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Dr. Eastland. 9/58-1/59, -4/87d, others.

Saturn Sadie” Sadz. Dark-haired beauty from the planet Gwatara. When Brick first meets Sadie, she is a singer at an interplanetary bar. She becomes his one true love who he is ready to marry at the end of his adventuring in 1987. 1/65-7/65d, 4/82-9/82d, 12/85-4/86d, 4/87-5/87ds, others.

Hoppy. One of Brick’s best friends in his later adventures. 4/71-6/71, others.

Lore. 4/74-8/74d, 12/75-2/76d.

Dr. Pat Perow. Female Time Top research associate of Eastland and Bradford. She is short, with “bowl cut” black hair. -3/87.

Arnaldo. Time Top technician and part of Dr. Eastland’s research team. -3/87.

Jake. Brick’s teen-aged ward, who has no taste for time travel. x/86-3/87.

Notable Adversaries:

Agrippa Abruzzi Brocco. Onetime gangster and smuggler, Brocco sets his sights higher and becomes an international pirate with a secret island base. With an air force of war planes and a well armed submarine, Brocco is very capable of plundering the world, including glamorous gambling resorts, crown jewels and even island nations. x/34-5/35d.

Avil Blue. Tall and balding, with a sinister appearance, Avil Blue is unscrupulous scientist who steals Kalla Kopak’s plans for robot metal men and creates a monstrously large one of his own. Avil keeps the company of his niece, Crystal. 2/39-3/40d.

Enkar. Later villain. 3/69-5/69.

The Eye. A disembodied voice who calls himself the Eye, the villain is actually a criminal geologist. The Eye utilizes heretofore unknown power prisms which hold sufficient power to fuel ambitions of global domination. 7/49-12/49d.

Franz Ego. A rival of Kalla Kopak, Ego stowaways on the Shrinking Sphere in hopes of using its technology to his own ends. He ends up involved in a civil war on a micro planet named Gamma, allying himself with the Hawkmen of Kuru. 2/37-1/38d.

Gable Zane. Corrupt associate of Professor Salisbury, who attempts to steal the riches of the lost South American city of Amaru. To this end, he allies himself with an equally unsavory ally, Hasta Huaraca, king of the neighboring Yaca tribe. 9/33-6/34d.

Grog. Despotic ruler of Luna Land, a secret colony of earthmen who had settled on the moon in the 1800s. 11/44-5/46d.

The Moon Maiden. The beautiful daughter of Seth Wilkins poses as a supernatural siren who only appears at night, all in an effort to keep interlopers off her father’s land and the beautiful lake it surrounds. The Moon Maiden is undone when she herself falls for Brick, who has gone to investigate the phenomenon. 8/51-10/51d.

Temuchin. Lord of the Golden Horde, Temuchin is a descendant of Genghis Khan. He is served by Lord Kalla Kopek who after his defeat becomes an ally of Bradford’s. 4/36-2/37d.
Chroniclers: William Ritt w 33-49; Clarence Gray a 33-57/w 49-57; Frank Norris w/a 52 or 54-87 dailies, 57-87 Sundays

Active: 8/21/33-4/25/87d, 11/34-5/10/87s



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Buck narrates his adventures in the first person.
Friends and Allies:

Wilma Deering. Wilma has two siblings, the highly adventurous Buddy and Sally, a young “girl scout.”

Buddy Deering.


Black Barney.

Dr. Huer.

Lt. Burk.

Princess Illana. Blonde-haired beauty of the Golden People of Mars, considered an insignificant race by the dominant Tiger Men. She is initially drawn to the handsome Lt. Burk but ultimately chooses the heroic Tallan of Jupiter. 1930-

Tallan of Jupiter.

Flame D’Amour. Venusian espionage agent.

Amora of Deos. Captured and tortured by Roachtop. 1939

Admiral Cornplaster. An endearingly comic figure, the blue-skinned Cornplaster nonetheless loses his life in battle. 3/45-12/46(s).

Elthana of Venus. 1/51-10/51(d), 8/57-10/57(d)
Notable Adversaries:

Ardala Valmar. Ardala engineers an escape without Killer Kane and joins the Secret Police, in so doing able to frame Buck when he rejects her advances. 11/30-5/31(d), 1932-33(d), 1956 (d), 3/61-5/61(d), 9/79-11/79, 4/80-6/80, others.

