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Firetop. Red-haired copy boy at Kerry’s office, especially involved in the Mother Whistler case. 10/43-10/44. Barr Mallory

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Firetop. Red-haired copy boy at Kerry’s office, especially involved in the Mother Whistler case. 10/43-10/44.

Barr Mallory. The district attorney, Kerry’s boss. 10/43- .

Gabby O’Toole. A talented, if stout and short in stature investigator called in to assist Kerry in his cases. 12/44-10/45… .

Cricket McCall. Crickett is first seen innocently harboring the fugitive Angel Puss, thinking he is a famous actor. Later, complication ensue when her boy friend starts smoking marijuana and dies from a hold-up he attempts while under the influence. Crickett appears occasionally thereafter. 10/45-1/46, 2/49-5/49, x/55-x/56, 8/66-10/66, 2/71-x/71.

GeeGee String. Burlesque dancer who first runs afoul of the law by harboring the criminal Kid Gloves and later becomes involved with Algy Wedmore, whom she ultimately marries. 3/46-8/46, 4/48.

Algernon “Algy” Wedmore, III. Eccentric millionaire with a history of multiple wives and an equal number of divorces. Ultimately marries GeeGee 5/46-8/46, 1/48-4/48, 3/52-5/52.

Julep Frost. A Southern belle turned private detective, Julip goes undercover as a hatcheck girl who spies on her boss, “Keys” West, a dope smuggler and, later, gets involved with a disc jockey known as D.D.T. 7/47-1/48, c5/49-c8/49..

Tennessee Lane. A moody actress whom Kerry assists on two occasions. 8/49-11/49, 2/51-5/51.

Rebel Smith. Attractive brunette with an eye patch. c1/53-x/53.

Dude Cravette. Kerry’s cigar-smoking first partner as a newly appointed police detective, Dude is seriously injured in 1955 when shot in duty. Married, his wife kept a vigil at his bedside. Dude decides to leave police work in 1961 to become an insurance investigator, explicitly to insure he would be around to raise his children and not leave his wife a widow. c12/53-1/61.

Jack Bryson. Kerry’s temporary new partner who has a bad attitude, believing Kerry climbed the ladder without difficulty. x/55-x/xx.

Rocky Mount. Young punk who Kerry realizes is homeless and befriends. Rocky gets a job as a soda jerk and enjoys a romance with Crickett McCall. x/55-8/55.

Mindy Malone. Old high school friends, Kerry and Mindy run into each other after many years. Mindy is married to a detective named Frank Malone. Frank becomes Kerry’s partner at Mindy’s request, an ill advised decision perhaps as Frank is killed on a stake-out in July while Kerry is making a phone call. After Frank’s death, they become close. Kerry asks her to marry him in January 1958, but she turns him down never wanting to marry another detective. He asks again in April and she is agrees. They marry in May of 1958 and have quadruplets in 1967. 6/2/57-

Johnny Colt. New police recruit, Johnny Colt is handsome, fit, a bit full of himself and a charmer. Yet Drake sees his substance, an Army vet who served in Okinawa and has the discipline to hone his body and master karate. As a result, Drake asks for him as his new partner to replace the departing Dude Cravette. Colt proves worthy of Drake’s faith in him. Before long, Johnny settles into a steady relationship with the equally attractive and charismatic Saranade Carter. 1/22/61-5/71…

Saranade Carter. Attractive blonde detective who works under Drake and is romantically involved with Johnny Colt.. …10/63-5/67…

Skinny McKinney. Romantically involved with Jill. …7/64-12/64…

Asia. Beautiful dark-haired princess, infatuated with Drake. Returns for the wedding of Wanda van Allen and Garrie (sp?). x/65-6/65, 1982.

David “Lefty” Drake. Kerry’s younger, private detective brother, “Lefty” is single, something of a ladies man and considerably more hip than Kerry. early/67-6/83.

