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Address: 41 Memorial Boulevard ● Newport, RI 02840

Email: ● Phone: (401) 297-6644


  • 2005-2006: Attended Universidad de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Comerciales (Concentration: International Trade)

  • 2004-2005: Attended Instituto Gastronomico del Sur (Culinary school)

  • 2003: Attended Quilmes National University (Concentration: Naval Architecture)

  • 2002: Graduated from Eduardo. L. Holmberg Institute (High School)

  • Other languages spoken:

    • Spanish

    • Italian

    • German

    • English

    • Portuguese


  • 2007-2008: Team GUST (Greater United Sailing Team) Optimist Coach.
    @ 2007 Nationals Minnetonka Lake MI
    @ ACC’s 2007 Norfolk VI
    @ Team Trials 2008 Annapolis MI
    Team FAST (FAST sailing foundation)
    @ 2008 Opti Nationals
    @ 2008 Opti ACC’s New Jersey
    @ 2008 Youth Champs 29er class San Francisco CA
    Team COAST
    @ 2008 Cork week Kingston Ontario
    @ Canadian Nationals 2008 Lunenburg
    Team SYSP (Sarasota Youth Sailing Program)
    @ 2007 New England’s Newport RI
    @ Sail Fest 2008 Sarasota FL
    @ SSS Club 420 coaching Sarasota FL
    @ SSS 420 Club Highs School coaching Sarasota FL (Sarasota High School)

  • 2007-2008: Zaoli Sails- Argentina Sail Loft.

  • Summer 2007: Optimist Race Coach, Sarasota Youth Sailing Program
    Private Coaching Optimist, Laser and Club 420’s

  • 2007: International 420 clinic at Garda´s Lake, Italy. Organizer and Coach.

Head coach at the North Sails Sail test in Niteroi, Brazil.

  • 2006: Opti clinics with different Sailors of Mexico and Argentina.

  • 2004-2005: Sail Maker, North Sails-Argentina Loft. Primary responsibilities included design and repair of sails

  • 2003-2004: Jury at the Argentinean Team Racing Championship.

  • 2003-2005: Head Instructor, Club Nautico San Isidro (Argentina). Primary responsibility included coaching top Argentinean Optimist sailors at the national and international level.

  • 2002 (Summer): Co-Head Coach, Club Nautico Quilmes (Argentina)

  • 2000: Clinic Coach, Club Nautico Quilmes (Argentina)


International Optimist Fleet Racing Experience:

  • 2000: 52nd Place, IODA South American Championships (Brazil)

  • 1999 & 2000: Invited to practice and compete in Algarrobo, Chile.

  • 1999: 96th Place, IODA World Championships (Martinique)

  • 1999: 60th Place, IODA South American Championships (Argentina)

  • 1999: 1st place Chile Summer Regatta.

International Optimist Team Racing Experience:

  • 2000: 5th Place, IODA South American Team Racing Championships (Rio de Janeiro)

  • 1999: 5th Place, IODA World Team Racing Championships (Martinique)

  • 1999: 2nd Place, IODA South American Team Racing Championships (Argentina)

National (Argentinean) Team Racing Experience:

  • 2007: 2nd Place, Argentinean Match Racing Championship

  • 2000: 2nd Place, Argentinean Team Racing Championships (C.N.S.I).

  • 1999: 2nd Place, San Isidro`s Labrador Cup (C.N.S.I).

  • 1998: 2nd Place, Argentinean Team Racing Championships (Y.C.A).

National (Argentinean) Fleet Racing Experience

  • 2000: 4th Place, Mar del Plata Summer Championship (Y.C.A)

  • 1999: 2nd Place, Mar del Plata Summer Championship (IODA Worlds Qualifier)(Y.C.A).

  • 3rd Place, Campeonato Metropolitano (C.U.B.A.).

  • 5th Place, Argentinean National Championship (Y.C.A).

  • 5th Place, San Isidro`s Labrador Cup (C.N.S.I).

  • 3rd Place, Commodore Jorge Prota Cup (C.V.B).

  • 1998: 3rd Place Grand Prix - Commodore Stewart Cup (Y.C.O).

