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The Singh Brotherhood. Prince Achmed Singh is the first agent of the brotherhood to encounter the 21st Phantom. Shortly thereafter he reports to his uncle Kabai Singh. 3/36-11/36d, 2/54-6/54s, 12/94-4/95d, 7/01-11/01d, 9/07-3/08s..

The Thuggees. 8/49-2/50ds, 5/90-8/91s.

The Vultures. Evil group who have been the enemies of the Phantoms since the sixth incaraton. Later appears in Fantomen comic books in . 7/71-11/71.d

The Witchmen. The Witchmen attack Dr. Axel because his “evil medicine” reduces the people’s belief and fear in them. 8/55-10/55d, 10/59-1/60d, (led by a masked Hougan) 1/72-4/72d, 7/90-10/90.

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:

Origin: When King Aquar is driven out of Thune by the tyrant Sligon, he takes his wife and young son to Britain for refuge. There, Prince Valiant grows into a hot-tempered young man who challenges the squire of a knight in battle. Endearing himself to the knights of the Round Table, Val is taken under Sir Gawain’s wing.



Modus Operandi: Valiant is made a knight by King Arthur after he… Val marries Aleta in the 2/10/46 installment of the narrative.

Aguar. Val’s father, king of Thune. 2/37-4/37, 11/38-4/39, intermittently thereafter.

Aleta. Queen of the Misty Isles and later, Val’s wife, Aleta is first seen by Val in a dream suggesting some enchantment is at work. 2/41-12/41. c8/44-

Helene. Aleta’s younger sister. c1/54-4/54, 5/76-10/76.

Arn. Eldest son of Val and Aleta. Falls in love with and marries Maeve. First seen as a babe, 8/47.

Karen. Twin daughter of Val and Aleta. Falls in love with and marries Vanni. First seen in the narrative, 10/51.

Valeta. Twin daughter of Val and Aleta. First seen in the narrative, 10/51.

Galan. Middle son of Val and Aleta. In January, 1961 of the narrative, Galan is born and that April is christened. 11/74-12/74, -11/04.

Nathan. Youngest son of Val and Aleta. With 2001, Nathan—though still just a boy—becomes his father’s squire and they share an extended adventure together. 9/95-10/95, 11/04-
Friends and Allies:

Sir Launcelot. The first knight that Val meets who inspires him to become a knight. Launcelot’s love for Guinevere is only alluded to in 19xx in the narrative. 5/37, 10/38, 1/39, others.

Sir Gawain. Womanizing knight and Valiant’s mentor, the two share many adventures together in Val’s younger years. 5/37-11/37, 2/38-3/38, 10/39, 12/39, 5/40-11/40, others.

King Arthur. 6/37-

Guinevere. 6/37-

Merlin. Full name, Merlin Ambroseus. Merlin is last seen for decades being led into limbo by Nimue. He is seen briefly many years later, blind and infirm, revealing… 6/37-12/58, 12/83.

Ilene. Val’s first love who dies in a shipwreck. 10/37-11/37, 2/38, 7/38-8/38.

Prince Arn of Ord. A rival for Maid Ilene’s affections, Arn ends up giving Val his Singing Sword. 5/38-9/38, 12/48-1/49..

Sir Tristam. Knight of the roundtable and one of Valiant’s early battle companions along with Gawain, most notably against the Huns. He leaves his friends to reunite with the unavailable Isolde. Val and Gawain seek him out years later, only to learn he has been murdered by Isolde’s jealous husband. 10/38, 1//39, 10/39, 12/39, 5/40-11/40, 5/44-6/44.

Sir Kay. 1/39, others.

Slith. Youthful thief who is befriended by Valiant after Slith unsuccessfully attempts to rob him. Slith is loyal and charming in his way, falling in love with and ultimately marrying the messenger, Hulta. 7/39-10/39, 2/40-4/40.

Hulta. “Male” messenger who turns out to be a beautiful, golden-haired woman in disguise. It emerges that she is the daughter of a warrior, the only survivor of a tribe wiped out by the Huns. She adopted male dress to join Valiant’s group to achieve vengeance on the Huns. Once revealed as a girl, she is able to pursue her attraction to Slith. 12/39-4/40.

Boltar. Overweight, feisty Viking pirate who becomes a fast friend of Val’s, described as “a lovable old scoundrel.” Boltar shares many seafaring adventures with Valiant. He marries Aleta’s Native American handmaiden, Tillicum in 1952. 12/41-3/42, 8/42, … 12/49-3/50, 11/51-2/52, 10/52-11/52, 8/60-.

