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Dr. Jefferson Cory. Widower and a former chief of staff at a major metropolitan hospital, Jeff Cory retired once his two children, Drew and Adrian, graduated from medical school. Cory initially clashes with Mary when he meets her in 1996 at the hospital where she has begun volunteering. “Do you know who I am?” Dr. Cory roars when Mary treats him like any other hospital visitor. “Have a seat,” Mary caustically advises, “Maybe they will find a relative who can refresh your memory!” With a meeting like that, it was inevitable the two would become romantically involved. Soon enough, Jeff is proposing to Mary and she is demurring, with neither a firm yes or an actual rejection. In June 2006, Dr. Jeff leaves for Cambodia to help repair cleft palette’s in Southeast Asian children. When Jeff falls seriously ill, Mary travels to Vietnam to in January 2007 to take care of him and accompany Jeff back to the states. In June 2008, Jeff and Mary’s relationship almost breaks off over the way Mary’s preoccupation with the troubles of others interferes with their own plans. 10/96-present.

Dr. Drew Cory. Jeff’s physician son. Drew, something of a ladies man, romances both Dawn Weston and Vera Shields in 2007. Vera’s ultimate rejection of him leaves Drew heartbroken and he readily accepts Mary’s advice to go to Vietnam in 2008 to further his father’s medical mission there in hopes of redeeming himself. When Drew returns from Vietnam in 2011 to attend his sister’s wedding reception (he missed the event itself) he remains in the states and becomes the object of an obsessive female admirer. 12/96-2/97, 4/97-x/97, 1/00-6/00, 6/02-8/02 … 11/06, 2/07, 6/07-10/07, 1/08-3/08, 1/11, 3/11-7/11.

Dr. Adrian Cory. Jeff’s physician daughter who wears her black hair in a practical, short cut. Adrian finally finds love in 2009 with a police detective, Scott Hewlett, whom she meets when he arrests her conman fiancé, Edward Covice. Hewlett falls hardest first and proposes to Adrian, who only after he is wounded in action. Mary assists in her wedding planning which is marred by her best friend who thinks Scott is socially beneath her. 12/96-1/97, x/xx-x/xx, 3/00-4/00 … 11/06, 2/07, 2/09-5/09, 8/09-11/09, 10/10-1/11.

Minerva “Minnie” Monroe. A gun-touting, tough talking older woman, Monroe comes into Mary’s orbit when Minnie is treated in the emergency room by Drew Cory and he calls his father, Minnie’s regular doctor, while he’s on a date with Mary. Willow and Peter Whitlock come to live at her ranch and their two twins are born there. Minnie next becomes ensnarled with a state attorney named Sylvia Kenwood who challenges her plans for a planned community based on environmental concerns. Minnie is ready to take up her rifle against the tree-huggers, though the two ultimately become fast friends. 12/96, 4/97-7/97, x/xx-x/xx, 11/98-12/98, 7/00-4/01.

Alexa Bennett. Investigative reporter who explores the background of Alan Fulton, a judge running for political office. Fulton turns out to be the father Alexa believed abandoned her and her mother. 7/97-2/98.

Forrest “Woody” Hills. When he first appears, Woody is a graduate student in psychology who pretends to be interested in Liz Hoag at the behest of Dawn Weston to prevent her from making Dawn’s father a fourth husband. After graduating and becoming a professor, Woody and Dawn begin to date but his temper and then his history of severe mental illness ultimately derail their romance. His sister Bev, who helped Dawn and Woody in their first scheme, takes Woody back home to reside in the safety of their wealthy paper mill mogul family. 9/01-6/02, 6/03-2/04.

Iris Beedie. Originally a writing student of Cameron’s, Iris is invited by her professor to attend a party at Charterstone and she moves into apartment 2-A shortly thereafter. She soon strikes up a romance with Wilbur Weston, but Tommy, her drug-addicted son causes her and other residents significant stress. Wilbur helps her through these stressful times and two begin dating off and on. She ultimately ends her relationship with Wilbur off panel in 2013 and moves out of Charterstone to be closer to her son who has only recently been released from prison. 6/04-11/04, 10/06-11/06, 3/10, 3/11, x/14-.

Ella Byrd. 90-year old resident of Charterstone who gives Mary a run for her money as the complex’s best advice giver. Ella appears to have a near psychic sense about people and urges Mary to heed her troubled dreams about Jeff Cory who is then overseas. Ella leaves the complex to her a younger relative. 10/06-12/06, 2/07-3/07.

