Chapter 9 Means and Proportions Hypothesis Tests
  The Vietnam War and Changing U. S. Policies Review us history/E. Napp Name: Activity 1: Matching
  Striving for Equality – Obstacles and Successes us history/Napp Name
  A time to Review The Fifties and Sixties us history/Napp Name
  Two Hundred and Fifty Facts to Pass the U. S. History and Government Regents us history/Napp Name
  Review for quiz sections 10-1 to 10-3
  August 22, 1968 New York City no more miss america! For immediate release on September 7th
  Objective: To identify and explain significant effects of the European Encounter with the Americas
  Atlantic Slave Trade World History/Napp
  Thematic essay question
  The British stated that the dividing line between the colonists and the Native American Indians was the Appalachian Mountains
  E. Napp Objective: To identify and explain the causes and effects of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
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