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Abigail Alden. Generous, if poor, widow who is befriended by Annie and a man who served under her late sea captain husband, Shanghai Peg. It ultimately unfolds that her husband was killed by Uriah Gudge, who stole his fortune. 12/37-12/38.

Rose Chance. Attractive young woman who, along with her infant son, was rescued by Annie from a snow drift after having been deserted by her husband, Ace Chance. 12/37-12/38.

Jack Smith. Owner of a trucking line, Jack finds common ground with Annie, a fellow orphan, which helps him open his heart to love with Rose Chance. 1/38-11/38.

Shanghai Peg. Large gray-haired man who served under Captain Caleb Alden, Abigail’s late husband. Along with Annie and Jack, he is key to bringing down Uriah Gudge. 2/38-10/38.

Tuck” Buckles. Morose World War I veteran with a bum leg who joins Warbucks’ allies to rescue Annie from the clutches of her kidnapper, Axel. Tuck’s expertise in explosives proves very useful. After Annie’s successful rescue, Warbucks hires Tuck as a globe-trotting employee so long as he marries. Tuck obliges by proposing to Dona Dolores, just as Daddy intended. 1/39-7/39.

Dona Dolores. Beautiful Latina woman who pretends to be in the employ of the evil Axel but actually her parents were killed by Axel as part of a foreign revolution Axel engineered. She seeks vengeance for her people. When Axel is defeated, Dona has the option to stay at the hacienda but she opts to marry the brave and loyal Tuck and seek a life elsewhere. 4/39-7/39.

Nick Gatt. 11/39-6/40…

Sam. 2/41-


Dr. Zee.

X Panda. Cigar-smoking midget who is just Annie’s size. 5/42-x/42.

Junior Commandos. When Annie leaves the Commandos in January 1943 for a new adventure, she leaves Loretta in change as a colonel and Red Madigan is promoted to a captain. Soon enough they’re at Annie’s side again, helping her in her struggle against the bogus Malcolm Mitt. 6/42-1/43, 3/43-x/43.

Malcolm Mitt. Large birded, bald author who owns an American built castle. In March, the German spy posing as Mitt is exposed when the original arrives. 1/43-7/43.

Kansk. Initially describing himself only as “an observer” or a “stranger,” Annie’s mysterious defender ultimately identifies himself as Kansk, which Annie notes is the name of a city from Axel’s homeland. It appears that Kansk is a physically adept as well as clever freedom fighter from Russia who is able to reduce his old enemy to a dazed and amnesic state. Thereafter Kansk becomes the leader of what’s left of Axel’s gang, thereafter, spouting conservative vigilante wisdom, a sort of Russian Warbucks without the money. 7/48-8/48.

Big Monster. A former gangster turned legit businessman, his adolescent son—nicknamed Little Monster by his peers—takes after his former criminal ways, heading a gang of toughs who harasses Annie and her friends. When Annie is critically injured, it is a blood transfusion from Big Monster that saves her life. 9/48-11/48.

Gypsy Belle. Large old gypsy with wild gray hair who lives in a deserted rock quarry and has a crystal ball with which she can catch glimpses of the future. She befriends Annie, giving her a golden whistle and magic gem. When Annie discovers a fortune, Gypsy Belle muses, “There can be danger and pain in wealth, when it is popular to believe wealth is sin. Look out, my little one. Look out!” Annie’s new wealth is subsequently stolen from her. 1/49-4/49.

Funjab. Punjab’s somewhat rebellious nephew and eighth grade assistant. Like his uncle, Funjab wears a turban and can apparently teleport himself and others. Annie first meets Funjab (who is roughly her age and height) when he appears rather than Punjab when she blows her magical green dragon whistle. In his second appearance, Funjab transports Seeress Khan-Khan from Baghdad to help Warbucks. In 1955, Funjab assists his uncle and Warbucks in their battle against the Duke de Sangre. Another of Punjab’s nephews, Punjee appears in 1995. 6/49-x/49, 6/50-7/50, 3/55-4/55.

