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58th Annual Teen Leadership Conference


Gail Ash Dotson, Regional Director

Chair: Michele Frazier

Co-Chairs: Marie Sueing and Anita Jenious


April 9, 2014

Dear Mothers of Teens in the Sweet, Sweet Southeastern Region --
The Regional Leadership Team, Regional Teen Officers and the Mothers of the Nashville host chapter are excited to bring you the 2013 Teen Leadership Conference – Pink and Blue: The American You.
The 2014 Teen Leadership Conference Planning Guide has been designed to enhance the communication process, share important conference highlights and provide every Teen Chaperone and Teen Mother with the necessary information to proactively plan for this year’s Teen Leadership Conference. Our hope is that this will serve as a valuable resource as you prepare your teens to participate in one or more individual and/or chapter competitions. Additionally, please look to the registration website for the latest updates www.regonline.com/58thSERTC.
The Teen Conference Planning Guide is a resource tool that should be coupled with the following informational webinars. Please note, participation in one training webinar is mandatory for all Lead Teen Sponsors and Teen Chaperones; moreover, all mothers of Teen attendees are encouraged to attend one of the chaperone training webinars.

  • Teen Conference Registration Webinar – Sunday, March 16th and Wednesday, March 19th

  • Teen Sponsors, Teen Chaperone Training and (First Time Attendee Teen Mothers – New to Teen Conference) - Thursday, April 10th

  • Teen Sponsors, Teen Chaperone Training and (First Time Attendee Teen Mothers – New to Teen Conference) –Wednesday, May 7th

  • Teen Sponsors, Teen Chaperone Training and (First Time Attendee Teen Mothers – New to Teen Conference) - Tuesday, June 10th

We’re looking forward to another fantastic Teen Leadership Conference. If you have any questions or need additional information along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one member of your Regional Leadership Team. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!

Gail Ash Dotson

Southeastern Regional Director

Pink and Blue: The American You

Introduction 2

2013-2014 Teen Conference Goals 4

2013-2014 Southeastern Region Teen Officers 5

2013 – 2014 Southeastern Region Appointed Teen Officers 6

2013 – 2014 Teen Communication Board 7

2013 – 2014 Teen Advisory Board 7

Regional Teen Leadership Committees and Duties 8

2014 Teen Committees Charge 8

Rules and Regulations Committee 8

Foundation 8

Theme 9

Teen Leadership Conference Purpose and Objectives 9

Purpose 10

Objectives 10

Eligibility Requirements for Teen Attendees 10

Historical Teen Leadership Conference Themes 1957 – 2014 10

2014 Teen Conference Highlights 14

Teen Conference Registration Highlights 14

Teen Conference Registration Fees and Deadlines 16

2014 Teen Conference Lodging Fees (Includes Tax) 16

Teen Conference Refund Policy 17

Registration Option Overview 17

Teen Conference Registration Process 18

Registration 18

Conference Registration 19

Lodging Accomodations 19

Teen Conference Registration 20

How to make a hotel reservation 21

How to make a GAYLORD hotel reservation 21

How to make a SHERATON hotel reservation 22

Lead Teen Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities in Lodging Process 23

Support Resources For Registration and Lodging Process 24

Teen Conference 2014 - Workshops 26

Workshop Descriptions – Session I (Choose One) 26

Workshop Descriptions – Session II (Choose One) 28


Preparing for Teen Conference 29

Chapter Leadership 30

Lead Teen Sponsor 30

Teen Chaperones 31

Role of a Teen Conference Chapter Delegate 35

Teens 35

Conference Arrival and Departure 36

Upon Arrival 36

Upon Departure 36

Conference Dress Code 37

Opening/Closing Ceremony, Leadership Luncheon, Plenary Sessions & Workshops 37

Dinners & Teen Dances 38

Step and Talent Show and Friday Night Dance 38

Senior Outing, Sports/Games Day, Community Service 38

Senior Gala 39

Teen Conference Dress Code Recap 39

Teen Conference Conduct 40

In the Hotel Halls 40

Restaurants 40

Plenary Sessions and Workshops 40

Curfew 41

Off-Site and On-Site Visitation 41

Hotel Rooms 41

Teen Dances 41

General Conduct 42

Use of Illegal Substances 42

Southeastern Region Teen Code of Conduct 42

Teen Judicial Board/Committee 43

Teen Judicial Board/Committee 45

Important Teen Conference Dates and Deadlines 47

Teen Mothers “To Do” Checklist 48

Lead Teen Sponsor “To Do” 50

Teen Leadership Awards Program 52

Introduction 53

Teen Divisions 53

General Eligibility 53

Deadline 53

Timing for Selected Events 54

Announcement of Results 54

Awards Programs Overview 55

Ann Owen Gordon Teen Oratorical Competition 55

Chapter Teen Community Service Project of the Year 56

Chapter Scrapbook Competition 57

Chapter Step Show Competition 57

Chapter Talent Show Showcase Presentation 58

Chapter T-Shirt Competition 59

Chapter Sports/Game Day Events 59

Individual Portfolio Presentations 59

Schedule of Individual Portfolio Awards and Points 60

Individual Visual Art Displays 61

Awards – Prize and Trophy Grid 61

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