Descendancy Narrative of John Morgan by Charles J. Vella, Ph. D

A1131 Garry Neal Yasuo8 UMEDA was born on Mar 21, 2007 in HI, USA.mcml 26A12

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26A1131 Garry Neal Yasuo8 UMEDA was born on Mar 21, 2007 in HI, USA.mcml
26A12 Frederick Byron6 ROBERTSON Jr was born on Dec 7, 1929 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA, also Dec. 12 and 6.mcmli,mcmlii He graduated on 1947 from High School, Minneapolis, MN, USA.mcmliii He was educated the Univ. of Minn. for 1 year, and graduated from a business school in Minneapolis.mcmliv He married Shirley (--?--) in before 1950.mcmlv Biography: In 1950 lived with parents. Alienated from father after their divorce.mcmlvi He and Shirley (--?--) had no children. He was in military service in Jul, 1951 in Korea with the Army engineering corps.mcmlvii He died on Mar 19, 1959.mcmlviii He resided in Torrance, CA, USA. He and Shirley (--?--) were living in 1995 at CA, USA. He also went by the name of Fred. Research: Frederick Byron ROBERTSON Jr.: dd and 1995 dates.
26A2 Vivian Imogene5 MORGAN was born on Apr 10, 1891 in Gilman, Marshall, IA, USA, Apr 1891, age 9 in 1900 census.mcmlix,mcmlx She was also known as Imogene MORGAN. She was listed in the census of James Hamilton MORGAN and Lydia May HOUGHTON in 1900 at Dayton, Cedar Co., IA, USA.mcmlxi She graduated on 1908 from Sigourney High, Sigourney, IA, USA. Her married name was URAN. She married Dr. Joseph Alfred URAN M.D., son of Dr. Benjamin Franklin URAN M.D. and Susan Weaver TROUP, in Apr 26, 1910 at Glenwood, Mills, IA, USA, at her parents home.mcmlxii Her Social Security Number was 480-64-8816. She corresponded with Andrew Jackson MORGAN on Aug 5, 1942 at Pacific Grove, CA, USA, describing parents and syblings based on a Bible, a church record which Hardin Morgan kept.

Dwight wrote many letters to Imogene over the years.mcmlxiii She corresponded with Florence WANDEL on Feb 4, 1949. She corresponded with Col. Hilliard W. WALMER on Feb 27, 1950 at Culver, IN, USA, They also visited together in 1967. She corresponded with Cornelius J. MORGAN on Jul 8, 1950 at Sulpher Springs, AR, USA. She corresponded with Cecil Maud GEORGE on Jul 10, 1950 at Knoxville, TN, USA. She Morgan corresponded with Vivian Imogene MORGAN Sep 22, 1950 Oklahoma City, OK, USA, Bessie listed the Morgan family of Milton Stamp Morgan, using family Bible of Milton and Catherine Morgan. She corresponded with Rose Margaret MORGAN between Oct 23, 1950 and 1964 Rose wrote many 5-15 page single space letters to Imogene, mostly about her travels. She corresponded with Minnie Morgan HAYNES on Oct 31, 1950. She corresponded with Andrew Lyle MORGAN on Apr 12, 1951. She corresponded with Edith ESTABROOK on Aug 18, 1951 at Smyrna, MI, USA, Gave family of Francis White Morgan. She corresponded with Edna F. WOODRUFF on Sep 23, 1951. She corresponded with Ruth Virginia TEETER on Jan 19, 1953 She sent Imogene her family's genealogy. She corresponded with Dorothy ADAMS on Feb 17, 1953 at Lancaster, MA, USA.mcmlxiv She and Seth HOUGHTON "On Sun. Aug. 30, 1953 the First Baptist Church of North Springfield Vermont celebrated it's 150th Anniversary. A number of the descendants of Seth Boynton Houghton gave the Houghton 500 page History book starting with 1066 to the present day to the above church in honor of Seth B. Houghton who was its first church clerk and helped found this church. This was the book I wrote, my daughter to type, my brother helped with cash. If you wish any of the Houghton history you might go there and copy from it. It was given to them with that understanding. If the book is not in the church now it might be in the State Historical library" on Aug 30, 1953.mcmlxv She corresponded with Maxine Jessup HOUGHTON circa 1954 about Ralph Houghton descendants. Author: "Houghton Genealogy - 1066-1953" by Mrs. Joseph Alfred Uran