Dan Drift. Lazy husband and father who proudly declares that he has “never worked a day in my life. A man who’s good and knows he’s good, never has to worry. No siree! Bound to land on top!” Unlike many such men in the narrative, Dan’s luck continues to hold and his wife Daisy and eight daughters (Lily, Iris, Poppy, Rose, Aster, Lilac, Pansy and Tulip) all manage to live modestly but well. 12/49-4/50.

Seeress Khan-Khan. An attractive young woman who wears a white veil and head covering, the Seeress Khan-Khan is one of many allies of Warbucks who possesses mystical abilities. Residing in Baghdad, the Seeress has powers far-exceeding normal hypnotism. She can look in a man’s eyes and know all of his secrets and can compel him to tell them, as she did with the evil Axel. The Seeress can also place a man into a catatonic state. Seeress Khan-Khan is apparently a close associate of Punjab and enjoys a motherly relationship with his nephew, Funjab. Punjab tells Daddy that “she sees even your life as an open book. That is why she works for you, sahib.” 6/50-7/50.

The Healer. Benevolent gray-bearded figure who has an apparently mystical ability to heal people. He is also an associate of Punjab. 6/53-7/53.

Leprechaun. Feisty magical creature known simply as Leprechaun, he is short and

dressed in his traditional green. 6/55-8/55.

Collar John. Tall, strapping and handsome parson who was an army colonel in his earlier life. 4/56-8/56.

Billy Biline. Handsome, crusading reporter who charmingly flirts with Annie to her embarrassment and slight pleasure. Billy’s target is Al Atilla. 9/58-11/58.

Don Levon. Blind novelist who outwits his housekeeper and her daughter’s effort to murder him. 1/58-3/58.

T. Tiddlewink Tiger. Large, well-dressed man with a questionable background but who can nonetheless state, “I fear no harm because my heart is pure.” He has a gun concealed within his cane that he is not afraid to use. When Annie asks if he has other hidden weapons, he explains, “A person can know too much! Often in this world, it’s what we can forget that is best for everyone.” 12/58-2/59.

Dan Drive and Marlene. Handsome and fit Drive is engaged to the blind Marlene. Both serve as protectors of Annie during one of her many separations from Daddy. In her final appearance, a pregnant Marlene undergoes a procedure that restores her sight. Warbucks is so impressed by Dan that he offers him a partnership and informs him that he will in essence become his adopted son and heir. This is a distinction unmatched by any of Annie’s previous or subsequent benefactors. 9/60-6/61, 12/61-2/62.

Elwood. Intelligent and clothed carnival chimpanzee who is Annie’s companion for several months and later is befriended by Lily Hu She. 3/62-10/62, 4/63

Lily Hu She. A self-styled “Oriental mystic” from Singapore, Lily Hu She accepts a job at a carnival at which Annie has been working, only to find it out of business. She takes Annie under her wing and becomes the rare, larger than life female figure in her life. Lily Hu has genuine powers of E.S.P. and can discern further truths through the use of her crystal ball. She also seems to have a special affinity with animals. Among her minor accomplishments is discerning Annie’s until then unknown birthday as February 29th. On one occasion Lily rescues Annie from a swamp and sees to her reunion with Warbucks. She is an attractive woman who wears a long white gown with a floral print on the bosom. Lily admires the character of and appears attracted to Hairy Wolf. 11/62-4/63, 12/63-2/64, 8/66-9/66, 7/68-x/68.

Primrose. Older Native American woman who has an almost supernatural knowledge of healing herbs and rituals capable of dispelling evil spirits causing Annie’s illness. Primrose’s son is Hairy Wolf.4/63-6/63.

Hairy Wolf. College educated Native American and former major in the military. He was an associate of an “India Indian” named Punjab during the war. He is Primrose’s son and has a nephew Annie’s age named Tom-Tom. Once he secures the vast mineral rights that was trying to cheat him out of, he makes a business contract with Warbucks and becomes a millionaire himself. 5/63-10/63, 1/64.

