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After a hugely successful first year and a half Darebin Art’s Speakeasy program is taking applications for its second year of Melbourne Fringe performances at the Northcote Town Hall. Our wider Speakeasy program has staged a huge variety of works to great acclaim and large audiences. Artists and companies presented since January last year included:

  • Moira Finucane

  • Elbow Room

  • MKA Theatre for New Writing

  • The Hayloft Project

  • James Welsby

  • Amy McPherson

  • Nat Cursio Co.

  • Family of Strangers

  • Elise Hearst

  • The Wau Wau Sisters

  • Gravity & Other Myths

  • Evelyn Krape

  • Sara Hardy

  • Atlanta Eke

  • Anni Davey

  • Next Wave

  • Yumi Umiumare

  • Zoe Coombs Marr

  • Circa

  • Dylan Sheridan

  • Tommy Bradson

  • The Last Tuesday Society

  • Ghenoa Gela

  • The List Operators

  • Candy Bowers

  • Sl*tmonster and Friends

  • Sabrina D’Angelo

  • Bron Batten

  • Stella Young

  • Nelly Thomas

  • Zoe McDonald

  • Nat Abbott

Both our 2013 Melbourne Fringe shows had huge successes:

A Chekhov Triptych


  • Multiple celebratory reviews

  • Sell out season

  • Winner Best Dance

  • Winner Melbourne Festival Discovery Award

This year we are looking for work that will stand out in the Fringe landscape, celebrating risk and exploration. Our shows are a deliberately eclectic mix of genres and styles, with each performance guaranteeing an engaging night out for audiences.

What We Provide –

  • Theatre space rent free

  • Basic technical equipment (see Northcote Town Hall website for details)

  • A Publicist

  • Front of House, Tech Operator and Box Office staff

  • $500 marketing and publicity assistance per show

  • Umbrella marketing, including mini guide, marketing of the overall program and advertisements

  • Photographer for show and publicity images (not compulsory as shows sometimes have their own imagery, but we do have final image approval)

What we charge

  • In return for the material support provided above, Darebin Arts will retain 30% of net ticketing income. The artist will retain 70% of net ticketing income, with no minimum targets to meet. That means you retain 70% of net ticketing from the first ticket sold.


Applications will be judged by the following selection criteria:

  1. Artistic integrity. Evidence of innovation, quality of ideas and exploration of form.

  2. Previous work by the key artists involved.

  3. Alignment with objective of program. Does the show celebrate risk and exploration

  4. Available Dates. Is the artist or company available on the dates that suit the venue schedule

Closing date: 12pm Noon Friday 2nd May
Support Material: Support material must be emailed to beau.mccafferty@darebin.vic.gov.au

Links to content hosting websites such as YouTube, Flickr and Vimeo are preferred.

Artist Obligations:

  • All ticketing must go through the venue’s established ticketing system

  • Artists will be expected to manage their own show’s marketing and publicity, including social media

  • All show images must be approved by the programming department at the City of Darebin

  • Show must be referred to as “Speakeasy presents”

Scheduling of Presentations: As the venue is very busy, successful applicants will be required to negotiate the exact time and dates of their presentation with the Arts Programming Team
All Applications: Must be submitted digitally via email in the form provided. We will not accept hand written applications.



Contact Information.

Names of artists and company involved:

Producer Contact:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Postal Address:



Description of ideas and concepts explored in the show.

Artist/Company background and direction.

Participants. Please list the names of the key artists involved and their most notable previous works and any relevant biographical information.

Production Details. Please list the necessary technical requirements and any production elements that need noting.

Audience. Please list the target audience for your show and any potential marketing avenues you will be exploring.

Dates. Please list whether you are interested in 1 or 2 week season and the dates that you would be available. Please be VERY specific.

Capacity. Please state if your preference is for Studio 1 (100 seats) or Studio 2 (70 seats).

This form must be emailed to beau.mccafferty@darebin.vic.gov.au by 12pm Noon Friday 2nd May

Download 26.88 Kb.

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