Gundar Hal. A crippled ship builder. 1/44, 1/47-4/48, 3/56-5/56, 8/60-x/xx, others.

Katwin. Tall, red-haired woman of formidable prowess who Val and Aleta meet outside of Paris and hire as her hand maid and to watches over the children as a governess. She leaves Val and Aleta’s family when she marries Captain Helge Hakkon, who loses an arm in his rescue of his beloved. 4/46-2/69.

Tillicum. Native American nurse to Aleta’s children, first cares for Arn. 8/47, scattered appearances thereafter. She marries Boltar in 1952. 11/51-2/52, 10/52-11/52.

Geoffrey. Overly bold adolescent is adopted by the round table knights and becomes a squire. In later years, he will become the historian of Val’s heroic deeds and righteous rule. 6/49-1/50, 12/74-1/75

Rufus Regan. x/50, 4/52-8/52

Alfred. A “merry steward” who is devoted to a white knight named Sir William Vernon of Lydney but who accompanies Valiant for some time. 11/56-10/57.

Helge Hakkon. 9/68-2/69.

Lydia. Daughter of Haakon the Sea Rover who becomes Arn’s fiancée. Lydia tragically dies in a snow slide. c4/73-11/78.

Hatha. The son of Tillicum and Boltar, first seen as an infant 3/53. Later appears as a young Viking who attacks Val and his family, not knowing who they are. 12/72-3/73.

The Wanderer. Mysterious female figure who appears to various individuals and makes prophecies In 1980, the narrative reveals the Wanderer’s beauty was locked away in a casket by a wizard because as a young woman she had mocked a lad who was in love with her. 1/81-3/81, …2/90, 3/91, 9/95, 8/97…

Maeve. A beautiful huntress that Arn encounters after being cast adrift. The two fall in love and ultimately marry, though their romance is complicated by the discovery that Maeve’s father is actually Modred. The two are finally married on Valentine’s Day (1987 in the narrative. Arthur declares their first child shall be heir to his throne. 8/81, 11/81, x/86-2/87.

Yuan Chen. Poor Chinese scholars whose travels take him to Camelot where he becomes Galan’s teacher. 8/82-10/82, 3/87-7/88, 2/89-c3/89, c2/01-3/03.

Vanni. An Italian young man, Giovanni or Vanni for short rescues Karen disguised as a boy. This is the beginning of a romance between the two. Yanni searches for his father, who turns out to be Prester John. Vanni flees China to escape an arranged marriage to a Chinese princess. As told in 1991, Karen and Vanni are finally reunited and agree to marry. 11/88-2/89, c3/89-7/89, 3/91-6/91, and regularly thereafter. There marriage finally takes place in the narrative in January, 1994.

Hildegarde. Wandering physician trained in Sicily is a extremely skilled healer and becomes a key ally of Camelot. 6/91-8/91 …12/93-1/94, 4/03

Cormac. High priest of the Druids, Mordred’s son, Cormac knows both Roman and barbaric martial skills. For all of that, he’s rather shy. As told in October, 1992, Cormac realizes his true parentage to his great distress. 12/91-x/xx.



Skymir. Dark-bearded, Norse chieftain who initially holds Val and Nathan hostage but soon becomes their fierce ally. After Val and he help Makeda regain her throne, he stays in Ab’Saba, seeking a life of ease. 12/05-6/08.

Makeda. African princess of the wealthy and highly developed kingdom of Ab’Saba. 9/06-6/08.
Notable Adversaries:

Alaric. Political leader and behind the scenes manipulator of much that happens in medieval Europe. Even Modred is said to fear him. Alaric appears to meet his end when he is down to his last ally, his blindly subservient Slug, whom he proceeds to insult. Slug cuts a rope, seeing to an apparently fatal fall, then cuts his own rope to show his “loyalty” to his master. Alaric manages to escape even this seemingly certain death, returning to… c5/92-9/92, c11/92-12/92, c5/93, 5/94-9/94, 11/96-c7/97.

Ajax. A villainous steward planted years ago in Queen Aleta’s court to undermine it. Ajax does this by feeding information to raiding pirates. It emerges only with his exposure that he has been serving the Emperor Justinian all along. 10/94-12/94.

Angor Wrack. White-haired pirate and so-called “sea king.” Angor attempts to steal Valiant’s singing sword and temporarily succeeds in making him a galley slave on his ship. The two ultimately become friends. 1/41-10/41.

