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Job# 10-13

West Hills Community College Coalinga
Senior Employment Readiness Specialist

Temporary Position


19 hours per week-Temporary Position

Range: 57 $22.99-$27.85 per hour

Grant Funded until 6/30/2010

Pro rated Vacation & Sick Days

Retirement: Employee Contribution to Apple 3.75%

Employer Contribution to Apple 3.75%


Mandatory Union Deductions 1/10 of 1 ½% of annual income not to exceed $367.50.

No unit member may seek a transfer until he/she has satisfactorily completed his/her probationary period in his/her position.



Under the general direction of the Coalinga One Stop WIA Coordinator, the Senior Employment Readiness Specialist performs a variety of assignments linking WIA job seekers to the resources that will help them to become employment ready, self-sufficient and able to effectively compete in the labor market. As the primary contact with the WIA job seeker, the ERS manages the job seeker’s progress through the Customer Flow Process, interprets assessment results, and assists the job seeker in overcoming barriers through WIA, partner and community programs. Incumbents must be fully knowledgeable on all WIA programs, aware of business related programs and be able to work successfully in a team environment to support and facilitate job seeker/employer programs and activities that lead to employer confidence in the successful placement of our job seekers.


This position will use independent judgment in educating and managing Fresno job seekers through the WIA system. The employee has the primary accountability for educating job seekers on the services and programs available to them under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and for managing them through the Customer Flow Process. The employee is responsible for establishing with the job seeker the value and linkage between the assessment process and the successful job placement. The employee must be job seeker and system focused, emphasizing quality and informed customer choice, and be proactive in working with the job seeker to overcome barriers to employment. This is a performance driven job, and employees must align themselves with the performance goals of the system.



  1. Full accountability for informed job seeker choice and performance and is the agent of change between job seekers and programs administered under WIA and the One-Stop system.

  2. Develops a performance driven relationship with the job seeker ensuring the job seeker understands that their success is tied to the success of the Employment Readiness Specialist.

  3. Works with Self Reliance Team (SRT) and OSCC staff to facilitate job seeker referral into the system.

  4. Provides a thorough explanation of Fresno’s Universal Employment Readiness Credential and the Occupation Specific Credential emphasizing the value of the credential in relation to a successful job placement.

  5. Interprets comprehensive specialized assessments of the skill levels and services needs of adult and dislocated workers and provides a comparative analysis to the Employment Readiness and/or Occupation Specific Credentials requirements.

  6. Utilizing the specialized “employment readiness report” and the local LMI demand occupation list, conducts an in-depth consultative interview with the job seeker that provides assessment analysis, identifies and evaluates employment barriers, skill gaps and results in the completion of an individual employment plan (IEP). The IEP will identify employment goals, appropriate achievement objectives, and appropriate combination of service recommendations for the job seeker to achieve the employment goals.

  7. Makes formal or informal presentations to provide information relative to the services available to them under WIA and the One-Stop system

  8. Ensures that only the most current processes and forms are utilized.

  9. Manages participant Supportive Services fund if needed by participant:

      1. Prepares Supportive Service Self-Certification with client input so that all possible issues are addressed in IEP and in the supportive services summary. Minimizing the need for changes and amendments to the certification.

      2. Submits Self-Certifications to FCWIB Contracting staff prior to requests for payment/reimbursement.

      3. Tracks supportive service usage against allocations in self-certification and any maximums that are indicated in the Supportive Service Manual.

      4. Proactively manages supportive services by ongoing evaluation of continued supportive services need.

      5. Ensures collection of receipts for client payments and notes on each receipt the complete name of client who received payment for inclusion in ancillary payment reimbursement requests.

      6. Manages the submission of accurate client timesheets according the FCWIB procedures and payment calendar.

      7. Ensures that only current approved processes and forms are used in submission of payment requests.

      8. Participates proactively to resolve any payment/documentation related issues.

  10. Manages OJT process and all associated forms and documentation.

  11. Manages ITA process and all associated forms and documentation.

  12. Takes an active training role in preparing job seeker for employment interviews, scholarship panel participation or job placement.

  13. Works as a team with the Business Account Specialist, the job seeker and the employer to determine the best fit for employment opportunities.

  14. Monitors and manages the ongoing progress and exit of the job seeker according to established performance requirements.

  15. Inputs accurate and timely data and case note entry into the I-Train Common Intake Case Management System.



  1. Motivates for full job-seeker participation in all scheduled programs.

  2. Checks the Fresno Job Matching System on a daily (as a minimum) basis for job seeker/employer matches and works proactively with the Business Account Specialist to provide the best possible job seeker match.

  3. Continues to develop knowledge of local and regional services in order to leverage appropriate resources within the WIA system and the Fresno County area.

  4. Expands knowledge of local policies and operational directives.

  5. Participates on ad hoc teams as needed for continuous quality improvement.

  6. Builds collaborative relationships internally and with other agency staffs in order to avoid duplication of services and provide most appropriate client services.

