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Henry Altmon Cavender (“Henry Cavender”, “H.A. Cavender” & “Henry A. Cavender”) born on July 3, 1919 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, and married Mary Jean Hadley (“Mary Hadley”) on November 7, 1941 in Portland, Oregon. Mary Hadley was born on December 31, 1918 in Republic, Washington Henry Cavender and Mary Cavender (“Jean Cavender”) had 2 children:

Patricia Starr Cavender (“Patricia Cavender” & “P.S. Cavender”), and adopted daughter who was born on December 26, 1951 in San Francisco, California, and married Bruce Koenig on August 15, 1972 in Redwood City, California. Bruce Koenig and Patricia Koenig (“Starr Koenig”) had 2 children:

Joseph Almont Koenig born on February 15, 1977 in Corvallis, Oregon; and, Kelli Jean Koenig (“Kelli Koenig”) born on February 2, 1980 in Corvallis, Oregon; and,

Carla Dawn Cavender (“Carla Cavender”) born on June 5, 1954 in San Francisco, California, first married Michael Pollard on July 2, 1978 in Redwood City, San Franscisco County, California, and was later divorced and she remarried to a Tex Hughes in California. Michael Pollard was born on July 2, 1978 in Redwood City, California. Michael Pollard and Carla Pollard (“Dawn Pollard”) had a daughter named:

Natalie Jean Pollard (“Natalie Pollard”) born on August 4, 1988 in Santa Barbara, California, and married a Tex Hughes __?__ ; and,

Hazel June Cavender (“Hazel Cavender”) born on July 16, 1920 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon;

(ii) Clara Elva Cavender (“Clara Cavender”) born on May 13, 1864, and died on September 22, 1865;

(iii) Franklin Eugene Cavender (“Franklin Cavender”, “Franklin E. Cavender” & “F.A. Cavender”)) born on November 21, 1866 in Iowa, married Minnie Emily Wright (“Minnie Wright”) on June 23, 1891 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas, moved to Oregon in the mid 1890's, and died on May 29, 1943 in Portland, Oregon. Minnie Wright was the sister to Cora Wright who married Henry Cavender, the brother of the above Franklin Cavender;

(iv) Maude Estell Cavender (“Maude Cavender”) born on March 11, 1870 in Iowa, and died on September 20, 1870 in Iowa;

(v)Charles Ralph Cavender (“Charles Cavender”, “C.R. Cavender” & “Charles R. Cavender”) born on May 18, 1872 in Iowa, and married Isis F. McDonald (“Isis McDonald” & “Iris McDonald”?) on February 13, 1901 in Portland, Oregon;

(vi) Mary Ardilla Cavender (“Mary Cavender” & “Mary A. Cavender”) born on August 10, 1873, and died on September 25, 1873;

(vii) Myron Valorous Cavender (“Myron Cavender”) born on June 15, 1875 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas, married Lula May Riddle (“Lula Riddle”) on October 6, 1897, moved to Oregon in the mid 1890's. Myron Cavender and Lula Cavender (“May Cavender”) had 6 children:

Wilbur Charles Cavender (“Wilbur Cavender”, “Wilbur C. Cavender” & “Wilber Cavender”?) born on July 28, 1898 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas, and married Ester Medberry on June 7, 1921. Ester Medberry was born on June 7, 1921;

Harold Delbert Cavender born on September 23, 1900 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas;

Lera Lucile Cavender (“Lera Cavender” & “Lucille Cavender”?) born on January 20, 1903, and married Albert Johnson on March 10, 1921;

Mary Helen Cavender (“Mary Cavender” & “Mary H. Cavender”) born on March 28, 1905 in Portland, Oregon, and married Albert McBreen on October 22, 1923;

Clarence Welch Cavender (“Clarence Cavender”) born on June 25, 1907 in Portland, Oregon, and married Ruth Hicker; and,

Daniel Valorous Cavender (“Daniel Cavender”, “D.V. Cavender” & “Daniel V. Cavender”) born on October 20, 1909 in Portland, Oregon, and died on January 16, 1910 in Portland, Oregon; and,

(viii) Florence Idella Cavender (“Florence Cavender” & “F.I. Cavender”) born on April 15, 1879 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas, believed to have first married a James Murphy, and later married Sam S. Fulkerson (“Sam Fulkerson”?, “Samuel Fulkerson”?, “Sam Folkerson”? & “Samuel Folkerson”?) on December 27, 1903;

(III) DAVID CAVENDER born September 7, 1834 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and came under the guardianship of David Wertenberger on April 19, 1842;

