Review for quiz sections 10-1 to 10-3

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SWBAT: Review for quiz sections 10-1 to 10-3
(Sampling distribution, confidence intervals & hypothesis testing for two proportions)
Lesson 10-REVIEW

Do Now:

1. Phoebe has a theory that older students at her high school are more likely to bring a bag lunch than younger students, because they have grown tired of cafeteria food. She takes a simple random sample of 80 sophomores and finds that 52 of them bring a bag lunch. A simple random sample of 104 seniors reveals that 78 of them bring a bag lunch. Letting be the proportion of sophomores who bring a bag lunch, and be the proportion of seniors who bring a bag lunch, Phoebe tests the hypotheses H0: ; Ha: at the α = 0.05 level.

When calculating the test statistic, what expression would Phoebe use to estimate the

standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the difference in proportions, ?

1. According to the manufacturer, 20% of plain M&M’s are orange, and 23% of peanut M&M’s are orange. Suppose you were able to take a simple random sample of 240 of each candy type. Let= the sample proportion of plain M&M’s that are orange and = the sample proportion of peanut M&M’s that are orange.

(a) Describe the sampling distribution of

(b) What is the probability that you select a higher proportion of plain orange M&M’s than peanut orange M&M’s?

2. A random sample of 415 potential voters was interviewed 3 weeks before the start of a state-wide campaign for governor. 223 of the 415 said they favored the new candidate over the incumbent. However, the new candidate made several unfortunate remarks one week before the election. Subsequently, a new random sample of 630 potential voters showed that 317 voters favored the new candidate. Do these data support the conclusion that there was a decrease in voter support for the new candidate after the unfortunate remarks were made? Give appropriate statistical evidence to support your answer.

3. The elderly fear crime more than younger people, even though they are less likely to be victims of crime. One study recruited separate random samples of 56 black women and 63 black men over the age of 65 from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Of the women, 27 said they “felt vulnerable” to crime; 46 of the men said this.

(a) Construct and interpret a 90% confidence interval for the difference in population proportions (men minus women).

(b) Does your interval from part (a) give convincing evidence of a difference between the population proportions? Explain.
Directory: cms -> lib -> NY01000029 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1803
1803 -> Chapter 9 Means and Proportions Hypothesis Tests
Domain -> The Vietnam War and Changing U. S. Policies Review us history/E. Napp Name: Activity 1: Matching
Domain -> Striving for Equality – Obstacles and Successes us history/Napp Name
Domain -> A time to Review The Fifties and Sixties us history/Napp Name
Domain -> Two Hundred and Fifty Facts to Pass the U. S. History and Government Regents us history/Napp Name
Domain -> August 22, 1968 New York City no more miss america! For immediate release on September 7th
Domain -> Objective: To identify and explain significant effects of the European Encounter with the Americas
Domain -> Atlantic Slave Trade World History/Napp
Domain -> Thematic essay question
Domain -> The British stated that the dividing line between the colonists and the Native American Indians was the Appalachian Mountains

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