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English for Business | Curso de Inglés Empresarial
January 2015

Atlantik English’s new Business English course for B2/C1 level students is designed to teach the skills needed to confidently do business in English.

You will study the language needed for this through 9 dynamic and practical modules. In each module you will learn the important words and phrases associated with the topic area, putting them into practice in realistic business situations.

The language skills we will focus on in each module will be: Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading and Competent Use of Language in business.

Module 1: Professional CV Writing and Cover letters

This module is aims to prepare students for their career focusing on how to get the job you are applying for, what is/isn’t appropriate in the English speaking world of business and how to present yourself as positively as possible in the world of work.

  • Applying for the job

  • How to write a professional CV

  • Adapting your CV to the job

  • Europass formatted CV

  • Eures

  • Video CV

  • Cover letter writing

  • Linkedin Profile

Module 2: Job Interviews

In this module you will learn about job interview technique in an English speaking context.

  • Interview technique

  • Protocol, DOs and DON’Ts

  • Question types, appropriate answers, talking about accomplishments and skills

  • Writing job descriptions, pin-pointing responsibilities,

  • Roleplays

Module 3: In Company

The focus here is on understanding the English terminology used when talking about departmental make-up, marketing and policies of different sized businesses - from small family-run businesses to international giants.

  • Company types

  • Mission statement

  • Global expansion

  • Code of practice

  • CSR

  • Case study on Inditex

  • Visita a Inditex

Module 4: ‘Doing Business’ in English

This module practices many of the skills required to apply their language effectively according to a variety of everyday business/office situations.

  • E-mail and memos, reports, dynamic presentations, summarising

  • Telephoning, customer service

  • Communicating in meetings, formal invitations, social situations

  • Cultural and linguistic differences

  • Accents and pronunciation



Module 5: Finance and regulation

This is a module designed to enable students to talk confidently about the technical aspects of business and finance.

  • Technical Translations

  • Finance and Technical terminology

  • Balance Sheet

  • Invoices and billing

  • Regulation

  • Financial news

  • Fraud and embezzlement

  • Legal English


Module 6: Management, Negotiation

This module teaches students how to apply skills that make one a valuable, effective communicator as an employee into a managerial context and the language used to persuade and convince.

  • Management standards

  • Organisation

  • Project Management

  • Decision Making

  • Coaching

  • Targets and BATNAs

  • Making a Deal, Cross-Cultural Negotiation


Module 7: Marketing, Advertising and E-Commerce

This module teaches us to think about the meaning behind language, how it is used for marketing and advertising purposes and offers insight into the world of online business.

  • Semiotics, target audience, persuasive communication,

  • Advertisements, brochures, promotion

  • Parts of a computer, netiquette, apps

  • Online marketing basics, online advertising and promotion, e-mail marketing

  • Payment gateways

  • Enhancing business through social media

Module 8: Dynamic Presentations

Better your public speaking and learn how to grow in confidence whilst delivering your message coherently.

  • Public speaking

  • Anecdotes

  • Dynamic presentations

  • Dragon’s Den

Module 9: Setting up abroad

This module will teach the students about their international career or study options in the English speaking world.

  • Education and careers options (UK/USA/Ireland)

  • Job searching abroad

  • University admissions

  • Getting practical: “How to get set up in a foreign country”

  • End of course optional 1 week Mini-stay in UK at discount rate for all our Business English students.

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