Mr. Omega. Full name, Alpha Omega. Despite his name, this goateed, middle-aged man has no apparent mystical powers. He is, however, very wise and always carries around with him a stack of books and is fond of quoting from them. 7/68-9/68.

Om Hi. 5/69, 1/70.

Bald Ego. Bald monk dressed only in a loin cloth who resides on a mystical mountain and knows the secret of turning invisible. General Runamoka describes him as a “trickster, sly master of black magic.” 10/69-12/69.

Goldswinger. Powerful jungle man clad only in a loincloth who sports a long, blond beard. Goldswinger is pursued by the peg-legged Cap’n Ahab who blames him for his misfortune. 1/71-4/71.

Honest Tom. Initially anything but, Honest Tom is originally mentored in evil ways by Professor Creepy but is ultimately redeemed. He is white but sports an over-sized Afro and bookish glasses. 11/71-2/72.

Uncle” Wendell Warbucks. Daddy’s cousin who Annie takes to calling Uncle. The two cousins, Daddy’s “oldest friend” with whom he was raised, schooled and shared hopes and dreams, returns after the two had not seen each other for forty years. Oliver had gone to make his fortune in the world, while Wendell turned inward into the world of books. Only recently has he began to wonder if his life is lacking and he asks if Oliver will let Annie stay with him for awhile so he can show her the wonders of the world. Wendell is an ideological balance to Oliver, believing that money and profits mean nothing if the spirit isn’t renewed. That Oliver might agree with, but Wendell endorses communing with Mother Nature as the ultimate restorer, while Oliver would likely endorse hard work and adventure. 5/72-10/72.

Abu Kaf-tan. 12/79-3/80, x/95-x/95.

Professor Eon. Brother of Ezra Eon. After a long absence, Annie rescues Eon from captivity where he has been reduced to a monosyllabic state, known only as Fuzzy. 5/81…, 12/82-x/83, x/84-x/84, 2/86-3/86, x/86-x/87, x/89-10/89, 6/95-9/95, 9/99-2/00.

F1DO. Intelligent robot, an invention of Professor Eon’s who often comes to the aid of Annie in a pinch. 12/82-6/83, x/86-x/87, 10/88-1/89, 1/00-2/00.

Angela Pease. Beautiful blonde-haired woman whose politics of peace and avoidance of conflict put her at odds with the interventionist strategies of Oliver Warbucks. The two are nonetheless drawn to each other. Angela is Mark Pease’s sister and the abusive Brander King’s estranged wife. She kills him in 1995 in an act of self-defense. 5/81-8/81, 7/83-11/83, x/89-3/90, … 1/95-5/95.

Mark Pease. Well meaning political activist who often uses extreme ends. 9/81-11/81, x/89-x/89.

Hucky Flynn. 3/80-6/80, 6/85-9/85, x/91-x/92, 5/99-9/99,

Snawky. 4/84-8/84, x/90-7/90, 12/99-1/00.

Amity Dodson. 9/85-1/86, 8/90-12/90, 11/99.

Dermot McDermot. Originally appears as the costumed and masked outlaw, the Stinger, Dermot is actually just a brilliant, misunderstood teen-ager who soon becomes good friends with Annie. After his first appearance, he never again adopts the identity of the Stinger. 4/87-7/87, 2/88-4/88, …7/96…, 9/99-2/00.

Minnie Fleck. Older, but still beautiful psychic who is often called upon the police to help them solve cases. Upon reading Oliver Warbucks’ palm, she exclaims, “My, my, you’re not the nicest guy in the world, are you?” Minnie is the mother of a dark-haired beauty named Sondra, the romantic interest of Garth Gustavus, better known as G. G., a brief tutor of Annie’s. When Warbucks is again separated from Annie, Minnie attempts to use her psychic powers to help him find her. 11/93-5/94.