(IV) ELIZABETH CAVENDER born either November 3, 1835, November 30, 1835 or May 30, 1836437 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and came under the guardianship of George Wertenberger April 19, 1842;

(V) SUSANNA CAVENDER (“Susana Cavender”?) born May 1, 1837 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and came under the guardianship of David Wertenberger April 19, 1842; and,

(VI) ELIAS CAVENDER born on December 22, 1839 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and came under the guardianship of John Sonda ("John Sonday"?) April 18, 1842. 364 & 437

1791/01/30 Ann Dorothy Cavander ("Dorothy Cavander" & "Dorothy Cavender"?) was christened by Joseph Cavander ("Joseph Cavender"?) and Ann Cavander ("Ann Cavender"?) on Marylebone Road,Saint Mary Parish, St. Marylebone, England. 140 & 439
1791/03/11 James Nance married Martha Sammons in Lunenburg County, Virginia, who is believed to be the sister of Betsy Cavender, who later became the wife of Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender"). 131 & 133
1791/04/22 Nancy Cavender, daughter of Thomas Cavender, married William Sutton Hutchins (“William Hutchins” & “William Hutchinson”?), son of John Hutchins (“John Hutchinson”?) In Westmoreland County, Virginia with James Sorrel being the surety.
1791/08/21 Ester Cavender married Patrick Savage in Saint Michael Parish, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire County, England. 1 & 70
1791/09/27 Ann Cavender married James Hill on this date in Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland with Rev. Coudon performing the ceremony.
1791/11/02 James Tarpley, Sr.? made his will on this date in Charlotte County, Virginia and his will was proved on February 6, 1792. In his will, he named only his sons and married daughters. However, when his son, William Tarpley, made his will on April 29, 1794 in Charlotte County, Virginia, and which was proved on June 2, 1794 in Charlotte County, Virginia, he named all of his brothers and sisters, which included Nancy Tarpley ("Ann Tarpley") who was born on July 2, 1769 and her birth certificate was signed by John Tarpley on August 26, 1769 and witnessed by Carloss Featherston ("Carloss Featherstone", "Carlos Featherston", "Carlos Featherstone", "Charles Featherston" & "Charles Featherstone") and Agnes Tarpley. Apparently, James Tarpley was deceased at the time and the John Tarpley was her uncle. Agnes Tarpley was the wife of John Tarpley as evidenced by a deed in Charlotte County, Virginia between Joseph Venable and John Tarpley and his wife Agness Tarpley ("Agnes Tarpley")
1791/11/28 Amy Cavendar ("Amy Cavender"?) married Batson Whitehurst ("Baston Whitehurst" & "Batson Whiteherst") in Princess Anne County, Virginia and the surety was James Nimmo (“James Nimno”). On September 26, 1806, an Amey Cavender ("Amy Cavender") married Tully Whitehurst. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. William Dawley (“William Dooley”). 133, 149, 222 , 294, 350 & 355
1791 (1) In the Spring of the year, William Cavender's ("William Cavinder") parents died in North Carolina, apparently in the northern part thereof. At that particular point in time, he and his wife, Margaret Cavender, were living in Wilkes County, Georgia. William Cavender died at his sister's house in South Carolina while on his way to his parent's home, in North Carolina who had just deceased.101

(2) The estate of Hugh Cavender, previously deceased, paid taxes on 2 adult males over the age of 21 who were still living at home, 1 slave and 1 horse. The two adults are believed to have been Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender" and his brother Hezekiah Cavender.

1792/01/15 Elizabeth Cavender married Robert Turner in Bristol Parish in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Jacob Sigler was the bondsman. 294, 350 & 355
1792/02/08 Bryant Cavenar ("Bryant Cavender") married Frances Bridges in Granville County, North Carolina which is located just south of Lunenburg County, Virginia from which county Eudaley James Cavender ("James Cavender"), son of Hugh Cavender, migrated to Williamson County, Tennessee in either late 1805 or early 1806. Drury Bridges was the bondsman and W. Norwood was the witness. 371
1792/06/01 The three Virginia Counties of Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln, plus the six more counties carved out of these three became the State of Kentucky on this date.
1792/07/26 William Cavender of Orange County, North Carolina, a soldier in the Continental Line of North Carolina, apparently from the Hillsboro District, appointed James Dowell, of the same County, a power of attorney to receive the final certificate No. 459? due him for his paid service as a soldier in 1782. Witnessed by Wm. Rainej, JP ("William Rainey"?).

