Iepd analyze Requirements Use Cases for edxl situation reporting messages Draft Version 4

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IEPD Analyze Requirements

Use Cases


EDXL Situation reporting messages

Draft Version 1.4

Prepared by the SWG EMS Call scenario team
(Scenario version 3.4)

EDXL “Situation Reporting” draft Messaging Standard

September 21, 2007

Revision / initial Meeting History



Reason For Changes


Tim Grapes

April 2007

Highway Incident Scenario team kickoff meeting. Materials provided as input to develop scenario

Scenario 0.0

Tim Grapes


Presentation provided on DM program and EDXL messaging standards initiatives – call for scenario team volunteers

Scenario 0.0

Tim Grapes


EMS Call scenario team kickoff – Existing scenario identified as a starting point for tailoring

Scenario 3.0

Elizabeth Sullivan


Elizabeth tailored the scenario for realism and removing futuristic topics and technologies

Scenario 3.1

Tim Grapes


Tim incorporated Elizabeth’s revisions into the actual document using word “track changes” (version 3.1); put in standard scenario format, and then made additional revisions to transform some of the network and communications terms into “information exchange” terms (version 3.2).

Scenario 3.2

Larry Williams & Kevin McGinnis


Additional scenario tailoring and editing

Scenario 3.3

Tim Grapes


Following the 7/12 team review of the scenario, revised scenario to version 3.4 per walk-through comments and those provided by Kevin McGinnis. In the separate Use Case Document (“EDXL_use_case_EMS_Callv1.0.doc “) broke out the textual scenario into Tabular format with an independent row for each activity or event, columns for sequence, date/time, and Activity/event, and added Use Case Chronology columns for Senders, Recipients, and Information-Sharing requirement

Scenario 3.4 & U.C. (use case) 1.0

Tim Grapes


Scenario team meeting conducted – information and revisions from the call incorporated

U.C. 1.1 & UC 1.2

Jeff Sexton and Tim Grapes


Jeff Sexton incorporated revisions and additional steps, and Tim incorporated other revisions from previous call

U.C. 1.3

Tim Grapes

8/28 – 9/121 2007

A meeting was held on 8/28. Revisions from that meeting are incorporated into this version and distributed for review on 9/21/07

U.C. 1.4



Organization / Profession


Copeland, Tommy

Putnam County EMS
Cookeville, TN
Healthcare IT Stds Panel (HITSP)

Irby, Robert

EMS, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health

Mann, Clay, EMS, HITSP

McGinnis, Kevin

PSG, Vice-Chair (NASEMSO) State EMS Officials, (JNEMSLC) Joint National Emergency Medical Services Leadership Conference;

Porter, Randy

Putnam County EMS
Cookeville, TN
Healthcare IT Stds Panel (HITSP)

Rogers, Shawn

Director, Emergency Medical Services Division,

The Oklahoma State Department of Health

Schilling, Roger

EMS, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health

Sexton, Jeff

Tennessee Department of Health, BHLR Information Technology Services, Healthcare IT Stds Panel (HITSP)

Sullivan, Elizabeth

EMS, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health

Vandame, Richie

Corrections Officer / former parametic supervisor

Williams, Larry

President / CEO, Roadside Telematics Corporation, HITSP

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Download 212.64 Kb.

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