Jack B. Knimble. Youthful gun runner who is nonetheless overly anxious and a friend to Annie. 4/94-9/94.

Punjee. Handsome and brooding adolescent nephew of Punjab. Punjee blushes when Annie comments that he’s handsome. He explains that as a member of the cult of protectors of the sacred sword, he is not allowed to marry. Punjee is close friends with Jim Redfoot, with whom he shares a special bond. …1/96-7/96…, 1/99-5/99.

Jim Redfoot. Handsome Native American man who helps Annie and Taffy find her escaped gorilla, Taffy. Redfoot shares a special bond with Punjee as they both have “ancient souls” as he puts it. Redfoot meets and begins assisting Oliver Warbucks, who once again shows a keen eye for men of courage and integrity. 4/96-10/96...

Amelia Santiago. Excellent pilot and adventuress who befriends Annie for an extended period of time. …4/01-

Constance Gale. Lounge singer and good-hearted opportunist. She was an associate of the murderous Bonefay, attempted to seduce Warbucks and ended up going off with a shady character named Dessinay. 6/01-10/01, 10/02-12/02, 6/06-9/06.

Tom Short. Boy inventor of short stature. His most notable inventions were his luxurious blimps, Red Rover and later Red Raven. 6/01-8/01, 10/02-2/03, 5/03-6/03, 12/03-1/04, 4/04-7/04, 5/06-10/06, 5/07-6/07, 10/09.

Daddy Warbuck’s Double. …8/02-3/04, 12/08-1/09..

Colonel Cleveland Grover. Dismissed from government service, the Colonel or Camel as he is later known sometimes works for Warbucks and sometimes works on his own. He and the adventurous and often troublesome journalist share a romantic connection. 7/08-8/08.

Freddie the Sheik. A short. mustachioed fellow that Warbucks and the American government installed as the figurehead leader of the strategically key country of Ratznestistan. Warbucks, Grover, the Asp and Punjab have all served in his cabinet at various times. Freddie ultimately tired of his role, first seeking a vacation and finally stepping down as President. He has not been heard from since. 8/02?-9/02, 12/02- , 7/03?-11/03?, 1/05-4/05, 2/07-3/07.

Agent Shuter. Homely FBI agent who also works for Warbucks.

Dessinay. Bandy Dessinay is a Belgian soldier of fortune and old friend and occasional rival of Oliver Warbucks. 11/05-12/05, 5/06-9/06, 11/08-2/09.

Dr. Valentin. In Annie’s time, a high ranking member of Les Societe des Argonautes, explorers of ancient mysteries and a key believer in the existence of Atlantis. In ancient Atlantis, Vah-la-tan the Roamer was a leading scientist, inventor of a time machine and the right hand man of Mr. Was, an alternative persona of Mr. Am. 11/06-2/07, 8/07-1/07,
Notable Adversaries:

Al Attila. Hood whose private police force controls the town of Futile Springs. Annie is only saved when she unknowingly assists the mother of an even bigger gangster. 9/58-11/58.

Anson Vail. Warlock son of the famous and secretly sexually deviant Hollywood director, Enver Drood. Vail talked to his pet iguana who he believed to be the Martian Iguana Queen. In his final days, he believed he was the Iguana Queen and began to dress in drag. In the moments after he fell off a cliff and was buried, the blurry image of a space ship could be seen in the sky. 10/04-1/05.

Atropa. Mysterious female figure whose face is entirely in shadows, obscured by an Arab head scarf and headdress. Atropa has forces nearly the equal to Warbucks’, including a powerful bodyguard named Sahara who nearly beats Punjab in hand-to-hand combat and a sinister Arab chieftain. Atropa sends Warbucks into a months long stupor by exposing him to the scent of the mysterious madragora plant, whose leaves take the shape of a female face. In his stupor, all Warbucks can do is repeat the word, “Madragora.” 10/72-12/72.