Dooley Jasper. Runaway and orphan caught by Lefty trying to rob his apartment. Dooley turns out to have some artistic talent and is informally adopted by Steve and Mindy. In 1970 he enjoys an infatuation with an attractive art model named Tory Tiffin. late/68-x/83.

Jimmy Ellis. Mindy’s brother, romantically involved with Jo K. Jones. x/69-x/xx.

Judy Clinton. Daughter of a wealthy father who was once a major underworld figure, Judy is a college student who falls in love with and ultimately marries Johnny Colt. x/xx-x/xx, x/71-8/71.

Happy Stuart. An attractive blonde-haired woman in her twenties, Happy becomes Kerry’s partner after Johnny Colt leaves the force and marries Judy Clinton. Drake is initially skeptical of having a female partner but soon gains respect for Stuart. 8/71-5/77.

The Baroness. AKA Rorie, mysterious European beauty who Lefty falls for, but leaves him, due to her belief in an ancient curse of her family. x/75-6/75.
Notable Adversaries:

Angel-Puss. His associate is a bald man named Dice. 8/45-10/45.


Bonbon Baker. Beautiful forger and con woman. 10/56-12/56..

Bootsie Belmont. Extremely spoiled, selfish and nasty young heiress who lives with her millionaire grandfather. Lefty takes her over his knew and spanks her in 1970. Her irresponsible behavior created a violent romantic triangle with a man named Shiek and his flamenco dancer lover and later caused the death of her fiancé, one Brian Turner? as well as starting a… 2/67-4/67, 11/70-1/71, 10/73?-x/74?, 6/77?.

Bottleneck. Long necked son of Mother Whistler. 10/44-1/45.

Bulldozer and Trinket. Bulldozer and Trinket Brown, A former circus strongman and his midget wife with whom he can hide in his large valise. An attractive woman, Midget enjoys an occasional evening dress when not posing as a child and becomes frustrated when Bulldozer treats her as one. Bulldozer and Trinket are most notable for killing Sandy Burns, whom they tie up in a car and then roll the car into heavy traffic. Drake is only able to obtain satisfaction in a second encounter with the villains. 5/53-8/53, 8/54-10/54.


Charm Jones. Beautiful villain with a toothy criminal brother named Bunny. x/56?-x/57.

Cozy Caresse. Originally a burlesque dancer at the Gaiety Theater and the moll of Dr. Zero, Cozy later shows up as the money hungry wife of Meatball, though finds herself attracted to his ruggedly virile henchman, Mossy. She survives the deaths of all three men. 8/44-10/44, 11/46-2/47.

Cueball. late/72-x/xx.

Deadpan. 5/49-8/49.

Dr. Prey. Owl-faced villain. 11/46-

Dr. Zero. Owner of Avon Bookstore, Dr. Zero has a hobby of collecting deadly poisons. He is assisted by his moll, a good-hearted burlesque dancer named Cozy Caresse. Kerry Drake 4, 6/44-10/44.

Feedbag. Short and bald, with puffy lips, Feedbag Foster’s interest in crime is only exceeded by his preoccupation with excellent cuisine. His gang consists of his attractive sister, Georgie, and the criminal chef he met in prison, Pierre. When Pierre, screws up badly, Feedbag was torn over whether to kill him, lamenting: “I hate to rub out a swell chef! “ 11/48-1/49.

Fingers” Nelson. Strangler with notably crazed, beady eyes. Kerry Drake 1, 10/43-12/43.

Frisco. Born Francesca Cicero, Frisco is the sister of the late Tony Cicero, bootleg king of the twenties. A large, powerful woman with short hair and cat-like eyes, Frisco wears a tailored jacket, vest and tie with a conservative skirt and appears to be a lesbian. She calls Satin, a female member of her gang, “Babe.” Vicious and merciless, Frisco later kills Satin’s boy friend, Pearly. Kerry Drake 3, 3/44-6/44.

Giggles. Somewhat pudgy murderer who giggles at the thought of the mayhem he is about to act upon. In his first encounter with Drake, Giggles has a sexy associate named Sequin. 6/61-…, x/64?..