It took Imogene 6 years to complete; completed in July 1953 in 1954 at Riceville, IA, USA.mcmlxvi,mcmlxvii She corresponded with Norvin Dwight MORGAN on Jul 7, 1956 He thought, because there were so many members of the Morgan family in WY that they should name a peak after them. She was contributed to the research in the "Morgan Genealogy 1816-1955", a 223 page genealogy, of her Morgan family, compiled by E. Beulah Hauser, her cousin in 1960.mcmlxviii She corresponded with James Hamilton MORGAN in Apr, 1960 at St. Petersburg, FL, USA, He was mentally clear. She corresponded with Elbert Benjamin MORGAN on May 12, 1964 at Rogersville, TN, USA. Research: Sara Jeannette HOUGHTON and Vivian Imogene MORGAN: Letter to Imogene Uran: Stated her mother received a chart from Sir Cuthbert in the 1920s. Jeanne sent a 1 page copy to Imogene on Jan 20, 1967. She corresponded with Frank Nebeker TERRY on Mar 1, 1969 He sent his Houghton line. She died on Mar 17, 1970 at Mitchell Memorial County Hospital, Osage, Mitchell Co., IA, USA, from congestive heart failure.mcmlxix She was buried at Riverside Cemetery, Riceville, Mitchell, IA, USA, She willed her body to the Medical School at the State University of Iowa. Ellen stated that she donated her body to the Iowa City Hospital for research and was then buried there. She was the subject of an Obituary Vivian Imogene Uran, age 78 years, 11 months, 7 days, died March 17 at the Mitchel County Memorial Hospital in Osage, Iowa from a congestive heart failure.

She was born April 10, 1891 in Gilman, Iowa to Lydia May and James Hamilton Morgan. She married Dr. Joseph Alfred Uran from Kankakee, Illinois on April 26, 1910. they lived in Wellsburg, Iowa until 1921. Moved to Waterloo, Iowa and lived there until 1925 when they located in Riceville. She taught at Holland, Iowa 1 1/2 years before she married. She was a charter member of the American Legion Auxiliary in Wellsburg in 1921 through her brother's service in World War I, then changed to the Riceville unit when they moved here in 1925. She served as president of each unit and 1 year chairman of the Mitchell County unit. she was a charter member of the United Service Women of America in 1944 through Donald Uran's service in World War II. She served as unit and county historian until the unit became Amvets. Then she was a charter member of the Amvet unit and was also unit and county historian until the last year 1950 when the unit disbanded. Their last year she was unit president. After the unit disbanded she joined the Amvet unit in Wellsburg. The history work was turned over to her when the group was disbanded and is slowly being completed by her daughter Mrs. B. J. Wilson. She was a member of the Thimble Club, the second oldest study club in Mitchell County, until it disbanded when the members became too few in number. She served as treasurer for one year for this club. She was also a member of the General Federation Women's Clubs of America, the Vermont State Historical Society, the Marshall County Historical Society, the State Historical Society of Iowa and the Mitchell County Historical Society.

During World War II from Army Day, April 6, 1941, until the end of the war she wrote at least one letter every day to some Riceville person in service. She kept a record of each service person and kept all their addresses up to date and was instrumental in having churches and other groups write to those in services. She served as president of a group of 6 women of the Medical and Surgical Relief Committee working through a National group at N.Y.C. She kept records, ordered all supplies and personally packed one ton of materials that was shipped to New York and overseas. A pin was awarded for her efforts and the Riceville group received many national writeups.

She had several hobbies. Scrapbooks of various kinds and a collection of over 2000 bottles from 37 states and 15 foreign countries which were later donated to the Mitchell County Historical Society.

With the help of her brother and husband she worked with the family's genealogy and traced the Houghton side from 1066 to 1955 when it was typed into book form. She was still working on the Morgan history when she died.

In 1937 a Riceville Recreational Association was organized by Mrs. Uran. Boy and Girl Scouts were sponsored, a tennis court furnished, several soft ball teams organized, horseshoe courts made, city park made ready for picnics, croquet set bought, supervised play for children during the day sponsored for two summers. Money was raised for tag days, home talent plays, and carnivals to pay the expenses.

Mrs. Uran served on the Public Library Board for several years and on the Camp Fire Girls Board for several years. She has helped on Cancer and Red Cross Drives and was church historian for several years. She spent five years preparing the church history for their centennial in 1958.

She was a member of the Continuing Congregational Church.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. B. J. (Ellen) Wilson, Riceville; Mrs. Margaret Longnecker, Oakland, Calif.; tow sons, Marshall M. Uran, San Francisco, Calif.; Donald M. Uran, Seattle, Wash.; one sister, Mrs. Merle E. Wade, Riverside, Calif.; 7 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband Dr. J. A. Uran in 1958, infant son Stanley M., one brother and one sister.

