District Wide Lockdown over Non-Specific Threat

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District Wide Lockdown over Non-Specific Threat

At around 12:40 pm on Tuesday march 12, all schools in the Anglophone East school district were asked to go under lock down for almost an hour as an unspecified threat was sent to the superintendent of the district stating that in the next 20 minutes something would happen to one of their schools.

Superintendent Ingersoll said in a email sent to all parents that “[we] responded by calling the police and then asking all schools to go under lock down,”

Once students were put under lock down, the district waited until the 20 minutes had passed in which the threat had said something would happen. The lock down was then lifted but all schools were to keep the doors closed and locked. Some schools sent the kid’s home after the lock down was lifted but the majority of schools kept all students inside until dismissal at the end of the day. Schools even cancelled a few after school events.

A student who wished to remain anonymous said she was scared as students were first told to go to their home room during lunch hour. A rare occurrence as many leave for lunch.

This is the third time a threat has been made to either a school or the district over the past month, all non-specific among the threats. The first one was made to schools along the east coast about a month ago. The second was towards specific schools and now this attack. It begs the question if they are connected.

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