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State of California Court Certified Interpreter

National Board Certified Medical Interpreter

Simultaneous Conference interpreter
Surname: Park

First Name: Junhui

Recent Translations

– Clinical Trials documents for Covance

– Trial documents of a criminal case on Embezzlement and Breach of Trust involving a prominent mobile communication company

– A Clinical Trial comparing treatment with Cangrelor to Usual Care, in subjects who require Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

– Korean Ramyun companies, Nongshim, Ottogi and Samyang litigation documents

– Jinro America litigation documents

– Swarovski Brand Designated Manufacturer Agreement and Brand Logo License Agreement

– Daum Games , Item Bay, Bigpoint Games Channeling Agreement

– Rhinox – Hats On Trial Documents and Settlement Agreement

– Eland Shareholders Agreement

– Trial documents involving Jinro America and Hite USA

– Registered patent: A Biological Composite for Prevention and Treatment of Post-weaning Multisystemic Watig Syndrome in Weaning Pigs

– Registered patent: A method of coating kitchen utensils

– Cysco PIM multicast routing GigabitEthernet Interfaces Gigabit Etherchannels

SIR-Spheres, Manual Radiation Injection Device for Brachytherapy, Emergo Korea.

– Boeing, JDAM Program contract

– Legal documents re: Dynatec Madagascar S.A. vs. Daewoo International and Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.

– Quinn Emanuel, Urghuhart & Sullivan, LLP, Apple vs. Samsung trial documents

– Paul Hastings LLP, Dupont vs. Kolon trial documents

– Lanier Law Firm, Graphics Holdings Properties vs. LG Electronics, Inc.

– Lieff Cabraser Heimann& Bernstein, Stanislaus Food Products Company v. USS-POSCO Industries

– Discover Network, Promotional materials

– Sheppard Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, T3Micro Inc vs. SGI Co., Ltd. Complaints, Discovery, Legal documents

– Pearson, Simon Warshaw, Penny LLP – TFT-LCD Anti Trust Litigation documents

– Law Office of Lee, Hong and Daggerman, Korea Iport and Export Corporation, Center Bank, etc. against KDI

– Engel & Engel BBK case documents

– Dongbu Life Insurance, Korean court decisions

– Patents: LG refrigerator, Samsung mobile hone technology, light emitting diodes, Detal implant driver, a recording medium for broadcsting rich content, air damper for mobile furni, refrigerator beverage discharging divice, a substitution type electroless gold plating solution, etc.

– Boeing F-15 Next gneraton fighter

– Raytheon Surfact Anti Air Missile, MK-49 Guided MIssile launching system

– LG Philips SCD Module Service Manual

– New York Life promotion materials

– SONY audited financial statements

– Holyname Hospital documents, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Autism Roadmap

Recent Interpretings
Korean Good Manufacturing Practice compliance audit by Korean FDA: Davon/Neomand in Irvine, CA

Simultaneous interpreting of Hyundai Automobiles America Focus groups on New Models in Fountain Valley, CA

Hyundai HATA employee unemployment appeals case, Fountain Valley, CAPresentation by Crestline Investors to Korea Post, Los Angeles

Presentation by CMA Planners to Incheon City, Market Center Las Vegas

Medical audit of Clinical Trial by Asan Hospital and Seoul National University Hospital in Seoul, Korea

Lectures on International Relations at Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea

Deposition of Samsung vs. Puente Hills Mall

Simultaneous interpreting of Best LA event

Deposition of JCPennyAsia vs. JCPenny USA

Deposition of Electronic Engineering related patent disputes between Bell vs. Samsung

Trial of Korea Export Import Bank vs. KDS Korea

Dongbu Life Insurance Main Office vs. America Dongbu Life Insurance

Hyundai Automobiles

Focus group of LG mobile phone technology

Webinar of Hewrett Packard

Toshiba America Medical Systems


Sony Tax Invoice Publication System

Lena Maria Musical Concert

President Obama's speeches on Radio Korea

Professional experience:


9/2003 to Present Certified Court and Medical Interpreter

Freelancer interpreter for Superior Courts and Federal Courts

3/2003 to 9/2003 Vice President, Bethesda Christian University, Anaheim, California

1/2000 to Present State of California Certified Court Interpreter, U.S.A.

1984-1999 College professor at Emory University and Asia United Christian



BA Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Major: International Relations       

MA State University of New York at Buffalo

M.A. in Politics

PhD PhD in Politics

State University of New York at Buffalo

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