Mrs. Uran's body has been willed to the Medical School at the State University of Iowa in honor of her late husband to use for medical science. It was also her wish not to have any memorial services on Mar 26, 1970 at Riceville Recorder, Riceville, IA, USA. Contribution: Vivian Morgan Uran contributed the genealogy of Seth HOUGHTON through her 1953 manuscript, The Houghton Genealogy. Research: Myrle Clarinda HOUGHTON and Vivian Imogene MORGAN: had an extensive correspondence. Their letters were kept by Ellen Uran Wilson. She researched many of the lines related to Seth Houghton.mcmlxx,mcmlxxi Biography: She was born in Gilman, Marshall Co, Iowa. She graduated from Sigourney High in 1908. She wanted to become a nurse but her father refused. She attended Drake University for 12 weeks in 1909 in Des Moines, IA. Her father would not pay for a high school graduation picture (because his sister Genevieve had spent so much on hers); Imogene paid for her own picture a year later from her teacher's salary. She received her provisional teaching certificate at age 17 and taught the lower 3 grades at Holland, IA. She did not like teaching. While teaching the primary grades at Holland, IA, she met and married Joseph Uran in 1910. They moved to Wellsburg Iowa in 1911 and lived there until 1921. All the children were born there. They moved to Waterloo and lived there until 1925, then moved to Riceville, Mitchell Co, IA. She taught at Holland Iowa for one and a half years before she married. She was a charter member of Ashing Post Unit #218 of the the American Legion Auxiliary in Wellsburg in 1921 through her brother's service in WWI, then changed to the Riceville unit. She served as president of each unit and 1 year chairman of Mitchell Co. unit. She was a charter member of the United Service Women of America in 1944 through Donald Uran's service in WWII. She served as unit and county historian until the unit became Amvets (of which she was a charter member, and unit and county historian until the last year of 1950). She joined the Wellsburg unit at that point. She helped compile WWII records for Mitchell Co. and Riceville. She was a member of the Riceville Congregational Church. She taught adult Sunday School classes there for for 2 years. She was a member of the Thimble club, and of the Institute of American genealogy, the General Federation of Women's Clubs of America, the Vermont State Historical Society, the Marshall County Historidcal Society, the State Historical Society of Iowa and the Mitchell County Historical Society. During WWII she wrote 1 letter every day to some Riceville person in the service. She kept up to date the county address file of all World War II service persons in Mitchell County. She served as president of a group of 6 women of the Medical and Surgical Relief committee. She kept scrapbooks, collected 2070 bottles from 37 states and 15 countries (which she donated to the Mitchell Co. Historical Society). She was a genealogist who traced the Houghton line to Ralph Houghton in the 1600's with the help of her brother Max and husband. She was a serious genealogist who compiled thousands of pages of data and wrote hundreds of letters to librarians, civil officials, and others in her hunt for her familiy genealogical lines. She sent many letters to people searching for her Houghton, Morgan, Knight, and Shattuck ancestors. She organized the Riceville Recreational Association in 1937. She served on the Public Library Board for several years and on the Camp Fire Girls Board for several years. She was the Congregational Church historian for five years and wrote their Centennial history. She was a member of the Vermont State Historical Society in 1952. She was listed in 1952 in the N.Y. State Historical Society of amateur genealogists; and in Vol. 7 of Compendium of American Genealogy published by the Institute of American Genealogy and in the Directory of Genealogists. She wrote 3 novels (none published) and a dozen short stories. She got lots of rejection slips. She spent 6 years with the help of brother Max and her husband's financial assistance on researching the genealogies of the