The Goat. x/xx-2/64.

Highbrow. He is assisted by a lovely con-woman named Smoky. Highbrow is killed, but Smoky survives. 1/48-4/48.

Horseshoe. x/52-12/52.

Keys West.

Kid Gloves. His female associate is Ecstasy Martin. x/46-12/46.

Lucious Lucias. Born Luke Loretto, this powerfully built wrestler puts his hair up in curlers and wrestles under the effeminate guise of Lucious Lucias. Lucious is having an affair with Gamble Billyuns, and the pair covet her husband’s wealth. 9/67-11/67….

Madam Adam. Eve Adam, the widow of Adam, this deadly brunette deals in international crime. The sexy brunette is often seen eating an apple. In her second encounter with Drake she disguises herself with a platinum blonde wig and goes by the name Taboo. In her fourth appearance, Madam Adam primarily tangles with Lefty Drake. 1/65-3/65, 6/65-9/65, 4/68-6/68, 7/75-10/75.

Meatball. In the business of raising and selling marijuana, Meatball is extremely overweight. He has a handsome, if extremely hirsute henchman named Mossy and a moll named Cozy Caresse. Kerry Drake 9-10.

Mister Goliath. Stocky, goateed stage performer and mentalist who possesses actual extra sensory powers. Assisted by an attractive blonde-haired woman named Pussycat. 9/65-12/65.

Mother Whistler. Old crone who makes her chicken ranch a safehouse for criminals on the run. She frequently whistles and has four equally corrupt sons, the most successful of whom is named Bottleneck. Another is named Sparrow. Whistler later goes after Vixen Vargo, when she kills another of her sons named Punky after he attempts to blackmail her on behalf of his mother. 8/44-12/44, c3/47-5/47.

Mr. Gimmick. Lives in a mansion wired with many of his electronic innovations. 3/52-5/52.

Nicotine. Chain-smoking head of protection racket. c10/50-c2/51.

Nine Lives” Katt. Handsome criminal with a hook for one hand who calls his female associates “kittens.” 2/68-4/68.

No Face. Actor Victor Apollo, his face covered by bandages and sun-glasses that glow, as Sandy put it, “Two burning eyes! A slit of a mouth! And nothing else!” He sustained his injuries in a car wreck after catching his wife and another actor in an embrace. He comes back as No Face seeking revenge. Kerry Drake 2, 12/43-3/44.

Profile Preen. His thuggish associate is nicknamed Hardtack. 4/48-

Scratchy Grimes. Unkempt, scraggly bearded hippie interested in fostering leftist demonstrations, all in the service of his Red Chinese masters. 4/66-7/66.

Shuteye. His associate is the beautiful Roulette. Kerry Drake 7-8, 4/45-8/45.

Squirrel. Born Frankie Cicero, Frisco’s brother, “a punch drunk palooka” whose buck teeth and cauliflower ears make him resemble his namesake. He is killed by Dr. Zero. Kerry Drake 4, 6/44-7/44.

Stitches. When escaping from Drake five years earlier, the racketeer had to jump through a glass window, permanently scarring his face with stitches. He is bald with a black goatee, but little of his nose remains and his eyes bulge from their sockets without eyelids, giving his face a skull-like appearance—albeit a skull with ears, a goatee and prominent stitches. 1/45-4/45.

Storm Diebold and Ermine. “The one-eyed monster from West Berlin,” Diebold is a bald headed macho spy who is handsome in spite of the scar running across his face over one eye—often seen with a sky mask over his face in the wintry setting. His lover is Ermine, a platinum “bottle blonde” (per Seranade) who is fond of spotted animal print-wearing associate, Ermine. They wrapped Drake up like a mummy and left him to die. Later, when their scheme goes awry they run afoul of the Apparatus, the secret organization they’ve been working for. c12/65 or1/66-4/66.

Torso. Kerry Drake 13, c5/46-c8/46.

True Blue. Handsome master of disguise. x/77-5/77.