Vera Shields. Reclusive young woman who comes from wealth but now finds herself needing to work. She is ultimately reconciled with her brother, Von, with whom she had struggled for their father’s affections before he died. Vera is subsequently romanced by Drew Cory, not knowing he has also been dating Dawn Weston. Her ultimate rejection of Drew for a new beau send the handsome physician into a crisis of confidence and conscience. 3/07-10/07, 1/08-2/08.

Scott Hewlett. Handsome, blond-haired police detective who successfully woos physician Adrian Cory after arresting her then current fiancé for fraud. Scott is badly injured during a drug bust in 2009, but ultimately recovers and marries Adrian. 4/09-5/09, 8/09-11/09, 11/10-1/11.

Dr. Mike Roberts. Handsome, middle-aged psychiatrist and a professional associate of the Cory family. Mary sets him up on a blind date with a financial planner named Jenna Thomas, a new friend living at the Charterstone complex. 6/10-9/10.

Ken Kensington. 11/13-x/14.
Notable Adversaries:

Aldo Kelrast. Senior who had lost his wife and becomes obsessed with Mary after she shows him some kindness. A heavy drinker, he dies when he accidentally drives his car off a cliff. Aldo’s sinister intentions were contrasted with his benign appearance which some have said resembled Captain Kangaroo. 7/06-9/06.

Angel Varden. Selfish actress who pursues her own desires often at the cost of others’ and ultimately her own happiness. She and Brick fight for the same man in her final appearance. Years later, in 1969, Mary’s path crosses Angel’s again when it emerges that Anne Crawford is an old classmate of Angel’s. The aging starlet remains as temperamental and self-absorbed as ever. 10/41-1/42, 10/42-1/43, 10/48-2/49, 2/69-x/69.

Colonel Canfield. Con man and card shark who romances Mary. 1/42-3/42.

Corabelle Berkey. Pleasingly plump, grandmotherly figure who offers to clean the apartments of her fellow Charterstone residents at an extremely reasonable price. Only Mary is suspicious of her overly sweet bromides. It emerges that Corabelle is actually a con woman who uses her access to others’ homes to gain access to computer passwords and ultimately to embezzle thousands of dollars from Cameron, Toby, Wilbur and other residents until she is apprehended by the police. The anti-Mary Worth? 9/94-2/95.

Dudley Ford. Self-professed computer genius and ladies’ man, “Dud” seemingly befriends his neighbors in Charterstone, all the while engaging in identity theft and ultimately infecting the military’s computer system with a destructive virus. In the process, Dawn Weston becomes infatuated with his confidence and muscular physique, but is disillusioned when he beats up her boyfriend, Sammy.The war-hating son of a brigadier general, Ford boasts he will never see jail time because he did the military a service by exposing its weaknesses and he will plea bargain in exchange for explaining to them how he did it. 4/98-11/98.

Edward Covice. Posing as Ted Confey, Covice scams Adrian Cory, becoming engaged to her only to claim financial reversals and a need for some financial assistance. Covice confirms Jeff Cory’s suspicions, turning out to be a bigamist. Dark-haired with a trim mustache, Covice had conned several women in the past. He was ultimately arrested and charged with “fraud, bigamy, forgery, (and) tampering with public records.” 2/09-4/09.

Edwin Penwhistle. Homocidal conman who romances wealthy women, marries them and then kills them for the life insurance policy he takes out on them. Mary almost falls into his trap but his warned of Penwhistle’s evil intentions by the police just in time.

Elizabeth “Liz” Hoag. Toby’s manipulative, thrice married older sister who regularly insults Cameron’s age and weight. Cameron and Dawn join forces to prevent the dark-haired siren from seducing a clueless Wilbur Weston. 4/01-6/02.
Goldie Diggs. Beautiful black-haired con woman and “widow” interested in Bill for a recently acquired fortune. After Bill marries her, Goldie’s husband is revealed to be still alive and in on the plot. 6/37-8/37.

Meg Chester. AKA Second Story Maggie, an English conwoman who attempts to romance and ultimately defraud Drew Cory out of five thousand dollars, all the while successfully robbing wealthy residents of precious jewels. Her “father”, Terry Chester, posing as a butler to a wealthy family, turns out to actually be her husband. 12/99-5/00.

Mr. Craftee. A corrupt businessman, Craftee tricks Mary out of her land, which had a rich reserve of oil in it. 2/35.

Mr. Looter. Politically connected criminal businessman who frames Mary for selling illegal goods and sees her arrested, her apple business appearing to be a cover. Even her former friendship with the mayor is not enough to save her. 1936.