Houghton, Tender, Morgan, White, and Knight families. In March and April 1955 she wrote the complete Morgan and Houghton genealogies for the 1955 Marshall Co. Historical Book. According to her daughter Ellen (who typed the genealogies), her mother did a lot of the research by letters. Her brother Max traveled doing research, but did not find much. In 1955 she finished her two volume genealogy (600+ pages) of the Houghton family. She was hospitalized for 2 months with heart disease in 1/1946. She died at age 78 years, 11 months and 7 days at Mitchell Co. Memorial Hospital in Osage Iowa from congestive heart failure. She donated her body to the Medical School at the State University of Iowa.
Her biography is given in History of Marshall County Iowa by Gerard Schultz, 1955. (Sutro Library), p. 242. Mr. Schultz has a copy of her Houghton Genealogy.mcmlxxii,mcmlxxiii Research: Vivian Imogene MORGAN and Houghton GENEALOGISTS: Houghton Genealogy in 1954.
26A21 Marshall Milton6 URAN was born on Nov 7, 1911 in Wellsburg, Grundy, IA, USA.mcmlxxiv He graduated on 1929 from Riceville High School, Riceville, IA, USA. He was a country school teacher; skied 3 miles in the winter in between 1937 and 1939. He married Rosalind HERSCHIN, daughter of Abraham L. HERSCHIN and Isabelle MITTELMAN, in Sep 5, 1942 at Reno, Washoe, NV, USA, Per Marshall, they had known each other for 9 months. Marshall had lost his wallet and Roz paid the $15 for the judge. Returned to San Francisco and rented a flat.mcmlxxv He was a in the Merchant Marine from 1940 to 1949, and afterwards a stationary engineer for San Francisco Housing Authority, from 1956 to 1973. He resided in 1953 in 840 Niagara Ave., San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, USA. His Social Security Number was 485-01-5092. As of between 1959 and 2005, the address of Marshall Milton URAN and Rosalind HERSCHIN was at 2219 30th Ave., San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA, USA, 94116, 415-731-3656, (an unknown value). He Visited his sister Ellen Wilson in Jul, 1979. Medically, he had He got pneumonia twice and was in nursing home in Nov. 2004 in Aug, 2004. Medically, he had He got a knee infection, pneumonia, and lost his swallowing ability and refused a feeding tube. He was transferred to the Nob Hill Skilled Nursing Facility Hospice on Aug 17, 2005. He died on Aug 30, 2005 at NobHill HealthCare Center, San Francisco, CA, USA, at 8:15 AM. He was the subject of an Obituary URAN, Marshall Milton - 93, passed away on Aug. 30, 2005 in San Francisco. He was born on Nov. 7, 1911 in Wellsburg, IA, the son of Joseph A. Uran, M.D. and Vivian I. Morgan. He grew up in Riceville, IA, eventually teaching a one-room school for four years, and taking classes at Iowa State Teachers College. He moved to San Francisco, CA and on Sept. 5, 1942, he married Rosalind Herschin, who has been his constant companion and love for 63 years. Marshall worked as a Merchant Marine from 1938 to 1949. He was politically active in union organizing until 1953. He worked for the SF Housing Authority as a stationary engineer from 1955 until he retired in 1973. He was a brilliant man and an avid reader of history, philosophy, science and politics, collecting a large library in these areas. He published Sea-Say, a book of sailor slang and lore, at the age of 84. He belonged to the Marine Firemen, Oilers & Wipers and the International Union of Operating Engineers. He supported causes that worked for social justice and equality. He is survived by his wife, Rosalind Uran; his daughters, Marilyn Vella, and her husband, Charles; Susan Evind, and her husband, Martin; and granddaughters, Lea and Maya Vella, and Rebecca, Amy, and Natalie Evind; and his sister, Ellen Wilson; and many nieces and a nephew. He was preceded in death by his sister Margo Lovelife and by his brother Donald Uran. He will also be remembered by many friends and acquaintances. A Memorial will be held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St. on Sat., Sept. 17, at 2:30 PM. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Grey Panthers, the San Francisco Food Bank, Project Open Hand, or the charity of your choice.

