Emergency Interoperability Consortium Membership Meeting

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Emergency Interoperability Consortium

Membership Meeting
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2:00 – 4:00 PM EDT



Emergency Interoperability Consortium Membership Meeting

Dr. Donald Ponikvar, EIC Chairman

EIC Log-in:

Dial-in Number:


1-877-717-1478 Conference Pin: 5615042






Welcome / Introductions

Roll Call

Don Ponikvar


Featured Presentation:

Interoperability for First Responders

This presentation will focus on Best Practices in managing critical information during emergency operations, especially relating to natural and man-made disasters.

Presentation and Discussion

Scott Lewis

CEO,Disaster Solutions

(aka – Pathfinders)


Stake Holder Roundtable

Speakers will address interoperability in the emergency management context and discuss real-world examples of when these Best Practices have been implemented to improve the efficiency of response operations. From the recent flooding in West Virginia to the largest full-scale exercise in US Coast Guard maritime history, this presentation will give participants a wide range of scenarios in which emergency data communication has been implemented in the field to great success.

Stake Holder Roundtable continued


Paul Culver

USCG Master Chief (ret.) – & currently -

Master Exercise Planner for USCG District 7

Nigel Baker
Division Chief, Palm Beach County Fire & Rescue, Palm Beach, FL

Bo Belshee

Zoning Director, White Sulphur Springs, WV Dept of Public Works

Peter Brady,

RADM (ret.)

Jamaica Defense Force; Director General,
The Maritime Authority of Jamaica



OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee Update



Elysa Jones



Status Reports (DHS, FEMA, NIMS, NOAA NWS, NIEM, etc.)


Federal Partners


Gavel Time

Meeting Location:

This is a Virtual Meeting (online webinar).

EIC LOG-IN: https://share.dhs.gov/eic-july-2016/

Dial-in Number:  1-877-717-1478

Conference Pin:  5615042

Login-In Instructions:

Because we are hosted on a DHS HSIN account – you must login with your full name.

  • If you have an HSIN account – click on EIC link and enter your info when prompted.

  • All others – please select “Enter as a Guest” and enter full name.

Advisory -- Nicknames, only first or last names, and “anonymous” will not be permitted access to the meeting. Thanks for your compliance.

Presenters FYI -- WORD files are not accepted. PDF, PPT (not PPTX), EXCEL are OK.

Upcoming Meetings of Interest:

  • National Forum on Criminal Justice, August 7-10, Philadelphia, PA

  • CAP Implementation Workshop, August 23-24, Bangkok, Thailand http://preparecenter.org/resources/cap-workshop-2016

  • IJIS Institute Mid-year Briefing, September 13-15, Arlington, VA

Next EIC Meeting:

  • September 21, 2016 2-4pm EDT

  • Our next meeting will be an examination of the newly created EAS codes by the FCC. They are: “Extreme Wind Warning (EWW),” “Storm Surge Watch (SSA),” and “Storm Surge Warning (SSW)” – so that communities can receive more specific and relevant alerts during hurricanes or other severe weather. The updated rules require EAS equipment manufacturers to integrate the codes into new equipment and will also enable EAS participants to update their existing equipment in advance of next year’s (2017) Atlantic hurricane season.

The EIC will take August off – Stay Safe and enjoy the Summer!
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download.php -> Technical Communicators, Get ready: Here comes Augmented Reality! Rhonda Truitt
download.php -> Oasis set tc
download.php -> Iepd analyze Requirements Use Cases for edxl situation reporting messages Draft Version 4
download.php -> Technical Committee: oasis transformational Government Framework tc chair
download.php -> Ibops protocol Version 0 Working Draft 2 9 March 2015 Technical Committee
download.php -> Reliability of Messages Sent as Responses over an Underlying Request-response Protocol
download.php -> Service Component Architecture sca-j common Annotations and apis Specification Version 1 Committee Draft 03 – Rev1 + Issue 127
download.php -> Scenario Two – Hurricane Warning
download.php -> Technical Committee: oasis augmented Reality in Information Products (arip) tc chairs
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