Jyothilal. P. Gopi, Naval Architect, 16/03/2004

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Jyothilal. P. Gopi, Naval Architect,

16/03/2004, Mobile : 00971+50+3516781.

E-Mail : jyothilalgopi@rediffmail.com

Sub : Resume for the post of Naval Architect.
Dear Sir,

As an experienced Naval Architect more than 5 years, I have been looking for an opportunity to work with a creative group of engineers & widen my knowledge & experience in more sophisticated areas of Naval Architecture in design / production / survey / supervision.

I completed my B.Tech Degree in Naval Architecture & Ship Building Technology in First Class from Dept. of Ship Technology (DOST) in Cochin University of Science & Technology (CUSAT) Kerala, India.
I have also completed PGDCA, 18 Months Part Time Course & passed Microsoft Certified Professional Exam in Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I have in depth knowledge of Computer concepts, Languages, AutoCAD 2D & 3D, Ship Design Softwares & 3D Studio Model Designing.

I started my profession in Matha Marines, a ship-designing consultants in Kerala, India & I worked 3.7 Years with them. The tenure at Matha Marines has helped me immensely to understand the practical side of ship design. I am experienced in designing Inland /Coastal (Oil Tanker/Dry/Container) Vessels, Catamarans (GRP Hull), sea going inboard /Outboard engine GRP speedboats, and also capable of ship repair estimations, planning and supervisions.

In March 2002, I joined Institute of Maritime Studies (IMS), Goa as Lecturer in Naval Architecture & also worked as a Consultant for Chowgule Shipyard Pvt. Ltd.,Goa. I am also responsible of setting up of ISBT Naval Architect Consultancy cell with three Naval Architects and was the team player of the cell. My experience in IMS and the Cell equipped me to update my knowledge and strengthening my fundamentals in theoretical aspects of Naval Architecture.
At present, I am employed in Archirodon Constructions (Overseas) Co, S.A a multinational company in UAE, as Naval Architect (Dredging Division). My work area includes Estimation, Budget preparation, repairing, class renewals, bringing to class, maintenance & modification works on vessels ranging from 22 M to 84 M in length.
I am sure that, I will be able to offer the best and also efficiently support the activities in your esteemed organization. Thanking you in anticipation of a favorable response.
Sincerely yours, Enclosure: Resume.

Jyothilal. P. Gopi.

Bachelor Of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ship Building (Naval Architect)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA),
Microsoft Certified Professional in Implementing and Supporting Windows NT (MCP).




To P.O.Box: 1930, Sharjah, UAE. Web Site: www.archirodon.net

Till Date Naval Architect (Dredging Division).

ARCHIRODON is an ISO 9001 Company, one of the Leaders in the Construction of

Breakwaters, Jetties, Bridges and Dredging works. The company owns a large nos. of

vessels like Floating Cranes, Tugboats, Dredgers, Rock Barges, Split Barges, Speed

Boats, Crew Boats, Survey boats, Fuel & Water barges, one floating Dock & other

Floating equipments.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Hull in-charge of all the vessels belongs to dredging department (Dredgers (Grab & Cutter), Split Barges, supporting Multi cat Tugs & Survey vessels).

  • Responsible for all yard activities.

  • Docking calculations & Repair Estimations.

  • Drafting as fitted drawings in Auto Cad.

  • Class renewal / bringing to class procedures & Surveys with Bureau Veritas.

  • Monthly inspection of all vessels belongs to dredging dept. & report preparation.

  • Responsible for safety appliances on ships and all certificates.

Locations Worked:

  • Palm Island Dubai, Central Facility Yard Ajman, Port Rashid Dubai.

Major Work Profile Included:

  • Worked as a team player for Lifting of sunken Tug Boat “SIFNOS C-205”. Sunk at about 17 m deep-water & rested by port side on seabed. She was capsized and sunk due to bad weather condition, while she was towing 300x2 M discharge pipelines of dismantling type cutter suction dredger “C.S.D.AETOS”.

  • Prepared safety plan for “Cutter Suction Dredger Pontos”, (84 M length over all) & “Tug Boat Araxos”.