Nora Wolvenson. Ambitious career woman who is willing to have a questionable relationship with her boss and lie about a male rival to get ahead. In general, her behavior strains her friendship with fellow Charterstone resident Mary Worth. Nora ultimately sees the error in her ways and gives up her position as vice president in the company. 1/12-4/12.

The River Gang. Waterfront criminals Dennie assists the police in rounding up. 1936.

Tommy Beedie. When Tommy is released from prison after serving time for drug possession, he returns to live with his mother, Iris Beedie, causing trouble for her blossoming romance with Wilbur Weston. Iris is shocked when her son is arrested for dealing meth and nearly causing a fatal overdose in a fellow student. In 2006, Tommy is visited by his estranged mother in prison, where he displays an improved attitude and informs he has found religion. In July 2013, Wilbur informs Mary that Tommy has been released from prison and his mother has moved out of Santa Royale to be closer to his halfway house. 8/04-11/04, 11/06, (ref 7/13), x/14-.
Long Newspaper Runs:

Comic Book Reprints:

Active: 1932-2014+

Writers: Martha Orr, Alan Saunders, John Saunders x/79-1/04, Karen Moy 1/04-14+

Artists: Martha Orr, Kenneth Ernst, Joe Giella

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Minnie Mouse.

Pluto. Mickey’s dog. 7/31-

Clarabell Cow. 11/31-1/32, 4/40-8/40,

Dippy Dawg/Goofy. 10/33-

Uncle Mortimer. Minnie’s uncle who owns a ranch out West. 1/33-6/33s, 4/34-7/34d, 5/37-10/37s.

Donald Duck. 2/35s, c3/35d.

Dr. Einmug.

Eega Beeva 9/47-7/50.
Notable Adversaries:

The Bat. The masked villain is revealed to be Don Juilio. 5/34-7/34.

Dr. Vultur. 10/35-1/36.

Eli Squinch. 8/34-10/34, 6/35-9/35.

The Iron Mask. Overthrows the dictator of Mousepotamia with the help of Cinderalla’s rodent friends, Gus and Jaq. 7/50-10/50.

Peg-Leg Pete. Initially a henchman of Sylvester Shyster and later an associate of Eli Squinch, Peg-Leg Pete schemes independently from 1935 on and becomes Mickey’s arch villain. 4/30-x/30, 1/32-5/32, c5/32-11/32, c2/33-6/33, c10/34-12/34, 6/35-9/35d, 8/35-11/35s, c3/36-8/36, 12/36-4/37, c4/40-8/40, 10/41-1/42, c7/43-10/43, c8/44-11/44, c1/49-3/49, c4/52-c10/52,

The Phantom Blot. 6/39-9/39.

Sylvester Shyster. c4/30-9/30, 1/32-5/32, c5/32-11/32, c2/33-6/33, c10/34-12/34, 10/41-1/42, c10/42-1/42, c1950.


Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Francine. Marla’s maid and later Darron’s nanny.

Cappy. Marla’s loyal doorman.

Peri-Purr. Marla’s pet long-haired white cat. Fiercely loyal, Peri-Purr will attach someone who is threatening Marla.

Dan Carey. Two-fisted New York detective who knows Marla’s secret but never lets on that he knows. By 1943, Carey is a Marine and later a captain. 4/41-7/43, x/44- 8/44, 7/46-12/46, 6/49-8/49, x/50

Gary Hale. Marla’s fiancé who is tricked into marrying the Baroness. Later joins the American Air Corps. A jealous Dr. Dimon arranges for a lethal plane crash. x/xx-x/42, 5/44-8/44.

Era. A Brazilian dancer who leads a group of guerilla fighters against General Bruno. c7/42, early/44, 12/46-4/47…

Albino Joe. Equally at ease half naked in a loincloth or an elegantly tailored suit, the muscular Albino Joe is a Brazilian Indian who was educated as a criminologist at Harvard. A friend to both Dan Carey and Marla. 1942, 5/45-4/47

Fingers” Martin. Former shady customer gone straight, most visually notable for his unibrow, Martin holds great affection and loyalty for Marla. c7/42-c7/43, 5/44-6/44, 1/46-5/46.

Darron, aka Gary Hale, Jr. The child of Hale and the Baroness, his father doesn’t know of his existence and his mother is disinterested in raising him. As such he is dispassionately raised by Dr. Saraf as the only parent he has ever really known. He is ultimately adopted by Marla. 10/44-
Notable Adversaries:

Baroness Erica Von Kampf. A swastika branded on her forehead, despite plastic surgery, reappears when she is stressed. 5/41-x/41, x/42-4/42, x/44-12/44, 3/49-5/49.