    • 5th Place, Buenos Aires Week (Y.C.A).

    • 1st Place, Club Náutico Olivos Cup (C.N.O).

    • 3rd Place, Overall Grand Prix, Luis Alberto Cerrato Cup (Y.C.O).

    • 3rd Place, Metropolitan Championship (C.U.B.A).

  • 1997: 3rd Place, Yco Cup (Y.C.O).

    • 5th Place, San Fernando Circuit (C.N.S.F).

    • 2nd Place, Commodore Jorge Prota Cup (C.V.B).

    • 3rd Place, San Fernando Cup (C.N.S.F).


  • 2002: 33rd Place , 420 Class World Championship (Tavira, Portugal)

    • 2nd Place, Autumn Championship (an International 420 Worlds Qualifier) (Y.C.A)

    • 1st Place, Grand Prix Championship (Y.C.O)

    • 1st Place, Argentinean National Championship (Y.C.A).

    • 1st Place Closing Championship. (Y.C.A)

29er CLASS

  • 2008: 2nd Place 29er South American Championship. ( Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • 2007: 8th Place- Silver Fleet, 29er World Championships (San Isidro, Argentina)

  • 2007: 6th Place 29er Preworlds (San Isidro Argentina)

  • 2006: 13th Place, Argentinean National Championship (Y.C.O)

  • 2005: 4th Place, C.U.B.A Cup

  • 2003: 2nd Place, “Club Náutico San Isidro” Cup (C.N.S.I.)

  • 2002: 9th Place, Argentinean National Championship(C.N.O)

  • 2001: 4th Place, Buenos Aires Week Championship (Y.C.A)


  • 1996: 4th Place, XV Grand Prix Olivos (Y.C.O).

    • 2nd Place, Mar del Plata-International Week (C.N.M.P).

    • 3rd Place, General Classification (C.N.M.P – Y.C.A).

    • 3rd Place, “Vela dorada, plateada, y bronce” (C.V.B).

  • 2nd Place, Nuclear Atucha Cup (C.N.Z).

  • 1st Place, International Buenos Aires Week (Y.C.A).

  • 1995: 6th Place, Argentina’s Army Cup (Y.C.O).

IMS/PHRF Championships

2008: 4th position South Atlantic Circuit Punta del Este 2008 600 Series.
1st position South American Championship 2008.

  • 2007: 1st position Y.C.A IMS Medal Overall 2007.
    1st position Gold Medal IMS 670 Series 2007.

  • 2006: 1st Place, Autumn Cup

  • 1st Place, Easter Cup

  • 1st Place, Winter Cup

  • 2nd Place “Metropolitano” Cup

  • 2nd Place, IMS National Championship

  • 1st Place Y.C.A IMS Medal Overall

  • 1st Place, Gold Medal IMS 670 Series (Patagonia 3)

5th position Ilhabela International Sailing week 2005.

  • 2001: 1st Place, Mar del Plata Summer Week (Tadeus)

  • 2nd Place: South Atlantic Circuit Punta del este – Bs.As. (Juliet)

  • 2nd Place: Buquebus Championship (Magic Star)

  • 4th Place: National Championship IMS. (Califa 3)

  • 1st Place: South Atlantic Circuit Punta del Este


  • 2001: 5th Place, South American Championship (Tadeus Boat).

  • 1st Place, Club Náutico Quilmes Championship (C.N.Q.) (Tadeus Boat).

  • 1st Place, Summer Championship Mar del Plata (C.N.M.P.) (Tadeus Boat)


Club Nautico San Isidro - Av. Mitre 1999 - 1642 San Isidro – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Contact: Tino Mora
Phone: +5411.4.732.0600

Latino Sails:
Contact: Agustin Bellocchio

North Sails- South America
Contact: Yiye Torre.

Sarasota Youth Sailing Program - 1717 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236
Contact: Stuart Gilfillen
Phone: 941.504.4236

Greater United Sailing Team (GUST):
Contact: Marisa and Pearson Potts
Phone: 631.604.2194

FAST Sailing Foundation:
Contact: Jennifer Stewart

2nd FAST Contact: Peter Johnstone

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