Earthdance Artist Residency Program

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Artist Residency Program
This is a call to dancers, improvisers, writers, visual & media artists, interdisciplinary artists, and creators of all kinds. Do you have a piece that you have been dreaming of completing surrounded by the quiet of forested hills? Are you finishing your book or screenplay? Would you like to spend a month in rural western Massachusetts, surrounded by trees, land and sky? Earthdance offers artist residencies to focus on the development of your work and the opportunity to share your teaching, performance or other artistic work, and/or engaged dialogue with the local community, through a variety of formats. You can offer a weekly class to our residents and local community, a performance, give a talk, set-up a dialogue or discussion, or create your own way of engaging with the community.
Artist Residencies can be from one week to one month long. Sometimes we can make accommodations for shorter or longer visits and creative structures that match your schedule and focus. You will be living amongst our residents in a communal setting, so there is ample time for interaction, as well as personal retreat and exploration. It is possible, depending on space/ availability, to bring your full company, or other artist/ collaborators, or to schedule a few residents at one time to support your project and process.
We provide room and board and a guarantee of at least (4) hours of studio time per day when available. Often, there is much more studio time available, specifically during weekdays. Earthdance’s weekend schedule is often quite full, so you may not have access to studio space then, depending on the time of your residency.
The fee is $700 per month, or $225 per week, for a single artist resident. If you are interested in bringing other artists/collaborators with you, the cost is an additional $25 per person per day in Fall, Spring & Winter, and $35 per person per day during the Summer. We ask for (3) hours of work exchange and one class or community engagement per week.
To apply for our Artist Residency program, please fill out the application below and send all required materials by email or mail to:

Krista DeNio, Executive & Artistic Director

EARTHDANCE , 252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070
(413) 634-5678 ext. 2


Artist Residency Application

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________



Phone: __________________________________________

E-mail : __________________________________________

When would you like to come as an artist resident? Please list the months you are available, and any other pertinent information regarding the potential timeframe of your visit:

To apply please send the following:

  • A completed application

  • A Bio

  • Artist Statement- describing yourself and the work that you do

  • A statement of what you hope to accomplish during your time at Earthdance

  • Artist Resume

  • A description of the class you will teach, or other form of Community Engagement, including a short description we can use in our publicity materials. You are also welcome to propose a public and educational project of a different nature.

  • A photo (for our archives)

NOTE: After completion of the residency, we ask that you send a report +/or some artistic relic of your time at Earthdance, as well as any feedback that might be valuable to build our program.

Download 9.37 Kb.

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