Dr. Dimon Saraf. Handsome Portuguese discredited physician who has had alliance with both the Nazis and General Bruno. He is obsessively in love with the Baroness and has served as the only parent Gary Hale, Jr. ever knew prior to his adoption. Inventor of flesh-eating acid he was willing to use on his foster son to obtain his inheritance. 6/44-3/45.

Edred Alaric Thebold and Karlun Karvun. Handsome and jaded young men actually some two hundred years old. 12/46-6/47.

General Bruno. Bruno soon loses an arm but none of his fierce cunning. 5/41-x/41, 5/42-x/42, c5/43-c6/43, x/44-4/44, 7/47-9/47, 3/49-6/49, 9/49-x/50, x/51.

Whiffy, aka Monsieur Charles Villon. Known by his gangster associates as Whiffy, due to his excessive use of perfume, this effete, overweight figure deals in smuggled jewels and valuable paintings stolen and smuggled out of Germany during the final months of its regime. He insists on his upscale associates calling him Sharles, noting French has no ugly “ch” sounds in its language. Villon is portrayed as queer and escaped both Nazi and Allied forces in drag and does so again in his conflict with former criminal allies. 6/45-5/46.

Sightings: Chicago Sun, Milwaukee Journal, Tacoma Ledger-News Tribune

Original Chroniclers

Active: 4/6/41-9/7/47, 3/6/49-12/23/51
3.6.49 327
5.29.49 339
8.21.49 351

MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Jack Lane. Insurance investigator and Myra’s boy friend. 2/36-x/xx.

Lew Wen. Secret agent of the Chinese government and associate of Lane and Myra. 3/36-12/36…

Fenlin. Bald, gaunt, and mute, Fenlin’s face is frozen in a permanent eerie expression. He dresses in a sinister black overcoat. hat and dark sun-glasses. Myra only later learns that his expression is the result an inadequate plastic surgery after his face . Though emaciated, Fenlin is nonetheless physically powerful. 9/36-11/36


Dr. Jim Jason. Physician and initially a rival of Lane’s for Myra’s affection, he later saves Lane’s life and falls in love with a daughter of a millionaire named Kay Arnold. x/37-x/37, 1/38-3/38d.
Notable Adversaries:

2X. Attempting the murder of a Major Gilder, the mysterious 2X turns out to be the wealthy actor Val Eliford. 11/38-1/39d.

Evil Eye. Aka, the Professor, posing as a conjurer hiding in the woods, he is actually a criminal named “Doc” Mestal. He wears a black fez, and glasses, one pitch black, the other clear. Locals believe his glance can cause bad luck.3/38-5/38d.

Hyster. 2/36-8/36d, 12/36-x/37d, Crackajack Funnies 29..

The Invisible Man. Crackajack Funnies 30-33.

Number One. Masked mastermind who secretly is Eric Cardell. He is assisted by the lovely but deadly Tania. 6/38-8/38d.

Professor Zero. See Red Ryder 3, Crackajack Funnies 29.

The Spider. “A mercenary aviator for several warring nations, an international trouble maker, a ‘bad man with out a country.’” The Spider appears to be a Mexican descent, sporting a five o’clock shadow and Western-style kerchief. He pilots a jet black plane called the Bullet and most recently has focused on air thefts. 9/38-10/38d.

Original Chroniclers

Active: Dailies 2/10/36-3/25/39, Sundays 6/12/36-8/31/41

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Originally located in India, the nation of Bangala inexplicably is said to be located in Africa by the 1960s. The Phantom marries Diana Palmer in late 1977 or early 1978, with Diana giving birth to twins in June, 1979.
Friends and Allies:

Diana Palmer. An adventuress and heiress whose money is about to run out, due to her charitable efforts on behalf of a children’s hospital her father started. She and the Phantom immediately take to one another, though aren’t married until 1977. In the 1970s, Diana begins to work for the United Nations. 2/36-present.

Guran. Chief of the Bandar Pygmies.

The Girl Phantom. Julie Walker, twin sister of the Phantom of 1870, adopts when the guise of the Ghost who Walks when her brother isn’t available. She appears in subsequent comic books but not the comic strip. 7/52-10/52s.

Rex King. An infant foundling on the doorstep of two missionaries who soon died, the boy was rescued, nurtured and subsequently raised by the Phantom. He was given the name of Rex King because there was something royal in his appearance. In 1969, it was discovered that Rex was actually the lost heir of a kingdom named Baronkhan located in the Misty Mountains. 5/66-11/66s, 1/68-5/68d, x/69-10/69d, 1/82-9/82d, 2/89-8/89d, 12/96-3/97d, 4/05-9/05s.