  • Carried out maintenance work on Split Barge “ERATO”, including Tank inspection, thickness measurement, structural repairs and painting.

  • Maintenance work on Grab Dredger “ATLANTIS III” (40 M length over all) including Tank (20 Tanks) / Super structures, Deck fittings, Grit Blasting, structural repairs painting, testing of 110 T capacity crane and prepared the ship for Annual Survey, B.V.

  • Major Repair work of “T/B. ODYSSEUS” (supporting vessel for Atlantis-III) including Dry-docking, grit blasting, Hull / Structural works, draft & freeboard marking, Drawings & bringing to class (B.V) & surveys.

  • Carried out towing calculations, fastening and securing of deck loads, ropes and buckets for “ATLANTIS-III” for her towing from Palm Island to Muscat, Oman.

  • Major Repair work of “T/B. ARAXOS”, non-class vessel, including Dry-docking, blasting, thickness measurement, hull / structural works, preparation of Drawings and launching…etc.

  • Structural Repair / Modification Works (31 Tanks), installation of new winches, fairleads, rollers, construction of new stores, repositioning / expanding load line items & Bringing to class (B.V. Class) procedures of 1983 built ‘Register of Shipping of USSR’ class Grab Dredger “HERCULES”.

  • Installation of Bio- Compact marine sewage plant (Type : KSA-S-15 & KSA-S-25) including foundation & pipe lines on two dredgers. (Pontos & Atlantis).

  • Current Project: Docking Plan, Budget & Dry Docking of 84 M LOA, Cutter Suction Dredger PONTOS, including installation of sewage plant, Blasting / Painting, Plate renewal, Structural repair & Surveys with B.V.


01/03/2002 ISBT Complex, Bogda, Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa, India.

To Lecturer in Naval Architecture & a Team Player of the ISBT Naval

11/01/2003 Architect Consultancy cell.

IMS is an ISO 9002 company imparting training to mechanical engineers to become

marine engineers, developed by the ship building industry society of Goa & accredited by Indian Register of Quality Systems (IRQS), a division of Indian Register of Shipping.

Work Profile Included: (As an individual consultant)

  • Design and construction of a Berthing Pontoon having a total length of 20 M for Bharath hotels in ChowGule Shipyard Pvt. Ltd, Goa.

  • Lofting, Frame Erection, Supervision of a 13.5 M Fishing Vessel, for ChowGule Shipyard Pvt. Ltd, Goa. Prepared Shell expansion drawing & calculated Hydrostatic and Bonjeans for the Fishing Vessel project.

ISBT Naval Architect Consultancy Cell. work included :

  • Worked as Owners Representative for A.A. Turki Corporation, for their ABS class sea going 30 men crew vessel. The Work was under taken by Barber Marine Consultants, Mumbai and constructed by Bharathi shipyard Ltd. in their Ratnagiri yard, Maharastra.


  • Be the part of starting a Naval Architect Consultancy cell in Institute of Ship Building Technology (ISBT), Goa. and worked as first immediate to Mr. Carmo Quadrose, PhD in Naval Architecture, Japan with two other Naval Architects.

  • Represented IMS for the System Analysis & Design (SAD) for the development of the new software to store student’s details, trainings related to ISO, creating CDC forms and Certificates with C-DAC Systems.

  • Designed & presented an audio-visual seminar on “Terminologies used in Naval Architecture” for the training for trainers program for IMS faculties.

  • Prepared question papers in Naval Architecture for ISBT students under the guidance of Goa Technical Board, Govt. of Goa.

05/07/1999 Senior Naval Architect.

To Matha Marines is one of the leading Designers and Builders of Steel and Fiber

11/02/2002 vessels (GRP) in Kochi, Kerala, India.
Project Experience Included:

  • Design & construction of a Inland 350T Oil Tanker Barge (IRS Class) for Ron Maritime Ltd. Kochi. Kerala, India

  • Design & Construction of a 500T Dry Cargo Barge (IRS Class) for South India Corporation, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

  • Design and Construction of a Tourist Catamaran (GRP hull) with two 79 HP ALM 402 inboard Engine and 75 persons capacity having a speed of 16 Knots, for Eco-Tourism Promotion society, Thenmala, Trivandrum, Kerala.