The Asterites. The Asterites are a race of tiny humanoids who evolved into their tiny size and exceptional strength due to the tremendous gravity of their original home, Uranus. They are initially led by the tyrant, Ookad, and later work in uneasy concert with the Tiger Men of Mars. Through trickery, Buck is able to enlist their assistance against the Martians 3/32-11/32(s), 8/32-2/33(d), early/39(d).

Biceps. AKA “the Deadly Dwarf of Space. Villainous dwarf who uses ventriloquism to issue dire threats from a “haunted whirlpool on the planet of Sargasso. He has a spy colleague named Roachtop, both of whom serve Taemwar, the ruler of Sargasso, which uses magnetic power to draw rocket ships to its surface in deadly crashes. 8/39-3/40(d), possible return in 9/53-2/54(d).

Commodore Pounce. Despite his short stature, Pounce is “the greatest combat killer who ever lived,” Pounce is an eccentric Martian who live a remote, skull-topped castle, and has a vulture for a pet. Pounce has a red-plumed, skeletal mask and uniform especially designed for his battle with Rogers. Pounce is assisted by cowering military-men/servants named Klaww, Sabre and Fango. 7/47-8/48(s).

Draconians. Hostile alien force, led by Emperor Draco, ready to invade earth. 9/80-10/80.

Dr. Krock. Krock is a deranged physicist who developed miniature atomic bombs the size of marbles. He wears a polka-dot ascot and his cat sits perpetually on his shoulders. He aspires to become the prime minister of Earth. In his first appearance, he works under “Loot” Logan, who is a corrupt businessman who ran a slave planet of miniature people and seeks to be king of the United Planets. 4/60-7/60(d), others?

Dr. Nameless. Inventive villain. 7/46-12/46(s).

Killer” Kane. After languishing in jail, Kane is finally freed by Ardala after the defeat of the Asterites. He participates in “the Planetoid Plot,” beginning in 1934. He later betrays Earth, working in disguise as Wing Bat Wu, an espionage agent on behalf of the Martian forces. 29-7/29(d), 12/30-5/31(d), 1932(d), 1933(d), 1934-35(d), early/39-7/39(d), 5/46-2/47(d), x/47-7/47(d), 3/61-5/61(d), 9/79-11/79, 4/80-6/80, others.

Modar. Hunchbacked and bald ruler of Saturn, possessing eerie cat-like eyes. Modar is an accomplished scientist who dotes on his equally evil daughter, the beautiful Futura, who hopes to rule Earth once her father conquers it. 12/47-12/48(d).

The Mongols. The Mongol Reds of Gobi Desert, after conquering Asia, crossed the Pacific in their armed dirigibles, using the gravity repellor rays and disintegrator beams to destroy American civilization. At the time of Buck’s arrival, the forces of science and civilization are just starting their effort to regain control after generations of subjection. They are led by the Emperor, complete with a Fu Manchu mustache. 1/29-1/30(d).

Tika of Eldonia. Scheming, aristocratic niece of the Sea Lord of Eldonia, a region of Jupiter. The beautiful Tika desires to marry Buck, while her handsome former lover Viglo, an Eldonian police officer, romantically pursues Wilma. Together they unsuccessfully attempt to hijack Buck’s space ship but Wilma stops them. 11/33-1/34(d).

The Tiger Men of Mars. Toom is the ruthless Martian warlord behind the 1938 invasion of Earth, briefly enlisting the assistance of the Asterites and, more enduringly, that of “Killer” Kane. With the passing years, the Martians cat-like features seem to diminish. 1/30-5/30(d), 12/38-7/39(d), 12/38-10/40(s), 10/41-2/43(d), early/48-2/49(s), 2/50-6/50(s), 12/51-5/52(s), 4/64-6/64(d).

Yoryx. Last of a race of energy-draining space vampires who survived by establishing a hideout in the Sargasso vortex. Yoryx allies himself with Ardala and Killer Kane in his struggle against Rogers. 9/79-10/79.