Kit and Heloise. The Phantom and Diana’s twins, born on June 5th, 1979.

The Jungle Patrol. Led by Colonel Worabu, the Jungle Patrol is a quasi official militia formed by the Phantom out of a band of pirates he defeated in 1952. Now the Jungle Patrol is replenished by recruiting new members from thousands of applicants. The Colonel receives his orders from “the Unknown Commander,” who is actually the Phantom.

Dr. Bjorn Axel. In 1955, a white physician came to Bangalla during colonial rule to start a jungle hospital but finds no support with its white rulers. In the middle of the night, he summoned to come into the jungle where he delivers the infant who will grow up to be the 21st Phantom. The thankful Phantom promises to provide funding for Axel’s hospital thereafter. 6/90-10/90.

President Luaga. Luaga first came to the attention of the Phantom in 1962 when he helped Diana in her capacity as a nurse with an epidemic that was spreading through his people in Bangalla. Later that year he ran for (and won) the new office of president of his country. He has a named . Luaga is formidable in almost every aspect of his person: “a scientist, scholar and althlete with a 10th degree black belt in karate. His political rival is the corrupt and unscrupulous Colonel General Bababu.

Old Man Mozz. Elder of the Bandar tribe, Mozz is the storyteller and keeper of wisdom of his people.

Devil. Offspring of a fierce wolfpack leader named Stan, Devil is the Phantom’s pet wolf.

Hero. Phantom’s white stallion, adopted by the Phantom as his steed in 1965.

Mandrake. Attends the wedding of the Phantom in 1977/78. The Phantom shows up at Mandrake’s nuptials a few years later.

Notable Adversaries:

Babo Bababu. Ambitious and unscrupulous general of the Bangalla army, Bababu first came to the attention of the Phantom when he ran a corrupt electoral campaign against the worthy Luaga. Frequently sent into exile for his illegal activities, Bababu frequently returns, often in cahoots with another overreaching political leader in the region. Bababu is portrayed as overweight and prone to shortcuts, the opposite of the extremely fit and accomplished Luaga in every way. Much to his chagrin, Bababu’s daughter Lila falls in love with and marries Luaga’s on Lon. 10/62-1/63d, 5/68-7/68d, 9/79-2/80d, 12/84-5/85d, 7/86-4/87d. c/91s, 12/94-9/95s.

Captain Amazon. A formidable pirate queen.

The Countess. The first leader of the Sky Band, a group of female aviators and air pirates. Intrigued by the Phantom’s prowess, the blonde Countess ultimately falls for him, though never relinquishes her evil plans. She ultimately takes poison rather than be captured. 1/37-3/37.

Danglor. Internationally renown bank robber. 1/57-4/57s.

Eric Sahara. Aka, the Nomad. c3/11-9/11s, 9/11-4/12s.

General Tara. Sadistic tyrant of the kingdom of Tarakimo. More than willing to torture his enemies if its suits his purpose. Tara is white.8/77-10/77d, 4/78-9/78.

Gooroo. The villain behind G’s Jungle Muggers and the Return of G’s mob. 11/80-4/81d, 9/81-1/82d.

Hydra. Evil organization. Later appears in Fantomen comic books in . 7/68-10/68.

The Python. Wambesi terrorist and murderer, Chatu, aka the Python, is willing to go to any lengths, including releasing the ebola virus on innocent populations, to achieve his ends. His most personally insidious plot involves faking Diana’s death to demoralize the Phantom. Well-built, Chatu is bald and wears army fatigues. He has emerged as the 21sts Phantom’s arch enemy. 4/03-9/03s, 5/06-9/06d, 9/08-12/08d, 8/09-12/09d, 12/10-5/11d, 3/11-9/11s.

Rune Noble. Head of Shadow Security, a group of mercenaries hired to kill the Phantom. c3/11-9/11s, 9/11-4/12s.

Sala and the Sky Band. Sala, a dangerous beauty with short dark hair, is first seen as the apparent paramour of Kabai Singh. It later emerges she is only spying on the Brotherhood for the Sky Band, a rival piracy group. When next seen, Sala is working for the Baroness, head of the all-female aviators. After the death of the Baroness, Sala emerges as the leader of the Sky Band who do battle with the Phantom one more time. From the beginning, Sala is romantically drawn to the Phantom. 6/36-11/36d, 1/37-3/37d, 3/41-2/42s.

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