It is to be noted that second William Cavender enlisted in the Revolutionary War while then living in North Carolina, and was living in Wilkes County, Georgia in the Spring of 1791 when he first got word that his parents in North Carolina had just died. He had married Margaret Cox, daughter of George Cox who was killed while serving with this particular William Cavender in the Revolutionary War. The widow of this particular William Cavender executed pension Application No. W6903 on April 4, 1839 when she was a little over 100 years old, and which application was granted. 101 & 371

1792/08/14 Denis Kavena ("Denise Kavena"?, "Denis Cavender"? & "Denise Cavender"?) married Harriott Martin on August 14, 1792 in St. Augustine Parish, Bristol County, England.
1792/08/21 Ester Cavender married Patrick Savage in Lancashire County, England.399
1792/09/09 William Sammin ("William Sammon" or "William Sammons"?) of Lunenburg County, Virginia, sold 75 acres on the waters of Juniper Creek in Lunenburg County, Virginia, to John Roberts and which was bounded by the lands of Caron Bain, Thomas Haley, John Rivers, James Sammon and Cornelius Crenshaw's estate. John Roberts is believed to have later moved to Williamson County, Tennessee. 111
1792/10/11 Date of birth of William Murray Cavender ("William Cavender", “William M. Cavender” & “W.M. Cavender”), son of James Cavender and Mary Cavender ("Mary Jane Cavender" & "Polly Cavender"), of Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. This particular James Cavender is believed to be the son of the James Cavender who was born October 6, 1765 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts and whose mother was Catherine Cavender ("Katherine Cavender"). Also, Polly Cavender apparently was also known as Mary Cavender.283, 306 & 397
1792 (1) Kentucky officially became a State. Its territory was originally included in the State of Virginia. The western boundary of the State of Kentucky was later expanded in 1819 by the Jackson Purchase in 1819. Prior to the Jackson Purchase, the land between the Tennessee River and the Mississippi River was Indian Territory.

(2) Estimated date of birth of James Cavender ("James Carventer") who married Elizabeth Pruitt ("Elizabeth Prewitt"?)in Iredell County, North Carolina in 1815 or in Rowan County, North Carolina on May 11, 1815 371. They had a daughter, Cornelia Cavender, born in North Carolina in 1821 who married James Riley. James Cavender and Elizabeth Cavender lived in Virginia and migrated to Laclede County, Missouri. 311 & 355

(3) Hannah Cavender, the wife of Charles Cavender, was born. She died at the age of 42 on September 29, 1834, and is buried in Antrim, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, and is probably the wife of the particular Charles Cavender who died May 25, 1833 in Greenfield, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire at the age of 82. 326

(3) Edward Cavender, and Thomas Cavender were both then living in Wilkes County, Georgia and an Edward Cavender was then living in Greene County, Georgia. 355

(4) The estate of Hugh Cavender, previously deceased, paid taxes on two adult males over the age of 21, probably Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") and his brother Hezekiah Cavender, who were then apparently still living at home with their mother, plus 1 slave and 1 horse.393

(5) The first U.S. coin was authorized by Congress in 1792. Before that time, the colonies and the early states used the English pound sterling as their official currency.

