Deanna Sirlin 120 N. Christopher's Run, Milton, ga 30004

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Deanna Sirlin

120 N. Christopher's Run, Milton, GA 30004

770 262 6249

MFA Painting, Queens College of The City University of New York

BA cum laude Art, The State University of New York at Albany

Public Art

2015 Look Before You Leap Phase 1[installed] of 3 Phases Back lit and interactive transparencieson laminated glass, Emmett O’Brien Vocational High School, Ansonia,CT Connecticut Office of the Arts Budget: $290,000.00

2015 Honeycomb Mural LaGrange Museum of Art and Interface, exterior Mural that wraps around the Museum Creative Learning Center $10,000. Funded by the NEA

2015 Mapping the Quilt Gateway Sculpture Birmingham Alabama – cooperative commission between Birmingham Museum of Art, REV Birmingham and KPS Group $25,000. funded by the NEA

2012 Commissioned The Billboard Project in Atlanta Peachtree St NW

The Billboard Art Project, Richmond,VA 60 images each 60 x 240 feet

Temporary Project

2011 Commissioned C-Flow, Elevate Atlanta,Underground Atlanta entrace steps C-print on Vinyl on Steps temporary project Budget: $5,000.

2011 Commissioned Inhale/Exhale Mural Atlanta Greening Neighborhoods,

Atlanta, GA Budget: $5,000.

2009 Faraway Near Exterior Glass Window, Pope and Land, Atlanta, GA

Budget: $32,000.

2009 Liquid Universe Glass Wall, Terminus 200, Atlanta GA 11 x 40 feet

Budget: $60,000.

2009 Round the Clock at Firestation #13 Atlanta, GA. Windows; 12 x 9 feet

Budget: $48,000.

2009 Falling Waters at Firestation #18,Exterior Mosaic 29 x 14 feet City of Atlanta, GA. Windows; Budget: $48,000.

2008 Dance, Laminated Galss Memorial Commission, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA


2002 The Big Picture, Digital Vinyl in Fountain with sound installation Fountain Mix, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Woodruff Park, Atlanta, GA Budget:$5,000.

2001 Punto di Fuga [Vanishing Point], Universita Ca’ Foscari

Venezia, Venice, Italy. Permanent installation in Department of Law.


2001 New Orleans Triennial, Revolutions Per Minute 33 and a Third Installation,

New Orleans Museum of Art, LA Budget: $24,000.

2000 Collaborating Couples, FLUX, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

temporary installation Budget: $25,000.

1999 Retracings, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA. Permanent Collection 165 c-print

transparences on the windows of the front of the Museum


1998 Looking Forward, Looking Back, Spruill Oaks Northeast Regional Library, Fulton County Arts Council, GA. This workconsists of seven large tinted, laminated glass panels as well as etched windows and doors

Budget: $50,000.

1996 Highway Pastoral, Arts Festival of Atlanta. Paintings animated on Georgia Institute of

Technology Matrix Billboard. Seven animated landscape paintings contrasted with the urban environment on this digital light billboard.Budget: $26,000.

Individual Exhibitions

2015 Upended, Neuer Worpsweder Kunstverein, Worpswede, Germany

2012 Emergency Orange, M55 Art, LIC, NY

2012 Under and Over: New Collages, BOA, Atlanta, Georgia

2009 Everything is Optional, Whitespace, Atlanta, GA

2006 Circling. Centre for Recent Drawing, London, UK

2006 Red Eye Love, Plus Gallery, Denver CO

2006 Notes to Self, Ferst Center for the Arts, GA Tech, Atlanta GA

2005 It’s All In My Head, Hartsfield- Jackson International Airport, Atlanta GA

2005 Up to My Eyeballs Ty Stokes Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2004 Gestures, Antalya Cultur Centre, Antalya. Turkey

