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Personal details:

Name: Yehonatan Devorkin

ID number: 03936621-6

Date of birth: March 12, 1984 (Israel)

Address: Rotchild Street, Petah Tiqwa

Mobile: +972-54-6678691


Courses I have completed:

2011-2012: RedHat Certificated Engineer in “John Bryce Training” (204 hrs.)

2008: Alcatel Lucent course, 7750 Service router (24 hrs.)

2007: CCNA course in "John Bryce Training" (240 hrs.)

2005: UNIX course in "John Bryce Training" (32 hrs.)
Employment experience:
2010 – Present Technical support at Gilat-Satcom; Job description:

  • Incidents troubleshooting (Internally and remotely)

  • Multi customer events troubleshooting

  • Creating and maintaining Internet links (internally and on remotely)

The job requires a through technical knowledge in the below topics:

  • Networking equipment’s: Cisco routers

  • Networking QoS & monitoring tools: Allot, Alteon & Cacti, Gilat satellites, iDirect, Optimize, Shiron, etc.

  • RF modems: Comtech, IDC, iDirect, Newtec, Shiron, Sky-Edge, Radyne, etc.

2009 – 2010 CSC at Gilat-Satcom; Job description:

  • Network monitoring & incidents solving.

The job requires a thorough technical knowledge in the below topics:

  • Applications: Allot, Cacti, iDirect hub components & Shiron hub components (NCC, MCDC)

  • Cisco switches & routers

  • Gilat network topology

  • RF fundamentals

  • Satellite networking fundamentals

  • Satellite modems: DMD20 Radyne, iDirect (3100 & 5100), iRG, Newtec , SkyEdge II, Vbox & more

2008 - 2009 System Administrator at HOT; Job description:

  • Maintaining the Engineering Department server environment (over 300 servers): Installing, configuring, maintaining, updating, and upgrading OS and other required applications.

  • Troubleshooting, QA (for hardware and software) and consultations for new projects procedures.

  • Pro-active server monitoring.

The job requires a thorough technical knowledge in the below topics:

  • OS: MS Windows NT/Server, Linux distributions and Solaris OE.

  • Applications: Apache, CNR, Dovecot, IIS, MySQL, Postfix and Sun Directory Server 5.2 (LDAP)

  • Server and network monitoring applications: Cacti and MON

  • Development languages and Shell: Bash and Perl

2006 - 2008 Strategic support at HOT; Job description:

  • Network monitoring & incident solving.

The job requires a thorough technical knowledge in the below topics:

    • HOT network topology

    • Switches and routers: Cisco (9xx/2xxx/35xx/4500,6500,7x00), Edimax, Juniper(M-7/M-10), Level1 and MRV(9xx)

    • VOIP equipment’s: AudioCodes 2000, Gallery and Nortel

    • SDH equipment’s: ECI (BG20/40 and XDM), RAD (FCD)

    • Video equipment’s: Ilynx and Scopus

2005 - 2006 Technical support at HOT for CM SOHO costumers; Job description:

  • CM incident troubleshooting.

The job requires a thorough technical knowledge in the below topics:

2000 - 2002 Computers, Sound and Video support in "Ben Gurion" high-school; Job description:

  • Guidance and technical support about different kinds of applications

    • OS: Microsoft Windows 9x / NT / XP

    • Office 2000

    • Internet Explorer browser

  • Supplying technical support and consultations to the high-school PC technicians.

  • Supplying guidance, technical support ,start, manage and stop audio and video devices on public activities, Including:

    • Guiding "The media" students on how-to use the audio and video systems within all its devices (amplifiers, CD-players, equalizer, mixer, monitor, projectors and speakers)

1999 - 2000 PC technician at "Avi-Or" computers lab; Job description:

  • Installing, troubleshooting and supplying technical support for hardware and software

The job requires a thorough technical knowledge in the below topics:

    • Microsoft Windows 9X / NT

    • Linux (Debian, Mandrake and Red hat 6.2 distributions)

Disciplinary and experience:

Development languages: CSS, HTML, Java script, Perl, PHP, SQL, Visual basic and XML

Database: MySQL

Operating systems: Linux (Debian, Gentoo, Red hat, SUSE and Ubuntu), Solaris OE and Windows (9x, 2k, 2003, NT/Server, Vista, XP, 7 & 2008)

Desktop application: Microsoft Office

Network protocols: TCP/IP, LDAP, SNMP
Languages: Hebrew - mother tongue; English – Very well;

Recommendations will be sending via specification only.

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