1793/01/01 Private John Cavender is listed as being enlisted in the Company of Rangers of Capt. John Morriss with the statement "At W. Morriss; no family; concerned in boat building".29
1793/03/13 Sally Jones Cavender ("Sally Cavender") married Richard Booth Churchwell ("Richard Churchwell") in Northumberland County, Virginia. Thomas Pollard was the surety. 294 & 355
1793/03/14 Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender", “Youdaley James Cavender”, “Youdaley Cavender”? & "James Cavender") of Charlotte County, Virginia and the son of Hugh Cavender, married Betsy Elizabeth Sammons ("Betty Sammons" & "Betsey Sammons" and "Betsy Sammons") in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Betsy Sammons' father, James Sammons, was the Surety and the ceremony was performed in Lunenburg County by James Shelburne (“James Shelburn”?) who was a Baptist minister who died in Lunenburg County, Virginia about 1820. Apparently, the records of the LDS state that a surety bond was posted in Westmoreland County, Virginia on this date with respect to the pending marriage of James Cavender to Betsey Sammons and that the surety was James Sammons, believed to be the father of Betsy Sammons. 30, 111, 133, 350 393
1793/06/14 Dozier T. Cavender ("Dozier Cavender"), believed to be the son of George Cavender and grandson of Henry Cavender of Westmoreland County, Virginia, married Elizabeth Gill in Westmoreland County with George Cavender as Surety. 30, 133, 149, 350 355
1793/07/19 Jesse Cox, brother-in-law of Silas James Cavender ("Silas Cavender"), was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, married Elizabeth Brown on January 18, 1816 and who was the daughter of Charles Brown and a Michel. He died on August 23, 1879 in his home in Williamson County, Tennessee at the age of 86 years, 1 month and 4 days, and is buried beside his wife in the McConnico cemetery about 4 miles from Franklin in Williamson County, Tennessee. Also buried in the same cemetery are two doctor sons of Jesse Cox: Dr. William Carroll Cox ("William Cox") who died on October 2, 1851 at the age of almost 30 years; and, Dr. James M. Cox ("James Cox") and two daughters: Mary Cox; and, Elizabeth B. Cox ("Elizabeth Cox"). Jesse Cox married Elizabeth Brown, who was born February 3, 1793 and died December 21, 1869 and their children were: William Carroll Cox ("William Cox") who lived near Rock Springs, Kentucky” in 1859; Garner M. Cox ("Garner Cox"); Sarah Cox who married a Pearce (“Pierce”); Mary Elizabeth Cox ("Mary Cox") who died on November 17, 1851 at the age of 23 years, 10 months and 28 days; Elizabeth B. Cox ("Elizabeth Cox"); Martha Ann Cox ("Martha Cox") who married T.W. Pettus (“T.W. Pettuce”?) on December 25, 1858; Jane J. Cox ("Jane Cox"); and, Jesse T. Cox ("Jesse Cox"). Either Elizabeth Cox or Jane Cox married R.F. McFadden who apparently was also a minister who eventually lived approximately 12 miles from Silas Cavender in Kentucky and who had married Rachal Cox ("Rachel Cox"? & "Rachael Cox"?), the sister of Jesse Cox. Jesse Cox joined the Big Harpeth Primitive Baptist Church in Williamson County, Tennessee on the first Saturday in 1817, became a deacon in October 1820, and was ordained to the ministry by Elders Atkerson (“ElderAtkinson”?) and King. 100
1793/10/xx On the motion filed by Joseph Cavender, the oldest son of Hugh Cavender and the executor of the estate of Hugh Cavender, together with the posting of the required bond in the probate court of Charlotte County, Virginia, a certificate was granted to Joseph Cavender for obtaining probate of the will of his father's estate. Archibald Compton and James Cavender entered into the surety bond. It is believed that this particular James Cavender was Joseph Cavender's brother, Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender" & “Youdaley Cavender”?).393
1793 (1) A Robert Cavender was born about 1793 and his place of birth is unknown. His son, also named Robert Cavender, was born in 1813 in Miami County, Ohio, and Robert Cavender, Sr.'s father, John Cavender, was born in 1760 in New Castle County, Delaware. 269

(2) GEORGIA: Edward Cavender was living in Greene County, Georgia; a second Edward Cavender was living in Wilkes County, Georgia; and, Thomas Cavender was living in Wilkes County, Georgia. 355

(3) NEW JERSEY: Brien Cavender ("Briant Cavender? & "Bryant Cavender"?) paid taxes in Gloucester Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey.418 He probably was the same Briant Cavender ("Brien Cavender" & "Bryant Cavender") who paid taxes in Gloucester Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey in 1796, and the same Briant Cavender ("Brien Cavender" & "Bryant Cavender") who paid taxes in Gloucester Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey in 1797.418

(4) NORTH CAROLINA: Edward Cavender was paying taxes in Hubberts District, Wilkes County, North Carolina.418 Thomas Cavender was then paying taxes in Hubberts District, Wilkes County, North Carolina.418

(5) PENNSYLVANIA: William Cavender was then living in Charleston Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.418

(6) VIRGINIA: James Cavender was listed on the personal estate taxes in Charlotte County, Virginia. He had no livestock and actually paid no taxes. This is believed to be the same Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") who married Betty Sammons, daughter of James Sammons, in Lunenburg County, Virginia on March 14, 1793.393

