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Personal Information

Name: Qiliang Cui

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1968/07/26


1996/09--1999/07: Donghua University

Mechanical and Electronical Engineering.


1993/09--1996/04: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology

Mechanical Design


1987/09--1991/07: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology

Mechanical Design



2000/10--2000/12: Microsoft Certification of System Engineer (MCSE)

2003/01--2003/02: AutoDesk Software Localization Engineering and Testing

2003/01--2003/02: Lionbridge Software Localization Testing


2001/04: MCSE

IT Skills

  • Excellent expertise in the workflow and technical of the localization testing of internationalization software

  • Expertise in localization, TM, engineering tools, such as TRADOS, Catalyst, Passolo, RoboHelp, HTMLQA, etc.

  • Be familiar with developing languages and tools of C/C++, Lotus Notes;

Language Skill

  • Good command of English, Strong in technical writing and reading. CET-6

Published books and papers

  • Book titled “Software Localization”, Publishing house of electronics industry, May, 2005

  • Book titled “Testing Internationalization Software”, Publishing house of electronics industry, May, 2006

  • Published more than 30 L10N/I18N papers in newspapers and magazines

  • More than 150 paper or articles are posted in websites

Social activities

  • Industry Professional Member of Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)

  • Columinist of China Software World Magazine (SWM)

  • Columnist of China Computer World News (CCW)

  • Chief editor of China Localization Website (Http://

  • Founder and webmaster of GILT World Website (Http://


  • 5 years GILT industry experiences with more than 30 large international software localization projects

  • More than 4 years software developing experience, and master C/C++ language and Visual Source Safe (VSS)

  • Comprehensive knowledge of localization (L10N) and Internationalization (I18N), engineering including software, website and e-learning documents

  • Master localization tools: TRADOS Workbench, Alchemy Catalyst, PASS Passolo, Microsoft LocStudio, LionBRIDGE SharpKit, RoboHelp, Microsoft Html Help Workshop, SDL HtmlQA

Working Experience

Period: 2004/03-present

Company: LionBRIDGE (Former Bowne Global Solutions)

Title: Localization Testing Lead

Software Environment:

  • Windows 2000 Professional

  • Windows XP Professional

  • Windows Server 2003

  • Macintosh 9.x

  • Macintosh 10.x

  • Palm Source OS

  • Languages: CHS / CHT / KOR / JPN / ESN / ITA / NLD / PTB

Hardware Environment:

  • PC

  • Apple

Development Tools:

  • Microsoft LocStudio

  • Microsoft Product Studio

  • Adobe Watson

  • Microsoft Test Studio

  • TRADOS WorkBench

  • RoboHelp HTML


  • LionBRIDGE SharpKit

  • LionBRIDGE Planplus


Project list

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005

  • Microsoft CRM 3

  • Microsoft Electrical Learning Library (MELL)

  • Adobe Creative Suite 2

  • Adobe products GB 18030

  • Nokia cell phone website

  • Nikon image processing software-

Project Description:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 Localization Testing includes UI, functionality and linguistic testing. The duration is more than 11 months on Windows 2003/XP Pro/2000. After being tested, more than 16 languages VS.NET 2005 have been deployed globally on schedule.

  • CCJK Adobe Creative Suites 2 localization testing for more than 5 months on Windows and Macintosh OS. It contains Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Indesign CS2, Adobe GoLive CS2 and Adobe Help Center, Adobe Bridge etc. After being tested, Adobe CS2 with more than 16 languages have been deployed globally on schedule

  • Adobe CS 2 GB 18030 functionality testing on Windows and Macintosh OS for more than 3 months. After being tested, Adobe CS2 products have been passed the certification of GB 18030 of China government.

  • Microsoft CRM 3 multilingual functionality testing.

  • Nokia Cell phones Asia-Pacific languages testing of Internet based online help.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Implement testing process and resolve all multilingual localization testing projects

  • problems.

  • Train and evaluate internal testing engineers.

  • Execute testing, validate and report bugs, regression testing and post project review

  • Co-work to analyze and design internal bug management database.

  • Contact with client and internal testing team members.

Job Achievements:

  • Built testing team and trained team members

  • Designed and review test cases

  • Designed the testing standard system documents

  • Planed internal defect tracking system

  • Published two books titled “Software Localization” and “Testing Internationalization Software” in Simplified Chinese

  • Planed and designed the China Localization Industry Website

  • Published more than 15 papers on China IT newspaper and magazines

Period: 2002/07-2004/03

Company: Beijing Transco Information Ltd Co

Title: Localization Engineering Team Lead

Software Environment:

  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0

  • Windows 2000 Professional

  • Windows XP Professional

  • Languages: CHS / CHT / KOR /

Hardware Environment:

  • PC

Development Tools:

  • Alchemy Catalyst 4.0/5.0

  • PASS Passolo 4.0

  • AutoDesk Build Environment

  • AutoDesk ADSK Diff

  • AutoDesk Defect Tracking System

  • Transco Software Problem Report system

  • TRADOS TagEditor

  • InCtrl5

  • Orca

  • SnagIt

  • Paintshop Pro

Project list

  • AutoDesk Inventor Series 7 CCK building

  • Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2005 CCK building

  • Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop 2005 CCK building

  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 8 CCK building

Project Description:

  • AutoDesk AutoCAD Mechanical (ACM) and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop (MDT) need to be localized into CCK languages by Transco. This is also the first localization company of China, which can be able to provide software localization engineering service for AutoDesk Inc. We built localization engineering team and provide the complete localization engineering services of leveraging resource files, resizing, validating, compiling CCK localization builds and fixing all localization bugs.

  • AutoDesk Inventor Series (AIS 7/8) and AutoCAD Inventor Professional (AIP 7/8) need to be localized into CCK by Transco. Our team successfully completed the complete localization engineering services of leveraging resource files, compiling CCK localization builds and fixing all localization bugs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Leverage localizable resource files

  • Setup build environment and compile localized builds (CCK)

  • Track and resolve bugs

Job Achievements:

  • Built Transco software localization engineering team and trained team members

  • Designed Transco software localization engineering process and training courses

  • AutoDesk is satisfied with Transco’s localization engineering services and further engineering projects will be assigned to Transco.

  • Published 3 papers on China ComputerWorld News

  • Founded the first localization industry website in China

Period: 1999/07-2002/07

Company: Beijing Newauto Group Co. Ltd

Title: Software Developing Engineer

Software Environment:

  • Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Simplified Chinese

  • Windows 2000 Professional Simplified Chinese

  • Microsoft Office 2000

Hardware Environment:

  • PC

  • Matrox Video Effect card

Development Tools:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe

Project list

  • Beijing Newauto CG Magix

  • Beijing Newauto CG A8

  • Beijing Newauto NLE Autoking 1.0

  • Beijing Newauto Sports game live series applications

Project Description:

  • Developed NewAuto AutoKing Television program non-linear editing (NLE) system 1.0

  • Developed Newauto software video effect non-linear editing system 1.0, which was the first NLE software of TV industry in China

  • Updated Newauto TV Sport game living Character Generator series software (Football, Basketball, Volley ball, Bedmintons and table tennis etc.)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developed and tested character generator (CG) software with Visual C++

  • Developed and tested Non-linear editing system Newauto AutoKing with Visual C++

  • Source code and build control with Visual SourceSafe

Job Achievements:

  • Newauto Autoking NLE has been successfully installed and used in Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and Hanzhou television stations

  • China Central Television (CCTV) sports channel has completely used Newauto’s Sport software to international and national sport match.

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