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Curriculum Vitae PETER J. CONNOR

Nationality: British

Age: 50

Translation from French and Italian into English

Contact details

95 Crystal Palace Road, London SE22 9EY

Tel: +44 (0)20 8299 4699

Translation Experience

2002 – 2007 Regular work for translation centre of Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. Wide variety of topics: information technology, sociology, mycology, scientific archaeology, Jesuit art and meditation, philosophy, literary criticism, marketing and business practice....

Translating and re-writing press releases on French products and services for the UK-based French Technology Press Bureau (late 1980s to early 90s).

Translation and adaptation of a variety of illustrated partwork magazines from French and Italian on topics such as Ships and the Sea, The Great Artists, History of the First World War, guide to computer games. Sometimes working into page layout in Quark Xpress.

Specialist areas

Information technology, computer games, technology in general, the arts, sport.

Translation/adaptation rates

Translation: £60 per thousand words

Adaptation: £100 per thousand words

Minimum charge £60

Other services and skills

Publishing project management – especially multilingual pan-European editions

Writing and editing: books, magazines, brochures and reports

Computer-related publishing and technical writing

Multimedia entertainment and educational software documentation

Educational qualifications

BA (Hons.) Class II.I, English Literature and Philosophy with French, University of Leeds, 1976

Career details

1996-2002 Spirit Publishing Ltd: owner/manager

A small company providing editorial and creative services in a number of fields.

Major projects include:

design, content, management of 8-page brochure – published in 12 languages – for computer company Unisys

supply of weekly online newsletter, together with design of associated Web site, for British Telecom’s online games service, Wireplay

consultancy and editorial content for Computer Success!, a 100-part weekly guide to using and making the most of a PC

IT for Britain – an illustrated brochure, commissioned by the UK government’s Central Office of Information, on how IT is affecting daily life in Britain.
1992-1996 Forward Publishing, London

Managing Director, after joining as Managing Editor

Contract publishing company producing magazines and other material for clients such as IBM, Tesco supermarkets, Cable and Wireless, HSBC bank.

Major projects included managing IBM’s Helpware customer magazine, a 100-page quarterly in 12 language editions.

1988-1992 Brown Packaging, London

Managing Editor in a company producing weekly illustrated partworks and illustrated books. Duties included managing projects and staff, as well as hands-on editing and writing. Worked on books/partworks covering a wide range of topics: history, military, children’s science, art and crafts, nature, etc.

1982-1988 VNU Publishing and Future Publishing

Staff Writer and then Launch Editor on a number of computer entertainment magazines: Personal Computer Games, Amstrad Action, Advanced Computer Entertainment.

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