Vixen Vargo. Obsessed with wearing “V” monograms on her outfits. Kerry Drake 16-18, c3/47-5/47..

Whitey Snow. White-haired villain who dresses entirely in white, his associates are named Glorious and Sampson. 12/79-2/80..

Wooly Wilde. 2/49-5/49.

Yo-Yo. c12/49-3/50 (Kerry Drake 33).
1943 Fingers, No Face

1944 Frisco, Squirrel, Dr. Zero, Mother Whistler, Bottleneck

1945 Stiches, Shuteye, Angel-Puss

1946 Torso, Dr. Prey, Kid Gloves

1947 Meatball, Vixen Vargo, Mother Whistler

1948 Highbrow, Profile Preen, Feedbag

1949 Wooly Wilde, Deadpan

1950 Yo-Yo, Nicotine


1952 Mr. Gimmick, Horseshoe

1953 Bulldozer

1954 Bulldozer


1956 BonBon Baker

1957 Charm Jones




1961 Giggles



1964 The Goat, Bugg Skaler, Giggles?

1965 Madam Adam, Asia, Madam Adam, Goliath

1966 Storm Diebold, Scratchy Grimes

1967 Bootsie Belmont, Lucious Lucias

1968 “Nine Lives” Katt, Madam Adam


1970 Bootsie Belmont


1972 Cue Ball

1973 Bootsie Belmont


1975 Madam Adam


1977 True Blue, Bootsie Belmont



1980 Whitey Snow




Sightings: St. Paul Pioneer Press; Kerry Drake 1-33, 1-2

Original Chroniclers

Active: 10/4/43-6/83


Original Identity:




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Pilot Laroux.

Betty Blake.

Kid Blake.

Wolftooth. Native American who secretly worked undercover as a member of the Shark’s gang in alliance with the Mounted Police. 1940. Reprinted in Red Ryder 22-25.

Aurora. Raven-haired mystery girl who assisted in King in a struggle between oil men and Eskimos and was later kidnapped for her trouble. 1941. Reprinted in Red Ryder 39-41, others.
Notable Adversaries:

The Black Bat.

The Firebug. White haired and white goateed arsonist who sought vengeance for… . 1941. Reprinted in Red Ryder 31-33.

The Glowing Ghost. Dressed in a black cloak and flat, wide brimmed hat, the Glowing Ghost only appeared at night wearing a skull mask that glowed in the moon light, truly a striking figure. 1942? Reprinted in Red Ryder 60-63.

The Shark. Pearl smuggler and leader of the Shark Gang, the Shark has a pirate-like appearance with a hoop earring, black and white striped and naval officer cap. 1940. Reprinted in Red Ryder 22-25.

Also a guy in a submarine, a murderous acrobat, lady Robin Hood

Original Chroniclers

Active: 2/35-3/55


1924-1974, 1979-2010
Original Identity: Annie, last name unknown.




Modus Operandi:
Friends and Allies:

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. For most of 1930 Warbucks is desperately attempting to find a shipwrecked Annie. The pair is reunited that October, but Warbucks is left penniless in 1931 through the machinations of J. J. Shark. That May, Daddy is left blind after swerving to avoid hitting a child while driving truck. With the assistance of Flophouse Bill, who serves as Warbuck’s eyes, Daddy defeats Shark and ultimately a surgery performed by Dr. Lens restores his sight right before Christmas. Warbucks is presumed dead in the summer of 1944, done in by fever contracted in the jungle. But a year later Warbucks returns from the apparent dead. While he is often missing, he is never portrayed as clearly dead in the future. Warbucks returns to his childhood home of Supine in 1956. Details of his youth are also revealed when his “cousin” Uncle Wendell befriends Annie in an extended sequence. Oliver enjoys his first romance in decades with the lovely Angela Pease. Though not without her own complication, Angela is the first truly good woman Warbucks ever falls for. 9/24-10/24, 6/25-12/25, 7/26-8/26, 10/26-1/27, 9/27-10/27, x/xx-x/xx?, 3/30, 6/30-9/31, 11/31-8/32, 11/33-6/34, 10/34-9/35, 1/37, 2/37-7/37, 4/39-8/39, … 2/41-11/41…, 5/42, 6/43-8/43, 7/44, 8/45-9/45, … 2/48-4/48, … 5/51-5/61, x/52, x/54, 3/55-6/55, 4/57-5/57, 3/58-5/58, 9/59-11/59, …2/60, 12/61-4/62, 1/64-4/64, 3/65-5/65, 9/66-11/66, 8/67-9/67, c7/68, 1/69-4/69? (impersonator?),, 8/69-1/70, 4/70-5/70…, 1/71, 4/71, 8/71- , 5/72-7/72, 10/72-12/72,