Sightings: Daily 1/07/29- , Sundays 3/30/30-6/13/65

Murphy Anderson (a)

George Tuska (a)

Active: 1/7/29-7/8/67, 9/9/79-x/83

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Buz is discharged from the Navy in . Buz marries Christy on December 13, 1948. Buz works for International Airways and then Frontier Oil as a pilot and global troubleshooter before re-enlisting in the Navy in the 1950s. Once again leaving the service, Sawyer opens up a private detective agency based in Washington, D.C. named Troubleshooters, Inc.
Friends and Allies:


Chili Harrison.

Tot Winters. Buz’ rich and spoiled fiancée. She dies when Sultry unleashes her tiger in her direction and, when backing away from the tame animal, falls off a high rise balcony. For a time Sawyer is suspected in her death. 11/43, 12/44-2/46.

Christy Jameson. When Sawyer returns home on leave for Christmas, in 1944, he meets a grown up and beautiful Christy Jameson, who he had not seen since she was a little girl. Christy is put off by many of the beautiful women that seem to circle Buz, but the two ultimately marry in 1948. They remain happily married throughout the rest of the narrative, Sawyer sharing time with his wife between adventures. 12/44-10/89.

Mr. Wright. Superintendant of the European division of International Airways, Wright employs Sawyer as his assistant and troubleshooter. 1/46-

Mr. Chase. Wealthy owner of Frontier Oil who employs Sawyer after the war as a global troubleshooter.

Diana Chase. The spoiled daughter of Sawyer’s onetime boss, her father asks Buz to look after her, which he does during a harrowing adventure in Eastern Europe. Diana unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Sawyer. 6/50-11/50.

Ms. Pennywit. Homely secretary for Sawyer’s private detective agency. x/xx-5/89.
Notable Adversaries:

Barstain. Corrupt employee of Frontier Oil who attempts to undermine the democratically elected government of the Central American republic in which he’s based. 9/49-1/50.

Jerome Pomphrey. Nazi agent posing as an American, Pomphrey encounters Sawyer in Africa where it emerges he may be harboring a still alive Adolf Hitler.

Dr. Kee and Ling Jade. Unbeknownst to Sawyer, Dr. Kee and the lovely Jade are married, counter-intelligence agents working for the Chinese communists in Hong Kong. Kee speaks perfect English which he used to teach at Nanking University. They maintain business contacts with a short, bald and hideous appearing man with an eye-patch known only as the Tiger of Hong Kong. 1/61-5/61.

Harry Sparrow. Cold-blooded killer despite his meek appearance. He is assisted in his efforts by Gool. x/47-x/48, others.

The Mad Baron.

Sultry. Maharani of the island of Batu, but known only as the Cobra when she heads a guerrilla resistance movement against the Japanese. Fierce, she risks her only life to save Sawyer’s. But the temperamental Sultry throws more than one knife at Sawyer when he refuses to be her kept man and proceeds to accidentally set up the death of one rival (Tot Winters) and subsequently tries to kidnap Sawyer with the help up a champion boxer and wrestler named Skagg. Sultry’s near constant companion is her domesticated tiger, Taboo. c6/44-c12/44, 9/45-4/46.
Sightings: 11/1/43-10/7/89 (d), x/x/xx-5/19/74 (s).

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Wash marries Carol McKee on July 7, 1941.
Friends and Allies:

Wash Tubbs. -7/41 … 2/64.

Roxie. Wash’s wealthy girl friend.

Gozy Gallup. Wash’s original partner in adventure. -1929,

Rip O’Day. Tubbs companion after Captain Easy left for a time.

Lulu Belle Suggs. Circa 1935. Romanced by Bull Dawson in 1955. , 1955.

Mr. McKee. Wealthy industrialist.

Carol McKee. The two are married in July of 1941, thereafter Wash giving the active adventuring over to Captain Easy. 3/38-7/41...

Vicki Sheridan. Special agent for the F.B.I. and Easy’s romantic interest during his work with the agency. 9/40-7/41…

Dr. Shawger Z. Leebarton. Well meaning but foolish psychiatrist interested in using Easy as a subject for his book on the mental readjustment of soldiers to civilian life. 1946.

Alonzo Omeeba. Brilliant if eccentric chemist in the employ of McKee. In 195x. Omeeba created a serum from hyena extract that made anyone uncontrollably happy. It was ultimately deemed a societal menace and destroyed. 5/61-7/61.
Notable Adversaries:

Brick Bane. ?, 1928.

