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Full Name: Ivailo Todorov Kutov

Date of Birth: 27 October 1957

Place of Birth: Sofia, BULGARIA

Nationality: Bulgarian

Home Address: Sofia 1408, Petko J. Todorov bld. Flat 8, entr. D

Tel. + 359 2 869 05 74; Mob. + 359 888 654 304

E-mail address:

Education: Master of Philosophy and History – graduated from the Sofia

“Climent Okhrida” University (1981)

Place of work and Address: Institute for Philosophical Research at the

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Sofia 1000; 6, Partiarh Evtimi


Academic Rank and Degree: I-st Degree Research Associate since 1988 and

Doctor of Philosophy since 1987.

Official Position/Status/: Assist. Prof. in the Department “Knowledge and Reality: Models, Methodologies, and Heuristics” of the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the BAS Scientific Experience:

  • Participation at the World Congress of the Young Philosophers (21-27 August 1987 – Warsaw, Poland)

  • Author of Project and Director of the Seminar “Cultural Experience at the verge of the Millenium” / direction, tension, management/ under the auspices of the EU in Plovdiv (28-29 June 1999)

  • Publication Activity: Compiler of the Scientific Collection on the topic above;

Plovdiv Archive 1999, published 2000; Compiler of the Scientific Collection ”Close-up to the Aesthetics”, Sofia, 2007; Editor-adviser and Author of the introduction to the Monograph “The Politician and his choice”,2007.

Major Studies:

  • “Cultural experience in fragmegration” included in the symposium book “The Cultural experience at the verge of the Millenium”, Sofia, 1999.

  • “Endogenesis of art” (after the phenomenological aesthetics of Jose Camon Aznar) in the symposium book “Philosophy and socium”, Sofia, 2006.

  • “Artistic values during the period of sociological transformation” in the symposium book “Close-up to the aesthetic”, Sofia, 2007.

Last Scientific Publications:

  • “Cultural and political roots of the Bulgarian pessimism” in the symposium book “Will the Bulgarian people survive in the 21 century?”, Sofia, 2006.

  • “Hard impregnation of Nationalism in well realized Europeism” in the symposium book “Bulgarian Nationalism and the European integration”, Publishing house “Christo Botev”, Sofia, 2006.

  • “Policy between society and state” in the symposium book “Culture,policy, identities”, 2006.

  • “People pass principles last”:Andrey Liapchev. In the symposium book “Andrey Liapchev – art, culture, policy”, Sofia, 2006.

  • “Philosophy of History through Aesthetics” in the symposium book “Axiology and Metaohysics”, Sofia, 2007.

  • “Atlantism and Bulgarian National culture” in the symposium book “National cultures and European Identity”, 2007.

  • “Renaissance and Reformation in the light of Philosophy of History and the new political forms” – a report to the National Conference “History of Science and creation of Heroes” organized at the constitution of the Bulgarian Society of History, December 2006.

Publishing Activity: more over 1500 articles published in the mass media on major topics of political, social life and culture in Bulgaria and abroad during the last 17 years.

Social expert activity: chief editor and annalist of the official site of the Bulgarian Democratic Party:

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