1794/02/07 On this date, Charles Cavenah ("Charles Cavender"?) of Burke County, Georgia sold to William Horn of Edgecombe County, North Carolina for 25 pounds a tract of 50 acres north of Tar River on Beach Run and adjoining Gray and the said William Horn (where Mary Cavenah or Mary Cavender? lived and died). The Indenture was witnessed by James Merritt, Moses Horn and Britain Smith. It is to be noted that Edward Cavenah ("Edward Cavender"?) was living in Putnam County, Georgia according to the 1820 census and was probably of the same family. Edgecombe Cnty, North Carolina DB 8, p. 82
1794/03/22 Anna Cavender married John Townsend of Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. She was probably the daughter of James Cavender and Catherine Cavender of the same county. 283 & 306
1794/04/21 William Cavender, who may have been the son of Hugh Cavender then deceased, and John Bryant jointly execute a marriage bond in Prince Edward County, Virginia, for 50 pounds payable to the State of Virginia with respect to the pending marriage of William Cavender to Dicey Bryant ("Diana Bryant"), daughter of Jessee Bryant ("Jesse Bryant"?). Surety was John Bryant, and the witnesses were William Cavender and John Porter. Prince Edward County, Virginia was formed out of Amelia County, Virginia in 1754 30, 31, 131, 133, 294, 350 & 393 The name Dicey in the colonial period in Virginia was derived from Diana. The -cy and -sy nicknames were more prevalent in Virginia than in Massachusetts anyway.
1794/06/09 Hugh Cavender's widow, Frances Cavender of Charlotte County, Virginia, gave to her son James Cavender ("Eudaley James Cavender" & "Eudaley Cavender") and wife, Betsy Cavender (formerly "Betsy Sammons" & "Betty Sammons"), a surrey and a bay coach horse just before Frances Cavender died. The Indenture was witnessed by James Sammons (probably Betsy's Sammons' brother), Edward Chambers, and Stephen Cavender (probably James Cavender's brother). This document should be sufficient proof that Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender") of Lunenburg County, Virginia, who married Betsy Sammons on March 14, 1793 is the son of Hugh Cavender.142 This probably was either a wedding gift or an anniversary gift as her son James Cavender and Betty Sammons were married on March 14, 1793.393 It is to be noted that it is estimated that Hugh Cavender's son, Stephen Cavender, was born about 1773. Thus, he would have been either 21 years of age, or slightly over 21 years of age, when he witnessed the above legal document.
1794/06/09 Eleanor Dedmon ("Eleanor Dedman"?) married Robert Wilson in Henrico County, Virginia. 355
1794/06/12 Ann Cavender married Benjamin Estill on this date in Madison County, Kentucky.
1794/06/14 Dosier T. Cavender ("Dosier Cavender" & “D.T. Cavender”) married Elizabeth Gill in Westmoreland County, Virginia.294
1794/08/03 Joannes Caverner ("Joannes Cavender"?), daughter of Gulielmi Caverner ("Gulielmi Cavender"?) and Mariae Caverner ("Mariae Cavender"?), was christened in Saint James Parish-RC on Winchester Street, London?, Hampshire County, England. 170
1794/04/13 Charles Cavender was born on this date in Greenfield, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire to Charles Cavender and Eleanor Addison ("Elenore Addison"). Charles Cavender, Sr. who apparently immigrated from Ireland via Newfoundland about 1775 at the age of about 19 years. Some say Charles Cavender, Jr. settled in North Lewisburg, Ohio.397
1794/06/09-1794/10/04 As Frances Cavender (wife of Hugh Cavender) had a life estate in the property of her husband under the terms of his last will and testament, then she must have died sometime between June 9, 1794 (when she gave her son James Cavender and his wife Betsy Cavender a surrey and a bay coach horse) and October 4, 1794 (when her oldest son Joseph who was named in his father’s will as the executor of his father’s estate) sold a portion of the estate to William Blake as indicated below.393
1794/08/28 Hezekiah Featherston ("Hezekiah Featherstone"?) and Nancy Tarpley ("Ann Tarpley"), daughter of either James Tarpley or John Tarpley, were married on this date in Charlotte County, Virginia with the surety being Charles Featherston ("Charles Featherstone"?, "Carloss Featherstone", "Carloss Featherston", "Carlos Featherstone"? & "Carlos Featherston"?) with Rev. Edward Almond performing the ceremony.
1794/10/04 Joseph Cavender of Chesterfield County, Virginia, the oldest son and as executor of the estate of Hugh Cavender, sold to William Blaike ("William Blake") 100 acres of land located on the waters of the Horsepen Creek in Charlotte County, which land was formerly owned by Hugh Cavender and adjacent to the lands of William Blaik ("William Blake, Sr.") , an unknown Farmer, and James Elmore. The Indenture was witnessed by his brother Eudaley James Cavender ("Eudaley Cavender" & “E.J. Cavender”) and William Thiueatt and recorded on October 6, 1794.32 (See also 50)As Frances Cavender, wife of Hugh Cavender, had a life estate in the above property, she must have died sometime between June 9, 1794 when she gave her son James Cavender and his wife Betsy Cavender a surrey and a bay coach horse, and October 4, 1794 when her oldest son Joseph Cavender who was the executor and administrator of Hugh Cavender's estate sold the above property to William Blake.393 It is to be noted that a James Elmore (minister) married Polly Hamlett (widow) on October 13, 1803 in Charlotte County, Virginia.

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