Times 1990: - Trainee Journalist,
Present Appointment: - Senior Lecturer in French
University of Lagos since October 1991 till Date:

- 1991-1994 - Assistant Lecturer

- 1994-1998 - Lecturer II

- 1998-2001 - Lecturer I

- 2001-to date - Senior Lecturer

(Teaching, Research and Administration duties)

Languages Spoken: English, French, Yoruba and Igbo (Nigeria), Twi (Ghana) Baoulé: (Cote d’Ivoire) Dioula (Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire)

a. University Funded Research in Progress: Identifying peculiar syntactic nucleus structures and Metalingualism in Francophone African literary works as Terminology Base Towards Software Design for Machine Translation

b. Current Research: i. Probing A New Parameter Towards The Search For Language Universals Via Translation and Identification of Syntactic Nuclei Specific To Africa in Literary Works of Francophone African Writers.
ii. The Architecture for Functional Multi-cultural Integration for a Purposeful Economic Integration in Multi-lingual Africa.
c. Research Completed not Published:

Décalages Syntaxiques et la traduction des œuvres litteraires.

Professional Experience: - Conference consultant to Federation of African Organisation of Engineers (1992 – 1994).
- Part Time Translator to Amnesty International (1998-1999)
- Research Consultant to Research International and Market Trends in Africa. (1995-2001)

- Bilingual Auditing Consultant to Nigeria-Benin Joint Ventures (1997 – 2000).

- Supervision of JAMB Examinations (2001-2004).
- Consultant to the Open University of Nigeria (2006).
- Moderator French Entrance Exams of UNILAG Foundation Programme.
- Examination Reviewer to Yaba College of Technology on bilingual Secretary Programme for French 1998
- Consultant to West African Book Publishers (WABP) Ilupeju, Lagos Nigeria (2008).
Administrative Experience: - Examinations Officer of the Department (1994-1996).
- Member, Academic Disciplinary Committee of the Faculty (1996-1998) (2004-2006).
- Member of Publications Committee, Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos (1998-2001).
- Member, Committee for Liaising with Embassies in Nigeria for support to the Faculty Language programmes (1998-2000).
- Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Arts (2004-2006).
- Academic Adviser to 300 level students, Department of European Languages (2004–2006).
- Staff Adviser to Faculty of Arts Students (2004-2006).
- Academic Adviser Final Year 400 level/500 level Evening students 2005 – 2007.
- Member Admissions Committee of the University (2004-2006).
- Member ICT Committee of the University of Lagos (2004-2006).
- Senate member, the University of Lagos (2006 – 2008 and 2008-2010) by Election.
- Member Publications Committee Postgraduate School University of Lagos, 2005 – 2007.
- Member Business Committee University of Lagos Senate, 2006.
- Acted for Head of Department, European Languages University of Lagos, Intermittently in 2007 then Nov – Jan 2008.
- Technical Committee Member for the Establishment of Masters in French as a Foreign Language in Nigeria, in Partnership with France.
Courses Taught at UNILAG since 1991: FRE 101 and 102: Introduction to French Grammar I & II.
FRE 109 and 110: Elements of French Grammar I and II.
FRE 151 and 152 Introduction to French Literary Movement 1 and 2.
FRE 155: Intro to French Moral Tales
FRE 161: Intro to Francophonie I

FRE 162: Introduction to Francophone Literature.

FRE 187 and 188: French for Professionals.
FRE 203 and 204: Explication des textes I and II.
FRE 205 and 206: French Composition I and II.
FRE 207 and 208: Essentials of French Grammar I and II.
FRE 279 and 280: Francophone African History and Institution I and II.
FRE 303 and 304: Language Skills I and II.
FRE 306: Introduction to Syntax and Semantics.
FRE 310: Intro to French Stylistics.
FRE 309: History of French Language
FRE 353: Literature and Society
FRE 373: French Colonization
FRE 374: Francophone World.
FRE 405: Applied Linguistics I.
FRE 406: Applied Linguistics II.
FRE 407: Practical French
FRE 408: The Structure of French.
FRE 480: Supervision of Projects. (undergraduates)
FRE 801: Syntax
FRE 802: Stylistics
FRE 803: The Structure of French Language
FRE 806: Scientific and Technical Translation
FRE: 861: Research Methodology
FRE 863: Supervision of Projects. (graduates)
Areas of Specialization: Linguistics, Syntax and Semantics, Translation, Francophone African Culture and Civilization.
Conferences Attended and Papers Presented

15th July 1994: National Association of Translators and Interpreters, Paper   presented: Integration in ECOWAS seen from   Kourouma’s perspective.