2004 New Work, Ty Stokes Gallery, Atlanta. GA

2003 New Work, Saltworks Gallery,Atlanta, GA

2002 The Arrangement of Things, Coach Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2001 Punto di Fuga [Vanishing Point], Universita Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Venice,

2000 After Painting, Laredo Center for the Arts, Laredo, TX

1999 Retracings, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

1999 Retracing Retracing, Resource Forum, Atlanta, GA

1999 Into the Blue, Solomon Projects, Atlanta, GA

1998 In Retrospect: Paintings From the Last Decade, Buckhead Plaza, Atlanta

1996 Quaternity, Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA

1995 Forecasts, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA Cheekwood Fine Arts Center, Nashville, TN Hudgins Center, Duluth, GA

Group Exhibitions

2015 Selections from the Permanent Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art

Atlanta, GA

2014 The New Museum, New York, NY. Draftsmen’s Congress with Pawel Althamer

2013 kleineaberKunst, Neuer Worpsweder Kunstverein, Worpswede, Germany

2010 5 +15 + 5, Ateilerhaus Bahnhof Sagehorn, Oyten, Germany

2010 From Padies, Galerie 22, Toulouse, France

2009 Majestic Sunrise, The Rialto ,Atlanta, GA

2007 Genius Loci, Soranzo Cappello Palace, Venice, Italy

2007 Viva Frieda, Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2007 Drawings, City Gallery East , Atlanta, GA

2006 Color, Space 301 , Mobile, Alabama

2005 Drawing Conclusions, Rialto curated by Karen Comer Lowe , Atlanta

2004 Shenzhen Biennial, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, PR China

2004 Multiple Views, Madelyn Jordan Fine Arts, Scarsdale , NY

2002 Shenzhen Biennial, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, PR China

2002 Kunsthaus Invitational, Heidenheim, Germany

2001 New Orleans Triennial,Installation, New Orleans Museum of Art, LA

2000 Collaborating Couples, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

2013 She’s Got What It Takes: American Women Artists in Dialogue by Deanna Sirlin Published by Charta Art Books, Milan, Italy.

Grants and Honors

2012 Mini-Grant, City of Milton, GA to make art with the community

2010 Creative Capital Warhol Foundation Award for Art Writing

Mentor Program working with Hayden Herrera

2009 Artist in Residence, Padies Chateau, Lempaut , France

2008 Futlon County Arts Council, Small And Emerging Arts Organizations Grant

2002 Artist in Residence, Nuremberg, Germany

2002 Artist in Residence ,Kunsthaus Project- Heidenheim, Germany

2002 Artist in Communities Grant, Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta

1994 Individual Artist Grant, Georgia Council for the Arts

1992 Artist Project Grant, BCA, City of Atlanta

1987 Artists’ Space Grant, New York City

1983 Yaddo Foundation, Saratoga Springs, NY
Selected Collections

Shenzhen Insitute of Fine Arts, Shenzhen, PR China Universita Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Venice, Italy

Kunsthaus Nürnberg,Nürnberg ,Germany

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Atlanta, GA Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA

Atlanta Gas Light,Atlanta, GA

City of Atlanta, GA Office of Cultural Affairs

Georgia Pacific, Atlanta, GA

United Airlines, Dulles Airport, Washington, D.C.

General Electric, Atlanta, GA

CSX Corporation, Richmond, VA

Southern Progressive, Birmingham, AL

THW and Associates, San Diego, CA

Penny McCall Foundation, New York, NY

McKinsey and Co., Atlanta, GA

Egleston Hospital, Atlanta, GA

Citihome Developers, Atlanta, GA Trouttman-Sanders, Atlanta, GA

Childress Klein, Atlanta, GA

Hewitt and Associates, Atlanta, GA

Larson-Juhl, Atlanta, GA

Colorchrome, Atlanta,GA

Casas, Benjamin, and White LLC Atlanta, GA

Wells Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Georgia Power, Atlanta, GA

Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, GA

Herman Miller, Atlanta, GA

Pope and Land, Atlanta, GA

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