  7. Learn, train and supervise personnel in Datatel and its components.

  8. Incorporate the use of technology in performing computerized presentations, and Microsoft Office Suite.

  9. Bilingual preferred (but not required).

  10. All other duties as assigned.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


  1. Knowledge of local industries that encompass the economy and demographics of Fresno county with specific understanding and awareness of job skill requirements; ability to analyze fiscal, demographic and labor market information as it relates to the development of customer needs.

  2. Makes logical and judicious management decisions and provides workable solutions to problems; weighs alternative decisions and reduces outcome risks.

  3. Strong interpersonal skills; communicates effectively with individuals from diverse economic backgrounds, as well as with all types and levels of employers; ability to use collaborative approaches to build support for objectives; build positive relationships within and outside the agency; involves others and disseminates information; seeks solutions where all parties can contribute and benefit; recognizes and respects diverse ideas; encourages and supports others.

  4. Goal and result orientation; ability to meet time commitments and follow through to task/job completion; strong work ethic and capacity for responsibility.

  5. Working knowledge of funding statutes, regulations, policies and procedures as prescribed by Federal, State, County and Local governments and as they relate to the duties and responsibilities of the position.


Works Efficiently: Allocates one’s own time efficiently; handles multiple demands and competing priorities; efficiently processes paperwork; manages meetings effectively.

Speaks Effectively: Speaks clearly and expresses self well in groups and in one-to-one conversations.

Prepares Written Communication: Conveys information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents; reviews and edits written work constructively.

Builds Relationships: Relates to people in an open, friendly, accepting manner; shows sincere interest in others and their concerns; initiates and develops relationships with others as key priority.

Fosters Teamwork: Builds effective teams committed to organizational goals; fosters collaboration among team members and among teams; uses teams to address relevant issues.

Shows Work Commitment: Sets high standards of performance; pursues aggressive goals and works hard to achieve them.

Commitment to Quality: Emphasizes the need to deliver quality products and/or services; defines standards for quality and evaluates products, processes, and/or services against those standards; manages quality.

Demonstrates Adaptability: Handles day-to-day work challenges confidently; is willing and able to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity, and rapid change; shows resilience in the face of constraints, frustrations, or adversity, demonstrates flexibility.

Develops Oneself: Learns from experience; actively pursues learning and self-development; seeks feedback and welcomes unsolicited feedback; modifies behavior in light of feedback.

Analyzes Issues: Gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; seeks input from others; uses accurate logic in analyses.


  • Problem Solving - Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; Develops alternative solutions.

  • Project Management - Develops project plans; Coordinates projects; Manages project team activities.

  • Technical Skills - Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills; Shares expertise with others.

  • Interpersonal Skills - Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming.

  • Business Acumen - Understands business implications of decisions.

  • Cost Consciousness - Conserves organizational resources.

  • Diversity - Shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; promotes a harassment-free environment.

  • Ethics - Treats people with respect; Keeps commitments; Upholds organizational values.

  • Organizational Support - Follows policies and procedures; Supports organization's goals and values.

  • Judgment - Exhibits sound and accurate judgment; Makes timely decisions.

  • Motivation - Sets and achieves challenging goals; Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles.

  • Professionalism - Approaches others in a tactful manner; Reacts well under pressure.

  • Safety and Security - Observes safety and security procedures; Reports potentially unsafe conditions.

  • Initiative - Seeks increased responsibilities.

  • Innovation - Displays original thinking and creativity; Meets challenges with resourcefulness.

  • Job Knowledge - Competent in required job skills and knowledge; Exhibits ability to learn and apply new skills; requires minimal supervision; Displays understanding of how job relates to others; Uses resources effectively.


Non-Traditional Working Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Office environment / Computer Lab

Constant Interruptions


  • Hearing and speaking to communicate with others in Spanish and English.

  • Seeing to observe and assure accurate completion of documents.

  • Dexterity of hands and fingers to prepare documents and operate keyboard.

  • Sitting and standing for extended periods of time. Reaching to retrieve and file records.


NOTE: Minimum qualifications and required materials must be met/received by the last day of the filing period.

Demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of community college students.

Associates Degree required or 60 units, Bachelor degree preferred. Three years combined experience in area of case management in any of the following areas: CalWORKS, WIA, Education, Social Services, Counseling, or Employment Training.

  1. Non-Academic District Application

  2. Resume

  3. Unofficial transcripts

  4. EEO Survey (Optional)


Thursday, February 25, 2010 by 5:00pm


It is the candidate’s responsibility to make sure that all required materials have been received. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to incur any and all expenses related to the interview process. Faxed applications will not be accepted.

All our positions require the ability to pass a background and fingerprinting check.

Drug Testing: In accordance with the Drug Free Environment of the WHCCD I understand that if I am selected for employment as a part of my employment I will be required to submit to a drug and alcohol test as a part of my health examination.


Possession of a valid, appropriate California driver’s license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles may be required for some positions.



Depending upon the number of applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, the examination process may include a qualifications screening by a committee. Those demonstrating the strongest backgrounds related to the position will be invited to interview.


West Hills Community College District Human Resources Office
9900 Cody Street, Coalinga CA 93210


24-HOUR JOB LINE (559) 934-2165 WEBSITE: westhillscollege.com

Equal Opportunity Employer

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