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle on 9/1/2005 on Sep 1, 2005 at San Francisco, CA, USA.mcmlxxvi He had a memorial on Sep 17, 2005 at Unitarian Church, San Francisco, CA, USA, with 60 people present. Susan read a memorial of his life. Charlie created a slide show of 180 photos of his life. Biography: He was born in an apartment over a garage. He went to the Second English Speaking Christian Reformed Lutheran Church in Wellsburg, IA as a child. He finished grade school at Waterloo in 1924 and entered Riceville High School in 1925. He worked picking gladiolas for 12 cents an hour one summer when he was 12. He played football (as a guard) for three years and basketball in high school. He worked before and after school doing farm work at home (cows, chickens and pigs). He was a boy scout and was valedictorian of his high school class, graduating from Riceville High School with highest honors in 1929 (scoring 90 to 96 in all his courses). He recalls riding with his father on his medical house calls in his Model T. He won the American Legion award for 2 consecutive years for having the highest scholastic standing of any boy in the high school. He was influenced by the Congregational minister who was a scholar and lent him books (his mother got the minister expelled). In 1929 he achieved second place standing for a Civil Service appointment to West Point Military Academy for Congressional District #4. He entered West Point 7/1/1929, and was discharged 1/14/1930 with an honorable discharge for "deficiency in Mathematics" (math was his best subject; he did it deliberately to get out). He believed that West Point had both poor teachers and severe racism. He visited the Robertsons (Aunt Genevieve) in Minneapolis, MN for several summers. He worked as a drug store clerk for 9 months in 1930 and as a janitor in 1931. He entered Iowa State University at Iowa City on 1/14/1931 in chemical engineering for one semester (17 units), but then ran out of money. He returned to high school at Riceville and took the Normal Training Certificate course for teachers from 1932 to 1933 (earning an average of 93) and was a teacher in rural Iowa schools for four years (1933-1937). He attended summer school at Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls, IA, for 12 weeks in 1934, 1935 and 1936 (for 31 units). He taught at Jamestown Pleasant Hill school 2 miles west of Riceville in 9/1935 and then for 2 years at Round Grove for 55 dollars per month (and would be terminated if he married!). He was on the honor roll at Iowa State Teachers College, Oct. 1935. During his last year of teaching, he used skis most of the winter to get to school. He started reading politically radical, leftist literature in 1933. He read Karl Marx's Capital in 1937 and went to Long Island, New York in 1937 and 1938 to join John Lovestone's group, an independent Communist party. He considered himself a socialist from then on and was part of the Socialist Party until he was expelled in 1953. In 1938 he worked at a Trenton, New Jersey, General Motors assembly line for 3 months, for $16 a week, and than at Standard Motors as a battery cable maker for 9 months from 1937 to 1938 in Long Island City, NY. At his father's request (to deal with his brother Don's "wild behavior"), he accepted his Dodge car to go to the West Coast with his brother Don in Oct. 1938 (through Idaho to Los Angeles). He worked in an auto cushion factory in Maywood, CA, from 1938 to 1939, as a testile machine operator until he was fired for his union activity. He then joined the Merchant Marine in 1939-40, making 45 dollars a week. He shipped mostly through the Panama Canal to the east coast and once to Shanghai. He shipped out of L.A. from 1939 to 1942. He would ship out once a year and do political work for the rest of the year. He was a fireman on the Olympic and the Edward Luckenback, and an oiler on the Klamath and the Virginian. He was also on the Iowan, Santa Cruz Cement, Victoria, the Cricket, the Northland, the North Sea, and the SS Alaska. He worked as a wiper, electrician's mate, fireman, oiler, and watertender. He worked until 1949 (when his daughter Marilyn got ill with appendicitis) in the Merchant Marine (in the engine room, with the exception of one year as an electrician). He traveled to New York via the Panama Canal, Alaska, and Hawaii. He met Rosalind 1941 in San Pedro, CA at a SWP meeting. They moved to Seattle from 1943 to 1945. He lived at 840 Niagara Ave., San Francisco, in 1951. He had a job with Swift Packing Company in mechanic maintenance for 4 years, then in a cookie factory , then at Marin Dell Creamery in 1951 as a stationary engineer, then at Best Foods for 4 years from 1952 to 1956 as a stationary engineer. He worked for the San Francisco Housing Authority from 1956 until 1973, when he retired as a maintenance heating engineer (having belonged to the maintenance heating engineer/stationary engineer union). He always kept up with the technical journals in his field. He attended City College from 1955 to 1957, earning 10 credits, and then San Francisco State for 23 credits from 1957 to 1961. From 1958 to 1965 he attended John O'Connell taking 45 hours in gas appliances and controls, 84 hours in basic electronics, 80 hours in intermediate electronics, 39 hours in automatic controls, and 60 hours in techniques of teaching. He applied and received his lifetime teaching credential. In 1981 he was readmitted to San Francisco State as a philosophy major, and attended until 1985, accumulating 44 units with a 3.5 gpa. He eventually resided in 1959 at 2219 30th Ave.. He had a back injury and was hospitalized in 5/16/63. He received $7000 for worker's compensation and bought his second home in Felton, CA in 1967.
He belonged to the Socialist Workers Party from 1939 to 1953. He used the alias of Marshall Houghton in his political activity. He attended monthly meetings when not at sea. He attended two national conventions as a SWP delegate, once in 1939 in New York and once in the 1950's in Chicago. He was the head of the maritime fraction of the SWP in San Francisco. The local chapter of the SWP in San Francisco had about 40 members. In the early 1950's the law was changed requiring Merchant mariners to have a passport. He was refused one because of his political activity (until his mother and her friends intervened with the State Dept.). He was expelled wth friends for opposing party policy (they opposed the emphasis on fighting the Communist Party and refused to sign a loyalty oath to James B. Canon, the SWP head) in 1953. This group published four volumes of the American Socialist. He owned a very labor library of labor, Socialist, and philosophy books. He eventually donated his labor library (books, journals, internal documents) to a Berkeley Labor History organization. His son in law, Dr. Charles Vella, considered him to be among the brightest individuals he had ever met, a truely self taught intellectual.

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