Attila the Hun. After seeing to the sacking of Rome, Attila meets his death in battle with Valiant and his allies. The menace of his Huns, however, persists. 5/39-7/39.

Brogut. Bald Pict warrior with a circular facial tattoo and scar hailing from the Raven Clan, Brogut also is missing a hand. Even though Val rescues him, Brogut ultimately betrays him in hopes of securing a dragon’s heart all for himself. 1/05-10/05.

The Daughter of D . Is this beautiful dark-haired maniac an actual vampire or simply mad? All anyone knows is that she appears to die in the fire she set to consume her enemies. x/42-x/42.

Dionseus. The cowardly and treacherous husband of Aleta’s sister, Helene. c1/54-4/54, 5/76-c7/76.

El Muluk, the Vulture. Barbary coast villain who abducts Aleta and the twins and takes them to his castle harem. c10/68-11/68.

Emperor Justinian. Justinian’s reemergence as a threat is presaged by the activities of the spy, Ajax, that he planted in Queen Aleta’s court. He is driven to reckless and evil action by the death of his beloved wife, Theodora, and is only dissuaded from taking action against Camelot when Valiant summons her ghost to speak to him from beyond the grave. 9/81-11/82, 12/94-3/95, (1/01-6/02), 3/03.

Emperor Valentinian III. Roman leader during its period of declined, described as behaving “like a bloated, poisonous toad,” which fit both his character and his appearance. 9/40-10/40.

Guy Haakon. c1/42-x/42.

Horridus. Barbarian leader who takes Aleta captive and seeks to isolate Camelot from any trade with other European powers. Horridus uses guile and terror as his two most effective tools. 8/03-5/04.

Horrit. Ugly old witch who prophesizes that Valiant will have many adventures but never find true peace. 3/37-4/37, 11/38.

Kalla Khan. Little seen leader of the Huns. He appears to have been Atilla’s leader and set Karnak the Ferocious on Valiant’s trail. 10/39, 3/40.

Modred. In July, 1991, Modred is portrayed to sneaking into Camelot to see the christening of his granddaughter Ingrid, Maeve’s child. As told in 1993, Modred meets his son Cormac for the first time and attempts to corrupt him. 1/39 (not as villain), 10/46, 9/56-10/56, 8/63-10/63, 11/64, 6/66-10/66, 11/67, 6/80-8/80, 4/81-7/81, 7/84-11/84, 9/85-10/86, 9/89, 12/89-1/90, 6/91-7/91, 8/92-9/92(fb), 12/92-c4/93.

Morgana LeFay. Dark-haired sorceress who is the of Arthur. 3/38-4/38, 9/70-10/70.

Piscaro. Elegantly dressed despot whom Valiant overthrows. 11/39-12/39.

Sherif Ben El Rasch. c5/54-9/54.

Sligon. The once vigorous chieftain who drove Aguar and his family out of Thune and ruled in his place. By the time Aguar is able to muster King Arthur’s forces on his behalf, Sligon has become sick in body and in mind and voluntarily abdicates rather than face Aquar in battle. He leaves his wife and daughter behind as he goes into exile. 2/39.

Tourien. Rival king of Cornwall. 7/48-11/48.


Hal Foster. 1-1788.

John Cullen Murphy. 1760-3502. x/71- -

Mark Schultz. (w) 11/04-

Gary Gianni. 3503-pr. 3/04-


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Little Beaver.

The Duchess. Red’s aunt and owner of a ranch in Painted Valley, the Duchess is tough talking and soft-hearted, has broad shouldered and perpetually wear pants.

Sheriff Newt.

Beth Wilder. Black-haired beauty and local romantic interest for Red.

Po-ko. Navajo girl and same-age friend to Little Beaver.

White Fawn. Lovely Indian maiden who agrees to rescue Ryder from her tribe in exchange for him marrying her. When her grandfather, the chief, attempts to stop the wedding, she agrees to return to her people if she can choose her own brave for a husband. While Ryder feels trapped into the marriage, he looks oddly wistful when she leaves him at the altar. 1939. Reprinted in Crackajack Funnies 18-19.

Denver Donnelly. Feisty and haughty, but ultimately good-hearted red-haired daughter of a local rancher, sparks fly but nothing comes from the attraction Ryder and she share. 1942. Reprinted in Red Ryder 24-25.
Notable Adversaries:

Ace Hanlon. 11/38-39, c8+/40, 1941, 11/50-c1/52, others. Reprinted in Crackajack Funnies 9-12, 14-15, 30- , Red Ryder 34-35.