Bull Dawson. 3/28-x/28, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1935, …10/38… x/40-6/40, s41, 6/50-9/50,, 1955 … 11/63 … late/74-2/75.

Gorgeous Tylish. Attractive, nine times married gold-digger seeks Horatio Boardman as her next

Lucifer Strutt. Mr. McKee’s unscrupulous company manager who sought Carol McKee (and her fortune) for herself. x/41-7/41.

Neena November. Beautiful animal trainer who attempts to kill her husband using her trained horse in order to be with Ronny Romanto, a handsome if venal night club performer. 12/60-2/61.

Orville and Buster Kallikak. Hillbilly conmen who return again and again to vex Easy and especially his boss, McKee. Father and son often earn the disdain of their equally criminal Aunt Dainty. 7/48, 1/51, 9/51-10/51, 8/60, 2/61-4/61, 10/61-11/61, 6/63, 1/64-3/64, 1/69.

Violin McMattis and Dimples.


Chroniclers: 3rd writer Jim Lawrence w -79; Mick Casale w 1979-88.

Active: 1929-10/1/88.

Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:
Notable Adversaries:

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity: Charlie Chan




Modus Operandi: Chan has a wife and eleven children back in Hawaii.
Friends and Allies:

Number One Son. The handsome and slender Lee Chan calls his father “Pop.” 10/48-1/39d, 11/38s, c11/40..

Kirk Barrow. Handsome, blond assistant to Chan in Honolulu. 11/38- s, 1/39-11/39+

Gina Lane. A pretty brunette actress, Gina is Barrow’s romantic interest. 12/38- 2/39s, 4/39-7/39d, 11/39-x/4xd.
Notable Adversaries:

Berzelius Keeno. 2/39-5/39s, 12/39-1/40ds, others.

Ludwig. Nazi master of disguise.

Sightings: Notations complete through 3/30/40

Original Chroniclers: Alfred Andriola

Active: 10/24/38-5/31/42, Sundays begin 10/30/38

Full name: Connie Kurridge


Abilities and Attributes:


Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Jack. Connie’s fellow adventurer and handsome, dark-haired romantic interest.

Dr. Chrono. 8/36-x/xx (s). Famous Funnies 84-

Professor Newberry. x/38-10/39…

Joe Smith.
Notable Adversaries:

Ahh Ko.


Mo Tung. Asian menace in the present-day. x/37-x/38 (d)

Professor Borgg. Known as the “mad professor,” Borgg has a secret laboratory in the Arctic where he plans to use his cosmic assimilator to melt the polar ice cap. He is presumed dead when his invention explodes, ending the menace. x/37-x/37 (s). Famous Funnies 92-94.

The Yellow Combine. Asian empire menacing the United Nations of the future of a thousand years from now. x/36-x/37 (s). Famous Funnies …88-91

Sightings: Famous Funnies 1-99…

Original Chroniclers


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:
Notable Adversaries:

Original Chroniclers



Original Identity:




Modus Operandi: Dick marries Tess on Christmas Eve, 1949.
Friends and Allies:

Tess Trueheart.

Chief Brandon. Brandon returned briefly in a storyline in which he was shot by Big Frost, but survived. 9/11-10/11.

Pat Patton. Patton replaced Brandon as chief in 194x. Patton retired because of a bout with cancer and was replaced by Lizz Montgomery. In 2011, it was revealed that Patton had won his battle with cancer and, once again healthy, the mayor reappointed him as police chief. , 3/11-present.

Junior Tracy.

Jim Trailer. Federal agent for the FBI who appears off and on throughout the years.

Toby Townley. Romantic interest of Pat Patton. He is reunited with her years later and two are finally married in 1983. x/xx-x/40, 8/82-8/83.

Vitamin Flintheart. Flintheart renews his friendship with Tracy in 1978, after the death of his wife and appears regularly in the chronicles thereafter. 1944- , 1978-.

Gravel Gertie. 1944.

B.O. Plenty. July 1945

Sparkle Plenty. Sparkle has a relatively brief marriage with Vera Alldid that ends badly and she and the recently bereaved Junior Tracy comfort each other. Junior and Sparkle give birth to a daughter, Sparkle, Jr. in . x/47-present..

Attitude Plenty.