  • Repairing and Conversion of a Sea going Fishing Vessel M.V. OLHUGIRI (Japanese Vessel) to Dry Cargo Carrier (Now Registered in Mali) including Deck rising, Bilge and Ballast pipe line renewing and fitting, Tonnage Calculation, Trim Calculation, Inclining Experiment, Stability calculation & Stability Booklet preparation.

  • Design and Construction of a Inland Container Carrier with a capacity of 15 Containers (600T   Dead Weight, IRS Class) for LOTS Shipping and Trading.

    • All Designs and Structural Drawings are drafted using AutoCad.

01/06/1998 Naval Architect.


Project Experience Included:

  • Supervised a Part of construction of 6T Bollard Pull Tug for Kerala Port.

  • Design, lofting & mould construction of a sea going GRP speed boat with 80 HP out board engine & 12 persons capacity having a speed of 20 knots, for coast guard, Indian Navy. (First independent Design in my profession.)

  • Design & construction of an Inland 300T Oil Tanker (IRS Class) for South India Corporation, Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

Period Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL) Kochi, Kerala, India.

06/06/1997 Naval Architect Trainee.

To CSL established in 1976 with the technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy 30/06/1997 Industries, Japan. Since then it has evolved into the creator of the largest vessels

constructed in India for the Merchant Navy and the Indian Navy.

  • Underwent technical training in various divisions of shipyard including Design Department, Ship Repair Department & Hull Department.

Period Mech Marine Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, Maharastra, India.

10/05/1996 Naval Architect Trainee.

To Mech Marine Engineers is one of the pioneers in designing and construction of 29/06/1996 marine Vehicles located in Mumbai.

  • Underwent technical training in various divisions of the shipyard

Period Goa Shipyard Ltd. (GSL), Vasco-Da-Gama,Goa, India.

03/05/1995 Naval Architect Trainee.

To GSL is one of the defence shipyard in India, mainly engaged in design and

17/06/1995 production of war ships, sailing vessels for Indian Navy.

  • Completed technical training in various divisions of the shipyard.


1993-1998 Bachelor Of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ship

(4.5 Years) Building Technology from Department Of Ship Technology

Full Time (DOST) In Cochin University Of Science and Technology,

(CUSAT), Cochin, Kerala, India.

  • Final Year Project : Design Of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) of 4000 CuM Hopper Capacity.

1998-1999 Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Applications (PGDCA)

(1.8 Years) from a Private Computer Institute in Kerala, India

Part Time

  • Final Year Project: Developed Ship Design Software for Hydrostatics and Bonjeans in C++.

2002 Microsoft Certified Professional In Implementing and

Part Time Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 ( MCP ) Exam 70-067 from

Microsoft Corporation, USA.

Technologies & Tools


Ship Design / Design packages

Web Design Tools

Graphic Design

Operating Systems


Visual Basic,

MS Project.


MS Access.

AutoCad 2000
( 3D & 2D), Maxsurf, Curve Expert, NavCad, GHS.

HTML, DHTML, FrontPage 2000, Dream Weaver.

Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator, Premier,
3D Studio Max.

MS-DOS, Windows98/NT/2000, Unix, Linux

Age : 28.

Date Of Birth : 29 / 5 / 1976.

Sex : Male.

Nationality : Indian.

Passport Number : A7029058.

Date Of Expiry : 07-01-2009.

Passport Status : Employment Visa, UAE.

Marital Status : Single.

Experience : Over 5 Years.

Languages known : English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.



Jyothilal. P. Gopi,

Naval Architect, Dredging Division,



P.O.Box: 1930, Sharjah, UAE.

Mobile : 00971 + 50 + 3516781.

E-Mail : jyothilalgopi@rediffmail.com


Jyothilal. P. Gopi,

“Karthika”, House No: 3/135, Chembumukku

Kakkanad west post. Kochi : 682 030.

Kerala, India.

Phone : 0091+484+2425944.

Can provide excellent references from Employers and Professors.

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