11th-15th August 1996: Conference Africaine Des Professeurs de français des   universités anglophone (CAPFUA) in French   Village Badagry. Paper Presented : les quiproquos   de l’enseignement du français au Nigeria.
7th Nov. 1997: Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (CLAN) at   USMAN DANFODIYO University Sokoto. Paper   presented: Syntactic Theories and French in   Nigeria.
Nov. 1998: University French Teachers Conference in Jos, Paper Presented:   Approche Fonctionnelle et le Francais au Nigeria.
23rd-27th Nov. 1999: University of Cocody Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Colloque   International on « Art, Ecriture du monde   Francophone et Quête Identitaire ». Paper   presented : Ecrire en français à Décor Africain :   Une étude des oeuvres d’Ahmadou Kourouma.
27th-30th May 2000: Taking Stock in African Studies: Agenda for Teaching and   Research Beyond 2000. University of Alberta,   Edmonton, Canada. Paper presented: Women   Activists: A Study of Ogu Umunwanyi and other   Related works by African Authors.
16th -18th August 2001: University of Lagos. The Sociolinguistics of Nigeria’s Post-Independence Development. Paper Presented. Sociolinguistics Dimension of Francophone Africa Writers of Post-Independent.
3rd-6th February 2002: ABU – Zaria, French and National Development   Conference. Paper presented: Dégré Zéro   Syntaxique et la Traduction.
2nd-4th April 2004: Harvard University, USA. ACAL, Conference on African   Linguistics. Paper Presented: African Syntactic   structure NOT A FUNCTION OF CARTESIAN   LOGIC.
22nd – 23rd Sept. 2004: University of Lagos. In Honour of The Vincent, Literature, Language and National Consciousness. Paper Presented. Linguistic Flexibility in Post-Colonial Writing…
7th–9th April 2005: University of Montreal, Canada, Colloque META: For a   Proactive Translatology. Paper Presented: La   recherche de déchiffrement des noyaux ou génome   linguistique à travers la traduction.
26th October 2005: 1st Annual Research Conference and Fair,

University of Lagos. Exhibition: Cultural. Variances in Francophone West Africa; Implications for Development in Nigeria

31st Aug. 2006: 2nd Annual Research Conference and Fair. Exhibition on Proactivating on Econo-linguistic Factors for Effective Economic Integration in Africa.
26th - 27th October 2006: University of West Indies, Barbados. Colloque   Senghor. Paper Presented: Ahmadou Kourouma:   Negritude-Tigritude Interface Personality.
22nd - 25th April 2007: University of Florida, Gainesville, USA; Papers   presented:
(a) Translating African Names: A study in Syntax and Semantic fossilization

(b) Decalages Syntaxiques en Traduction, Une étude des particularites africaines

26th - 28th March 2008 3rd Nigerian Universities Research and Development Fair, University of Lagos. Exposition on: Hypotheses Testing on Econolinguistic Factors for Economic Integration in Nigeria.
17th April to 20th April 2008: University of Georgia, Athens, USA. Annual   Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL). Paper   Presented: “Analysis of some Metalinguistic Items in   Francophone African Literature”
1st to 4th May 2008: University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Conference on:   “Reflecting on Africa’s Riches: Resources, Conflict and   Exploitation”. Paper Presented: “Metalinguistics and   Counter – Cultural in Francophone African Literature”
9th - 13th Nov. 2008: University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. Conference on: National Development and Language Planning. Paper Presented. Language Planning. The French Variable in the Nigerian Equation
Attend regularly conferences organised by the

  1. Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) Chartered

  2. Chartered Institute of Administrators (CIA)

  3. University of Lagos. Management workshops on

    1. Workshop on Re-armament

    2. Research Proposal Writing, 13th Aug. 2008.

    3. Seminar for Course Advisers, 6th Aug. 2008.

    4. Tertiary Education Financing: Which Way Forward

Membership of Professional Associations:

- Nigerian Institute of Management Chartered (NIMC).

- Chartered Institute of Administration (CIA).
- Nigerian Institute of Translators and Interpreters (NITI).
- Nigerian University French Teachers Association (NUFTA).

Membership of Learned Society

- West African Research Association (WARA), USA.

- Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA).
Scholarship / Award: - French Government Scholarship: 2 months   Research stay in France (Sept. 1998 – Nov.     1998).
- Selected African Representative to Federation of International Translators Conference (FIT) in Finland April 2007.
- Best Researcher, Faculty of Arts University of Lagos 2007.

Other Activities

- Synod Delegate of Anglican Communion of Lagos West Diocese 2006 – 2008.

- Committee Member on the Way Forward, Lagos West Diocese.
- General Secretary YMCA, Festac COP. 1999 – 2007.
- Programme Committee Member of YMCA, Lagos, 2003-2005.
- Council member and, Budget Committee Chairman, Festac Archdeaconry, COP, 2007.



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ARIOLE, V. C, “Translating Nigerian English into French: Some Problems”. Papers in Honour of Professor Akere, Department of English, University of Lagos.

Referees: Prof. S. Ade Ojo,

Department of European Languages,

University of Lagos, Akoka,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Prof. E. N. Kwofie,

Department of French,

Covenant University

Otta, Ogun State.

Prof. Ayodeji Olukoju,

Dean of Arts,

University of Lagos, Akoka,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Signature & Date: ………………………………………..

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