Curriculum vitae name: Victor Patronymic: Petrovich Surname: Makarenko Date of birth

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Name: Victor
Patronymic: Petrovich
Surname: Makarenko
Date of birth: 24 October, 1962
Age: 52 years old
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Education: Higher
Qualifications: Teacher of the English and German languages
Current employer (since 2012) SRU Higher School of Economics
Position: Sr. Lecturer
Faculty: Faculty of Social Sciences
Department: Foreign Languages Department

Past experience:
1998 -2010 Russian Academy for Foreign Trade

Senior Lecturer

The International Business English Department
1995 – 1998 Film Export Studios


1993 – 1995 “Atlant” Film Distribution Company

International Relations Director

1983 – 1988 Teacher training high school, Kolomna

Full time student


tel: 916 848 7133

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