Auntie Acid. Seemingly, kind grandmother figure is actually a serial killer who locks Annie in an attic when she discovers her secret and attempts to kill all concerned in a massive fire when the authorities catch on. The ghosts of her victims inform Annie that the presumed dead Warbucks is not one of them. c9/54-c12/54.

Axel. Axel returns after the war, now clearly a Russian communist. Daddy believes he has his subdued and travels to Africa, leaving Annie at his mercy and soon on the run again. When Axel finally catches up to her, Annie is only saved by the intervention of a mysterious stranger from Axel’s homeland named Kansk. The stranger cleverly sets up Axel’s butchers—Peter and Pola Petard—to attack their boss thinking that it is Kansk. Axel is left dazed and amnesic. 11/38-1/39, 3/39-8/39, 2/40-6/40, 3/48-5/48, 7/48-8/48.

The Blue Circle. 1/03, , 8/07-11/07, 3/09-4/09, 8/09-12/09+

Bonefay. 7/01, 10/02-11/02.

Boris and Libby Bleek. Con-man and his wife who pretend to be Annie’s biological parents, believing it will bring them financial reward due to her association with Warbucks. Libby’s heart is melted by Annie, but Boris proves to be a wicked scoundrel, especially after Warbucks loses his financial empire that March. He attempts to use Annie in a jewel smuggling scheme once he is back to needing to generate revenue on his own. He ultimately heads up “the Ghost Gang” in committing various robberies before being apprehended. Mrs. Bleek, innocent in terms of these later crimes, is allowed to escape. 1/34-11/34.

Boris Sirob. Formidable, bearded criminal from whom Warbucks himself hid. Per Warbucks himself: “Sirob’s boys are the worst robbers and murderers on earth… He has tie-ups with politics, world politics, a crooked premier or two, a few war lords. He’s smooth and most efficient… plenty dangerous.” Ultimately, Mr. Am is the one to dispatch them, turning Sirob and his men into a group of clamoring monkeys! 3/37-6/37.

Brander King. Handsome schemer who shares criminal associations with many and varied associates, including Stella Han. He marries Angela Pease, of whom he is domestically abusive. Angela ends up killing him in self-defense. 7/83-11/83, 11/86-2/87, 12/89-2/90, 1/95-3/95.

Bronko Denton and Big Bull. 4/01-6/01, 9/01-10/01, 6/04-7/04.

Capt. Blitz. Nazi officer in a wheelchair, still interested in furthering the goals of the Third Reich long after the end of the war. He succeeds in getting his submarine into Boston Harbor but fails in his attempted acts of sabotage. 6/73-8/73.

Count DeTour. Foreign pretender who romances Mrs. Warbucks at the same time as seeking the destruction of Oliver Warbucks’ South American business interests. Mrs. Warbucks and Count DeTour runaway together. x/25-c12/25.

Doctor” Lontel and Miss Redda. A fraudulent psychiatrist and his assistant involved in a lucrative body disposal scheme which they burn up in an electric furnace in the basement of an inherited mansion. They work in the service of a man named Dandy involved in insurance fraud who pays the pair $10,000 for each body. Annie manages to escape their grasp but is unlucky enough to encounter them the following year. 7/51-10/51, c3/52-5/52

Dr. Ludwig Frost. 1/03-2/03, 5/03.

Dr. No-No. Physician who plotted to make Warbucks increasingly weak while supposedly treating him. Tamara, a beautiful “defector” who wins Warbuck’s sympathies, is actually one of his minions. 4/71-8/71.

Dr. Obadiah Wot. 6/84-8/84, 11/87-1/88.

Dr. Zzyx. Communist agent who wears a pointed wizard’s hat with stars and planets. 2/69-5/69.

Duke de Sangre. European aristocrat who had his “Storybook Castle” transported stone by stone and rebuilt in America. In a lower dungeon he kept Daddy Warbucks chained and imprisoned. 2/55-4/55.

General Runamoka. Traitorous female general of the Asian nation of Urania, a uranium rich country run by King Boola-Boola. Attractive in full military regalia, Runamoka wears her black hair in a beehive and wields a mean whip. 9/69-12/69.