Sandy. Annie’s faithful and constant canine companion who readily risks his life to defend Annie, sometimes at great physical cost to himself. 1/25, 4/25--x/xx.

The Silos. Friendly farm couple that takes Annie under their wing after she is on the run for the first time. When with Daddy Warbucks, she frequently spends Thanksgivings or sometimes Christmas with them in the earlier years of the narrative. 2/25-6/25, 11/25, 11/26-1/27, 12/28-4/29, 11/30.

Mrs. Pewter. Kindly older woman who takes Annie under her wing for a time. 11/27-5/28, 7/28-8/28.

PeeWee the Elephant. A circus animal who befriends Annie and with who she is later reunited when he is a stunt animal movie and still later when he is performing in a carnival. x/xx-x/xx, 11/35-12/35, x/62-x/62.

Jack Pepper. The first of Warbucks old adventuring associates who befriends Annie and later hears from Warbucks looking for his young charge. 8/29-11/29, 1/30, 3/30, 6/30, 11/30.

Willie the Bear. Friendly lost bear cub adopted by Annie until she stumbles upon Willie’s mother in a zoo. Willie and Sandy get along famously. 12/29-2/31.

Captain Spike Marlin. Old and white-bearded sea captain who befriends an on-the-run Annie by harboring her on his boat. Marlin and Annie are shipwrecked soon after. Marlin, rewarded by Warbucks for protecting Annie, is put in charge of Warbucks’ shipping company in the Orient. 6/30-1/31, 8/31, 3/32-4/32.

Maw Green. Runs the boarding house that Daddy lives in with Annie when he loses his fortune. Warbucks later sees that she gets an anonymous windfall that she manages well and lives a comfortable life thereafter. Maw Green holds conservative political views and isn’t afraid to say them. While she fades from the Annie narrative, she is the star of a short feature at the bottom of Little Orphan Annie Sunday pages from 193x to 19xx. She is last referenced by Annie in September of 1934 while reading a book on fairies that Maw Green gave her. 2/31-6/31, 8/32.

Jake. Jewish shopkeeper who becomes a successful businessman. Daddy’s second wife, Trixie, becomes incensed when Daddy invests a good deal of money in establishing a partnership with Jake in running a prominent department store. With Wun Wey and Flop-House Bill, Jake is portrayed as being among Warbucks’ best friends for several years in the early thirties. 3/31-9/31, 11/31-12/31, 5/32-6/32, 8/32, 12/33, 5/34, 10/34-11/34.

Flop-House Bill. Dwarf and one of Daddy Warbucks’ best friends during the early thirties. Described as having “been a cripple all of his life,” Bill owns a lucrative chain of flophouses. He is loyal and faithful to both Warbucks and Annie 6/31-9/31, 11/3-3/32, 5/32, 8/32, 5/34, 10/34-11/34.

Doc Lens. Physician who befriends Annie while she is on the run and also performs surgery that restores a blinded Warbuck’s vision. 9/31-12/31, 2/32-3/32.