Banjo Bill.

Donna Ringo.

One-Eye. One-eyed outlaw who teamed with Ace Hanlon, after the two escaped from prison together. Hanlon let One-Eye take the fall for him and escaped without helping his so-called ally. 194xx, 1941. Reprinted in Red Ryder 34-35.

Stella Stair. 1944. Reprinted in Red Ryder 36-37.

Threefinger. Wanted outlaw adopts the identity of a dead U.S. marshal and becomes sheriff of a town on the look out for him. He is ultimately betrayed my his previously corrupt sister, Rose. 4/40-6/40.

Werewolf of Wolf Creek Canyon. Facially disfigured killer of “superhuman strength,” the wolf’s head-wearing madman lost his mind when half of his face was shot off. who wears a wolf’s head mask. Ryder rescues his wife, after he kidnapped her. 9/39-11/39.

Yaqui Joe. Mexican leader of a gang of killers who terrorize border ranches. 8/39-9/39.

Original Chroniclers

Active: 11/6/38-12/26/64?, dailies 3/27/39-12/26/64


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Rex proposes to June in March 1995 after an adventure in which he is stuck in boonies for a matter of weeks and which helps him realize his priorities. The two are married in late 1996 and June gives birth to their daughter Sarah in the Spring of 2000. June realizes she’s pregnant with their second child in April 2013. .
Friends, Relatives and Allies:

June Gale. Morgan’s nurse and long-suffering romantic interest.

Sarah Morgan. Rex and June’s daughter.

Karen . Attractive, wealthy widow with a daughter, Heidi, who has cerebral palsy. Initially interested in Rex but ends up with Cory. c10/54-2/55.

Cory . Handsome suitor of June’s who suffers from epilepsy. He had a long-standing friendship with Karen and ends up proposing to her instead. 11/54-2/55.

Melissa Claridge. 5/78, 1/00-6/00, 11/01-5/02, 8/12, 2/13, others.

Dr. Keith Cavell. Globe-trotting surgeon whose restless spirit has led him to provide medical services from Africa to Vietnam. Cavell is also an inveterate womanizer, falling hardest for Ginny, a nurse at Morgan’s office. Cavell fills in for Brice Adam during his leave in 1978. …11/62-3/63, 5/65-8/65, 7/68-11/68, 5/75-11/75, 9/78-2/79, others, x/93-11/93, 7/94-1/95, others?

Ginny. Pretty, 23-year old blonde nurse who fills in for June during a leave of absence. Keith Cavell falls in love with her and proposes marriage. Ginny leaves Morgan’s practice to care for her ill mother. 7/68-11/68, x/xx.

Brice Adam. Handsome young, brown-haired doctor who joins Morgan’s practice, he is more impetuous than his older colleague. c7/70-8/77…9/78?

Heidi Claridge. Melissa’s nieces, an attractive young woman who is also a compulsive liar. The extent of her deceptions leads her aunt to slap her across the face. x/71-11/71.

Connie Bell. Young nurse hired to assist June in Morgan’s office, but clearly infatuated with her boss. 5/78-9/78.

Dr. Rita Carson. Attractive psychiatrist who is romanced by Keith, hiding the fact of her epilepsy from him for fear of rejection. The two ultimately become engaged, but she wants to wait to get married. 9/78-2/79.

Berna Holt. Sixty-something woman who decides to revitalize her life by going back to work as Rex and June’s office manager and also to finish her college degree after over forty years. The latter sets her into conflict with Dr. Cavell who doesn’t approve of her resulting irregular hours. Berna becomes a reliable figure in the lives of Rex and June, attending their wedding and seeing to it that Melissa doesn’t intervene with June during the delivery of her daughter. 11/93-pr

Dexter Holt. Sixty-something brother of Berna, who is far less ambitious than his sister. She encourages him to take a cooking class, and June has Rex join him. 11/93-6/94, x/xx-x/xx, sporadic thereafter.

Chef Tito. Noted chef who teaches cooking classes as his financial situation worsens. He He ultimately becomes romantically involved with Berna Holt. x/93-x/94, 5/01, others.

Becka Hanson. Rex’s nurse. Storyline hinting at her uncertain marriage with physician Peter is told in 2009. c12/95-x/96, x/xx-x/xx, 9/99-1/00, 6/09-12/09.

Peter Hanson. Handsome young doctor beginning his residency and husband to Becka. Peter is accused of sexual harassment when first seen in the narrative. c12/95-x/96, x/xx-x/xx, 6/09-12/09.