Diet Smith. 1946

Brilliant. Smith’s top scientist, Brilliant is blind, turns out to be Diet’s son and is tragically killed not long after. …10/48-

Sam Ketchem. 1948

Frizzletop. Only many years later does she reveal that she is the cousin of the infamous Flattop. x/xx, 7/12.

Bonnie Braids. Dick and Tess’ first child. 5/51? and various appearance thereafter.

Lizz Montgomery. When Pat Patton was reappointed police chief in 2011, Lizz gladly returned to being a member of Tracy’s special crime unit, preferring to be closer to the action..

Little Boy Beard. Abnormally strong infant with a prominent goatee, the second cousin of B.O. Plenty. 11/60-8/61…

Moon Maid. First appears in 1963. Marries Junior. Killed in a car bomb in a bungled mob hit on Tracy ordered by Big Boy in 1978. Much later, in 2012, it was revealed her name was Mysta when a lookalike Moon Maid begins to appear. 9/12-10/12..

Honeymoon. The child of Junior and Moon Maid.

Vera Alldid. A cousin of B.O. Plenty, Alldid is a sharp featured cartoonist especially adept at drawing dogs. He strikes up an unlikely romance with B.O.’s daughter, Sparkle, and the two are married in a private ceremony in July of ’69, only a few months after they met. Sparkle’s parents were absent. A few years later, Alldid and Sparkle are divorced after his extra-marital activities are revealed. Alldid is not seen again until 2011, when he is reduced to drawing a coloring book featuring the horror star, . 4/69-

Tinky. A blind orphan girl, Tinky befriends and helps Tracy when he is blinded by an explosion that destroyed his house. It is ultimately revealed that Tinky is the daughter Groovy Grove never knew he had. Tinky learns Grove is her father in December, 1970, the same day that her bandages are taken off after sight restoring surgery. Tinky encourages her father’s feelings for Lizz, of whom Tinky is particularly fond. 2/70-9/71...

Groovy” Grove. Wrongly imprisoned for 12 years, Grove used that time to study for a law degree and, he notes, he “also studied criminals while in the big house.” Meeting with Tracy he expresses his wish to become a police officer. Soon trading in shaggy locks and mustache for a police cut, his former hippie friends berate his transformation, while Grove bluntly tells them to get a job. “Your ‘thing’ is out of date,”’ he tells them. “It’s passé.” Grove soon learns he is the biological father of an injured blind girl named Tinky much regarded by Tracy and his crew. Grove and Lizz fall in love. After Grove is mortally wounded in 1984 or 1985, Lizz marries him on his death bed. 5/70-x/85.

Peanutbutter” Barnes. Young boy and would-be police operative who loves peanut butter. 6/72-12/72…

Jewel Alldid?. The daughter of Sparkle and Vera.

Joseph Tracy. 1979

Wendy Wichel. Gossip columnist and persistent thorn in Tracy’s side.

Johnny Adonis. After a long absence, Johnny is next seen as Tess Tracy’s partner in a private investigation business. 1980, 5/12-6/12.

Lee Ebony. African-American policewoman who was in the police academy at the same time as Lizz. 1980

Special Agent Kelley. Attractive, blonde-haired FBI agent. 1997-

Lottie Latte. Undercover agent, a large, very tall masculine woman, perhaps transgendered. 4/06-8/06.

Themesong. , 8/12-9/12.
Notable Adversaries:

Abner Kadaver. Host of a horror film show, Kadaver also reveals criminal behavior. 10/11-11/11, 3/12, 4/12-7/12, 10/13-1/14.

Angeltop Jones. A heretofore unknown daughter of Flattop, Angeltop secretly vows to destroy Tracy in retaliation for the death of her father. Despite a beautiful head of platinum blonde hair, Angeltop shares her father’s distinctive, homely facial features. In her first two battles with Tracy, she is assisted by her lover, the son of the Brow. In her third struggle with Tracy she was joined by Prunella, the daughter of Pruneface and Quiver Trembly, the daughter of Shaky. It is only after her death that her mother is revealed to be Stiletta Jones, otherwise known as Mrs. Flattop. 12/77-3/78, 10/81-5/82, 9/82-10/82, 1984, 9/85-2/86.

Art Dekko. Assisted by Sue Reel, an attractive blonde with a handlebar mustache. 1/80-6/80.

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