Drottninggatan 35 s-25221 Helsingborg Tel.: 0046-42138901

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CURRICULUM VITAE Natasja Hovén Rivnac

Drottninggatan 35

S-25221 Helsingborg

Tel.: 0046-42138901

GSM: 0046-702707252

E-mail: natasja_hoven@hotmail.com

Family name: Hovén Rivnac

First names: Maria Natasja

Born on: 19 mars 1945

Nationality: Swedish

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian. Mother tongue: Swedish.
Computer literacy: Word for windows, PowerPoint, Excel, Trados 2007

Specialties: Insurance, Environment, Economy, Law, Religion, Culture, Society, European Union, also Management, History, Literature, Tourism, Transport

Universities: University of Lund, Sweden

1965 – 1971 Master of Arts (French, English, German and Arabic languages)

1966 – 1967 University of Strasbourg, France, French course
1974 – 1986 Evening courses after work at the universities of Stockholm and Uppsala (Spanish, Arabic)
2010 – still Courses in Science of religion, Hebrew, Uppsala university and Italian, Lund university
Intensity courses :

Jan – June 1973 Academia Suiza, Barcelona, Spanish course

Sep 1997 – May 1998 Centre de langues, Luxembourg

(Luxembourgish, French)

Sep 2001 – Feb 2002 Centre de langues, Luxembourg


Jobs :
Period: June 1971 – Dec 1972

Name of company: First National City Bank, Zurich, Switzerland, bank

Position: Secretary and Assistant to Travelers cheques manager
Period: Sept – Dec 1973

Name of company: Thermo Electron, Barcelona, small American microphone manufacturer

Position: Secretary

Period: Feb 1974 – Dec 1975

Name of company: Misomex AB, Stockholm, manufacturer of large printing machines

Position: Secretary and correspondent, translations

Period: Jan 1976 – Feb 1997

Name of company: Skandia Insurance Company Ltd., Stockholm, Sweden’s largest Insurance and Reinsurance Company

Position: Secretary, assistant, translator of texts in the fields of insurance, reinsurance, law etc.
Period: 1 Sept. 1998 – 31 Dec 1999

Name of company: European commission, Luxembourg

Position: Secretary of Director at CE.

Period: 7 Feb 2000 – 7 July 2000

Name of company: European Parliament, Luxembourg

Description of job: Preparation of texts for the translators.

Period: 1 April 2001 – April 2014

Name of company: Euroscript S.A., Bertrange (Luxembourg)

Description of company: Printing house

Position: Freelance Proof-reader of EU-texts in Swedish.

Miscellaneous: Translator of seven books of which two from German by Joseph Ratzinger. Member of the two Swedish literary translation associations (SFF and Översättarcentrum) and the association for non-fiction translators (SFÖ). More than 30 years of experience with translation.

Free-lance jobs of commercial texts in law, technical, management etc. for various commercial firms mostly in law and general technical.

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