Iron Mike Anvil. Head of a narcotics racket. 2/72-5/72.

Ivan. Powerful Russian communist leader who attempts to assassinate Warbucks by blowing up his plane. When Seeress Khan-Khan sees a lifetime of actions in his eyes, she declares, “You have sent a million souls to horrible death, other millions into hopeless slavery.” In response, Ivan boldly declares that women find powerful men such as he attractive. The Seeress forces him into confessing his crimes and then places him into a catatonic state. 5/50-7/50.

J. Gordon Slugg. Warbucks’ evil financial counterpart, Slugg has financial reserves exceeding 100 million dollars. Warbucks describes him as “vicious, unscrupulous, an octopus,” a big business man “who gives legitimate businessmen a bad name.” Slugg is physically confident, willing to grab a hired killer who disappoints him by the throat. Slugg and Warbucks clash when the former attempts to gain control over the production of Eonite in order to achieve total global dominance. He is ultimately dispatched to the land of the genii by Punjab. 6/35-8/35.

J. J. Shark. Rival businessman who is responsible for behind the scenes manipulations leading to Oliver Warbucks going broke during the Great Depression. x/31-x/31.

Li’l Pushan. Though small in stature, a deadly foreign agent who paradoxically wears baby clothes but talks in a very tough manner and smokes cigars. Involved in trying to either steal or destroy the secret of Daddy Warbuck’s invisible ship, the Nathan Hale. 5/70-7/70.

Ma Licious. Large woman who wears her dark hair up in a bun. She shows no compassion to her employees, firing one woman after 30 years on the job and six months before her pension. She is assisted by Miss Tomaine, a cook. 10/56-12/56.

Miss Asthma. Cruel matron of the orphanage that Annie was brought to as a very young child. Annie is returned to her orphanage in 1928, where she ultimately deserts her charges when her orphanage catches fire. Still later, in 1934, Miss Asthma reappears in the narrative, bribed by the Bleaks to corroborate the story that they are Annie’s parents. 8/24, 10/24-11/24, 8/28-11/28, 1/34-2/34.

Mother” Magree. Widely known as “the Washington hostess with the mostest,” Magree is actually a cross-dressing man who runs one of the most successful information gathering services for foreign powers in the world. A vicious spy, Magree thinks nothing of striking Annie so hard that she flies across the room. 8/70-9/70…

Mrs. Bleating-Hart. Selfish and hypocritical social worker who takes Annie into her home after Oliver Warbucks apparent death. When she dies mysteriously, Annie is blamed for her death and ultimately stands trial. x/44-c1/45.

Mrs. Warbucks. Oliver’s first wife, a snooty woman who takes Annie home from the orphanage on a “trial” basis. After she sees how quickly her husband bonds with her, Mrs. Warbucks returns Annie to the orphanage as soon as “Daddy” leaves on his first (of many) business trips. When next seen in 1926, Mrs. Warbucks—returned from a humiliating stay in Europe—sees the error of her ways and shows genuine concern for an injured Annie. In October 1937, Daddy informs Annie that Mrs. Warbucks was lost during an ocean storm when their yacht started taking on water. She is never seen again. 8/24-10/24, 8/25-11/25, 9/26-1/37, (10/37).

Peter La Planta. Born Bill Slagg, a ne’er-do-well, aspiring actor and singer and ex-husband and father to Peg Slagg and her son. La Planta is always seeking a fast buck and comes back after failing in the world of entertainment to try to make an easy buck, first by taking advantage of Peg’s friendship with Warbucks and later by selling war munitions secrets to a foreign power. Warbucks saves La Planta when he stumbles and falls into some factory gears in May of 1941. His smashed skull reveals a longstanding neurological condition that likely contributed to his amoral turn. He reforms, becomes head of Warbuck’s factory and remarries Peg. c7/40-x/40, 4/41-7/41, 10/41-11/41….

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