Perform and explain geodetic computations
  Demonstrate and apply advanced knowledge of programming techniques for electrotechnology
  Nzqa registered unit standard 22561 version 3
  Nzqa registered unit standard 22528 version 2
  Nzqa registered unit standard 26968 version 1
  Nzqa registered unit standard 10212 version 5
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 11867 version 7
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 6862 version 5
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 2780 version 8
  Level 3 Digital Technologies 91636 44) Common Assessment Guide
  Level 3 Digital Technologies 91636 44) Specific Assessment Guides Complexity and Tractability: 1–4 Formal Languages: 5–8 Graphics and Visual Computing: 9–12 Intelligent Systems: 13–16 Network Communication Protocols: 17–20 Software
  Demonstrate knowledge of principles of electricity generation prime movers
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 881 version 6
  Describe requirements for owning, driving, and caring for a courier light motor vehicle
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 4260 version 7
  Overhaul an engine cooling system water pump
  Dismantle and store vehicle body components
  Nzqa registered unit standard 229 version 10
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 877 version 6
  Nzqa expiring unit standard 3399 version 5
  Number as91076 Version
  Number as91075 Version
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