Scenario Two – Hurricane Warning

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Scenario Two – Hurricane Warning

The day is Friday October 29, 2010. The time is 0730 AM. It is a perfect day in San Antonio. The temperature is 80 degrees, clear and sunny. The National Weather Service (NWS) announces that a tropical depression has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. The depression is forecast to move over warm water during the next few days and strengthen into Tropical Storm Kirby.

The day is Thursday November 4, 2010. The time is 1200 noon. Kirby strengthened into a Hurricane overnight and is now a category two hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph. Kirby is moving to the west at 15 mph. Hurricane Warnings have been issued for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Conditions over the Gullf of Mexico are favorable for further strengthening of Kirby. The NWS forecasts Kirby to be over the Gulf of Mexico by Saturday, where conditions are favorable for further development. The 5-day forecast places Kirby just east of Corpus Christi, TX area on Tuesday.

The day is Sunday November 7, 2010. The time is 1700 PM. Hurricane Kirby is now a category four storm with maximum sustained winds of 135 mph. The storm is headed towards the west northwest and will likely make landfall anywhere from northern Mexico to central Louisiana on Wednesday morning November 10, 2010. The NWS has issued a Hurricane Watch for this area. Mandatory evacuations have been declared along the mid Texas coast from Kingsville to Port O’Connor. The Texas Department of Public Safety has opened the evacuation lane on I-37 and is monitoring traffic flow.

  1. Send a CAP message announcing from the NWS to all emergency operation centers in the declared warning area. ______________ will be used to send a CAP message.

  2. ______________ will receive a CAP message and sound sirens and loud speakers.

  3. ______________ will send a CAP-IPAWS EAS message thus warning the public.

  4. ______________ Dissemination systems will retrieve the EAS message and trigger EAS encoder systems.

  5. The Texas National Guard will be using _______________ in order to retrieve the CAP NWS message and proceed to assist with the evacuation plan. (As a result of gubernatorial declaration).

The day is Monday November 8, 2010. The time is 1700 PM. NWS Hurricane Warnings are in effect along the mid Texas coast including the City of Corpus Christi . The latest update from the NWS states that the storm is 350 miles southeast of Corpus Christi. Tropical storm force winds will begin impacting the mid Texas coast within 36 hours. Hurricane Kirby is still a category four storm on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale and there is no sign of it weakening.


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