Heather Gray Avery. Sarah’s nanny. 3/00-8/00, 11/02, 2/03-3/03

Milton Avery. 6/03-9/03, x/xx-x/xx, 8/07-9/07, 4/13-x/13.

Niki. Niki is a tow-haired teen-ager who first appears in the narrative snatching June’s purse. It soon emerges he is a likeable young man whose mother is a meth addict and is part of a meth lab. Niki stays with the Morgans while his mother gets drug treatment and Sarah develops a crush on him. Rex begins going on camping trips with Niki through the Big Brother program, trips that are always eventful. Niki’s first crush is on Kelly, Summer Knight’s Goth daughter. 9/06-3/07, 7/07, 9/07-3/08, 8/11-12/11.

Brook. June’s younger and feistier cousin. Brook stays with the Morgan and has a tumultuous if engaging relationship with Tony Toots, a young man with a scruffy goatee who is hiding in June’s basement. 12/09-7/10.

Summer Knight. Office associate of Rex and June, interested in electronic medical records. Summer has blonde hair, a ponytail and glasses. She looks younger than her age and has a rebellious teen-age daughter named Kelly. 6/11-x/11.

Junior Claridge. c10/12-2/13.

Honey Combs. Given name, Valerie. Former exotic dancer taking care of another dancer named Delores who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Befriended by Melissa Claridge’s nephew, Junior. 10/12-2/13.
Notable Patients:

Eric and Derek Remington. 2/58-6/58.

Jack Benton. College freshman whose mental stability is hurt by his use of LSD. 11/66-3/67.

Senator Wesley Thorne. A contender for the presidency, Thorne’s abuse of steroids leads to his increasingly erratic temper. He ultimately withdraws his bid for the nomination once he accepts his problem. 2/68-7/68.

Paul Brant. Handsome, blond-haired boxer who some assume is stupid but actually has an undiagnosed 50% hearing loss. His trainer is an older African American man named Roxy. Babs Van Kirk is an attractive young woman who buys his contract. 8/80-x/81.
Notable Antagonists:

Baru. Brains behind schemes to have his henchwoman Shiela marry men and then kill them for their insurance money. c1/53-2/53.

Hugh Avery. Arrogant son of Milton Avery who attempts to take over his father’s corporation when Milton is presumed lost after a plane crash over the Atlantic. Hugh is bitter because he says he only saw his father twice a year, spending the rest of his time in boarding schools. 4/07-9/07.

Karl Lamon. Hitman and former boy friend of Ginny, Morgan’s nurse. Jealous of Ginny’s emerging relationship with Keith, Lamon becomes increasingly dangerous. It is ultimately revealed that he has killed some 27 men, including two of Ginny’s former boy friends. 7/68-11/68.

Landos. Hypnotist who encourages in his clients an unhealthy emotional dependency on him. 12/53-2/54.

Nancy Willobee. Emotionally unstable psychology professor who attempts to seduce Rex, all the while maintaining a contentious relationship with her students. 10/67-2/68.

Nero. Sleazy owner of an adult night club who gets his best dancer, Jeanie Tang, hooked on heroin. 12/63-4/64.

The Professor. Charlatan who pedals bogus cures at high prices. 3/55-5/55.

Roy Jason. Unscrupulous attorney who tells everyone his wife Kay has a drinking problem in order to gain advantage in divorce proceedings. In the meantime, he is having an affair with a younger woman named Denise. He physically abuses both women and ultimately kills and is arrested for the murder of Denise. 2/79-9/79.

Dr. Bernard Van Bean. In actuality Professor Burrigard, a con-man posing as a romance advisor all to set up an elaborate blackmail scheme. 3/63-7/63.

Dr. Sindoo. Foreign-born medical charlatan who provides false hope to family members of the mentally ill, all the while abusing his own psychiatrically disturbed brother. 5/62-7/63.

Spider” Webb. Given name Lonne. Shaved head with the slight suggestion of a Mohawk, Spider is a bad-tempered punk who romances and then attempts to sexually assault Summer Knight’s daughter, Kelly. 7/11-11/11.

Willie Rodell. International playboy and ruthless businessman who initially shows only his softer side to June, whom he hopes to marry. Before all is over, June learns he drove one business associate to suicide and was actively undermining the health of another. (referenced 3/69), 8/69-1/70.


Nolan (a) 6/00-4/14+



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Honey Dorian. Rip’s girl friend.

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