Date: October 28 – December 5, 2003 Project Website

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Date: October 28 – December 5, 2003

Project Website:
Project Description
Project Harmony-Armenia announces the Armenia School Connectivity Program (ASCP) School Website Competition (SWC) 2003. The competition is open to all schools involved in the Armenia School Connectivity Program network.
The competition continues the highlighting of activities of Armenian schools and communities and promoting the development of online educational resources in Armenian language.
The ASCP SWC 2003 will

  • Encourage the creation of information resources for secondary education in Armenia

  • Further Internet based initiatives in the filed of education

  • Develop skills in information and communication technology

  • Present and promote resources created by students and teachers

  • Highlight skills and knowledge received during trainings1 and consultations provided by ASCP

  • Present work of Internet Computer Centers (ICCs), cooperation between ICCs, school administration and community

  • Facilitate communication between Armenian schools and institutions

All schools connected to the ASCP network are automatically eligible for participation in the competition. However, there is a registration process. Schools should be registered to be involved in the voting process.


Jury members are representatives of governmental, local, international, non-profit, and commercial organizations.

General Process
The competition will be implemented through two rounds.
The first round

  • The duration of the first round is October 28-November 19, 2003

  • The first round will be conducted locally in each region

  • Five members of jury in each region will rate using 10 point scale.

  • Two winners from each region will be announced on October 19, 2003

  • Yerevan schools will be divided into two sections and the schools in each section will be rated by five jury members. Yerevan will total of two winners.

The second round

  • The duration of the second round is November 20-December 5, 2003

  • All 22 websites-winners of the first round will participate in the second, national round

  • 13 jury members will nominate the 5 top winner places

  • Five websites-winners will be announced on December 5, 2003

Website Judging Criteria

  • Content

The information presented on the website should be relevant to Armenian school life, students and teachers activities, the school administration and the ICC.

Innovation and unique aspects, which differentiate one site from others, will be looked upon in favor.

  • Language and Accuracy

Armenian language is strongly encouraged. Other languages are a plus.

Accuracy will be evaluated across all languages available on the website. Accuracy refers to correct content and proper grammar.

  • Art and Design

Creativity, originality and appropriateness of the design to the content of the website are important elements.

  • Technology and User-friendliness

The quality of images, graphics, and layout is an important element. Graphics used for viewing should be lightweight and easily accessible.

The website should have a clear and coherent structure. Visitors should be able to easily access the various pages, links and information the website offers.

  • Cooperative Development

Student and teacher involvement in the website development is strongly recommended. Acknowledgement to responsible students and/or teachers should be made on the page created or support by them as part of the cooperative site development approach. Cooperation between ICC and school administration is encouraged. Such cooperation and working methods can be shown in the website by separate sections and links to web pages/websites.

  • Limitations

Only ASCP schools, registered for participation in the competition are eligible to compete.
During the first round of the competition jury members will rate each website using 10 point scale.

During the second round of the competition jury members will vote for top five websites from total 22.

All ratings will be implemented in an online mode and automatically send to Project Harmony-Armenia office.
The prize list will be announced in the beginning of December.
Contact Info
For further information, please reply to

Project Harmony-Armenia Web Development Specialist, Yelena Hovhannisyan

at or

call (3741) 260686/87/88

The Competition Calendar

Oct 28

Oct 29

Oct 30

Oct 31

Nov 1-2

The SWC start

Websites’ updates start

Nov. 3

Nov 4

Nov 5

Nov 6

Nov 7

Nov 8-9

Finishing of the online registration

Nov 10

Nov 11

Nov 12

Nov 13

Nov 14

Nov 15-16

Finishing of the websites’ updates;

1st round jury voting start

Nov 17

Nov 18

Nov 19

Nov 20

Nov 21

Nov 22-23

1st round jury voting finish

1st round results’ announcement;

2nd round starting

2nd round jury voting start

Nov 24

Nov 25

Nov 26

Nov 27

Nov 28

Nov 29-30

Dec 1

Dec 2

Dec 3

Dec 4

Dec 5

2nd round jury voting finish


1 Training aspects of the ASCP are parts of ongoing process and include technical and pedagogical components. Trainings are first provided for those who will staff the centers as a train the trainers program. Once ICC staff has received training, they are responsible for training other educators and students from the district’s school. Web Design training includes graphical creation in Photoshop, simple frame-by-frame animation, HTML and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

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