Wun Wey. Wealthy Chinese merchant descended from a powerful family of mandarins, Wun Wey as educated at Oxford and speaks at least eight languages fluidly. He has been a loyal and powerful friend to Warbucks ever since Daddy “did what (Wey) chose to consider a favor for his family.” Wey is very fond of Annie as well and his wide circle of contacts provides him with rich intelligence, as does his uncanny sense of when someone is lying to him. It is gradually revealed that Wun Wey is the “all powerful” head of pan-national society of Chinese loyal only to him. He was captured by a rival Chinese warlord in 1935, but in 1937 it was revealed that the Asp had rescued him. In 1939, he joins Punjab, the Asp and Puck as four soldiers of fortune assisting Warbucks in his monumental battle against Axel. 1/32-3/32, 5/32-6/32, 8/32, 11/32-12/32, 12/33, 5/34, 9/34-11/34, 9/35, (3/37), 5/39-7/39, (7/43), or c44, c1/60.

Uncle” Dan Ballad. Ballad is a blind violinist with long gray hair who has been reduced to playing on street corners when he is befriended by Annie who adds her voice to his music. The two attain some performance success before Ballad learns he is actually a titled lord and returns to England. 7/33-12/33.

Henry Morgan. “One of the best friends I ever had,” per Warbucks. Morgan and Warbucks shared adventures in Burma. When the two are reunited, Morgan is accompanied by his servant, Punjab. 2/35-9/35.

Punjab. South Asian turbaned giant with mystical powers. When first seen in 1935, Punjab was a servant of Henry Morgan, but thereafter is clearly the most trusted associate of Warbucks and operates out of Warbucks’ Singapore office. Asked to protect Annie from the very start, Punjab gives Annie a dragon whistle that can summon him to her side from anyplace on the globe. Besides having the power to transport himself across thousands of miles, he is also able to send (and retrieve, if he so desires) any person to the land of the genie, a troubling place to any who must dwell there. In 2008, the Asp and Punjab were blown up and presumed killed by Warbuck’s arch enemy, the disembodied Xaxos. 2/35-9/35, 4/37, 5/37, 4/39-8/39, 3/41-11/41…, 5/42, 6/43-7/43, 6/44-7/44, 12/45-1/46, …2/48-4/48, 5/51-6/61, x/52, 6/53-7/53, x/54, 3/55-4/55, 4/58-5/58, 2/62-4/62, 2/64-3/64, 9/66-10/66, 7/67-9/67, 1/69-4/69?, 8/69-12/69, 4/70-9/70, 1/71- 6/72-7/72, 10/72-12/72, -3/08.

Professor Ezra Eon. Extremely eccentric inventor and chemist who creates the wonder substance Eonite that, besides being indestructible, could solve all of the world’s energy problems. He is killed by a greedy mob. 3/35-8/35, 9/99-x/xx.

Jack Boot. Kindly shoemaker who befriends Annie, but who also harbors a dark secret from his past. x/xx-10/36.

The Asp. Burmese assassin and bodyguard in the employ of Oliver Warbucks. Also known in his country as the Grim Reaper. His original name may have been Yen Jing Sher, which is Chinese for asp. In 2008, the Asp and Punjab were blown up and presumed killed by Warbuck’s arch enemy, the disembodied Xaxos. 2/37-6/37, 5/39-8/39, 3/41-…11/41…, 5/42, (7/43), 7/44, 12/45-1/46, 5/51-6/51, x/52, x/54, 3/55-4/55, 4/58-5/58, 3/70-4/70…3/72-6/72, -2/00, -3/08.

Mr. Am. In their first encounter, Mr. Am travelled in a submarine-like craft shaped in the image of a sea serpent. In 2006 and 2007, Mr. Am is variously known as Mr. Was and Mr. Is. When asked why he called himself by different names, his answers tended towards the esoteric and mystical, but he also admitted he had a hard time remembering the reasons having lived so long. 4/37-7/37, c8/81-11/81, 2/84-3/84, 7/88-8/88, c9/91-3/92…4/06, 12/06-2/07, 8/07-10/07, 7/09-8/09.

Blinkey. Blind undercover agent who poses a blind, beggarwoman named Blinkey. After rescuing Annie from a gang attack, he is killed by the man he was trying to bring down, “Snorty” Smith. 1/37.

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