Excellence in Teaching Awards

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Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Excellence in Teaching Awards (previously called Teacher of Excellence Awards) have been presented annually since 1985, and are now named in honor and recognition of the following.


Eve Carson:

In her brief lifetime, Eve Marie Carson (1985-2008) created an extraordinary record of academic achievement, leadership, and community service as well as a legacy of friendships with people young and old. A native of Athens, at Clarke Central HS she was both student body president and Class of 2004 Valedictorian. She attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and accepted a Morehead-Cain Scholarship. She studied abroad in Havana, Cuba, and did volunteer work in Ecuador and Egypt. She majored in biology and political science and became a North Carolina Fellow in a leadership development program for undergraduates. She also was tapped for Phi Beta Kappa honor society. In February 2007, Carson was elected UNC student body president. At her death in 2008 her parents, Bob and Teresa Carson, asked for donations to be made to the Foundation for Excellence, and the Friends of Eve Carson Excellence in Teaching Award has been presented since 2010.

Joan D. Humphries:
Joan Davis Humphries holds a master’s in English and a doctorate in supervision of instruction from the University of Georgia, and a degree in English and social studies from Western Carolina University. She joined the Clarke County School District in 1975, and served in positions including Coordinator of Language Arts and Staff Development, Principal of Alps Rd. Elementary School, and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Assessment. Always an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation for Excellence and its purposes, she was a part of the committee of district leaders who established the criteria for the original Teacher of Excellence Awards. After her retirement in 1998, she served as Historian for the Foundation until 2006, and was instrumental in establishing the Frusanna S. Booth Chair, the Freida M. Thomas Teacher of Promise Award, and the Kathryn H. Hug Instructional Leadership Award. She is married to Carroll D. Humphries, and the mother of two daughters who are both teachers in metro-Atlanta school districts. The Joan D. Humphries Excellence in Teaching Award has been presented since 2010.
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Jim and Dorothy Newland:

Jim Newland, retired from banking after 32 years, serves on the financial advisory board for the Foundation for Excellence, and has been involved in community organizations including Covenant Presbyterian Church, the local Olympic organizing committee, the United Way of Northeast Georgia, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Athens, and many more. Dorothy Sams Newland, a past trustee for the Foundation for Excellence, is a life-long Athens resident and a graduate of the Clarke County schools, having attended Barrow Elementary School and Athens High. Her community involvement includes the Athens Community Council on Aging, Covenant Presbyterian, the Clarke County Mentor Program, the Athens Regional Library board, and many more. Their two children attended Clarke County schools, and both Newlands have provided long-term financial support and cheerleading for public schools. The Newland Family Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award has been presented since 2010.

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Dr. Ken Sherman:

Born and raised in New York City, Dr. Ken Sherman moved to Athens in 1991, where he met fellow educator Sherrie Gibney. They were married in 1992 and have a daughter, Mollie. Since 1981, Dr. Sherman has taught, at various times, at the middle school, high school, and college level. Dr. Sherman earned a masters degree in English and American Literature from New York University and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Georgia. From 1988-2009, he worked full-time as a school administrator, including seventeen years as the assistant principal (1992-1996) and principal (1996-2009) at Clarke MS in Athens. He has worked with Northeast Georgia Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) as a school improvement specialist and taught part time in the College of Education at the University of Georgia. A biking enthusiast, Dr. Sherman organizes local charity bike rides and events, including the Athens-Savannah Double Century to benefit the Foundation for Excellence. The Ken Sherman Double Century Excellence in Teaching Award has been presented since 2011.

Past Winners of Named Excellence in Teaching Awards:

Friends of Eve Carson Excellence in Teaching Award:

2014: Julie Hinkle, Oglethorpe Ave. ES

2013: Stephanie Bradshaw, Timothy Rd. ES

2012: Katherine Brown, J.J. Harris ES

2011: Erin Cawthon, Clarke Central HS

2010: Lee Ann Callebs, Whitehead Rd. ES

Joan D. Humphries Excellence in Teaching Award:

2015: Marie Boyle, Barrow ES

2014: Abby Brink, Barrow ES

2013: Marc L. Ginsberg, Cedar Shoals HS

2012: Dorothy Wylie Jones, Hilsman MS

2011: Matthew Hicks, Cedar Shoals HS

2010: Leslie Dutcher, Whit Davis ES
Newland Family Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award:

2014: Rachel Harrison, Whitehead Rd. ES

2013: Lee Rogers, Barrow ES

2012: Kimberly Lang, Gaines ES

2011: Stephen Hinson, Clarke Central HS

2010: Lindsay Williamson, Timothy Rd. ES

Ken Sherman Double Century Excellence in Teaching Award:

2015: Grace Staniszewski, Fowler Dr. ES

2014: Shannon Thompson, Stroud ES

2013: Em Smith Headley, Barrow ES

2012: Jan Mullins, Barrow ES

2011: Vernellia Wade, Alps Rd. ES

Past Winners of the Excellence in Teaching/Teacher of Excellence Awards:

2010: Kena Worthy, Timothy Rd. ES;

and recipients of named Awards (listed above)

2009: Ansley Clarkson, Cleveland Rd. ES; Kelly Felt, Cleveland Rd. ES; Barbara Gaertig, Barnett Shoals ES; Elizabeth Royer-Woodward, Alps Rd. ES; Beth Selleck, Barrow ES

2008: Ann Benedek, Fowler Dr. ES; Harry Cooper, Clarke Central HS; Beverly Harper, Cleveland Rd. ES; Mikelle Innes, Timothy ES; Heather Sitler, Barrow ES

2007: Amanda Barham, Timothy Rd. ES; Sara Cross, Barrow ES; Becky Lewis, Alps Rd. ES; Claire Smith, Alps Rd. ES; Candice Southall, Cedar Shoals HS

2006: Nancy Baumann, Barnett Shoals ES; George Bullock, Cedar Shoals HS; Stephen Castile, Cedar Shoals HS; Allyson Griffith, Barrow ES; Cecilia Hyers, Clarke MS

2005: Paul Blais, Cedar Shoals HS; Ivette Foreit, Clarke MS; Stella Guerrero, Cedar Shoals HS; Claire McGee, Whit Davis ES; Manel Ratnayaka, Hilsman MS

2004: Wanda Claxton, Alps Rd. ES; Lori Dean, Barnett Shoals ES; Francine Dalton, Clarke Central HS; Lili Li, Barrow ES; Gwen Turner, Clarke Central HS

2003: Evelyn Bain, Barrow ES; Mary Bradbury-Bailey, Cedar Shoals HS; Susan Cardin, Cleveland Rd. ES; Thomas Glenn, Clarke MS; Fannie S. Smith, Burney-Harris-Lyons MS

2002: Jennifer Cole, Cleveland Rd. ES; Melissa Dupre, Clarke Central HS; Brandis Hartsell, Whitehead Rd. ES; Anne Page, Coile MS; Mary Jo Prescott, Coile MS

2001: Wanda Culpepper, Whit Davis ES; Faith Huff, Clarke Central HS; Mary Lynn Lane, Fowler Dr. ES; Jennfer Leahy, Clarke Central HS; Mary Quinn, Hilsman MS

2000: Valerie Aldridge, Barrow ES; Teresa Granger, Fourth Street ES; Karen Hankins, Whit Davis ES; Monica Knight, Coile MS; Ellen Sabatini, Alps Rd. ES

1999: Shareef Bacchus, Hilsman MS; Jennifer Greer, Clarke MS; David Harvel, Fourth St. ES; Nichole McLaughlin, Barnett Shoals ES; Katherine Thompson, Clarke MS

1998: Matthew Boggs, Cedar Shoals HS; Carol Hall, Hilsman MS; Carmen Jordan, Systemwide; Susan Rodrigue, Whit Davis ES; Georgiana Sumner, Alps Rd. ES

1997: Robert Guy, Clarke MS; Vicki Krugman, Fourth St. ES; Theodore MacMillan, Hilsman MS; Barbara Michalove, Fourth St. ES; Jeanie Trotochaud, Barrow ES

1996: Anne Brightwell, Clarke Central HS; Kevin Manglitz, Clarke MS; Bette McEvoy, Timothy Rd. ES; Jerry Pope, Timothy Rd. ES; Lisa Stanzi, Barrow ES

1995: Peggy Cole, Barrow ES; Tim Jarboe, Fourth St. ES; Barbara Jarrard, Cedar Shoals HS; Teresa Nestor, Whit Davis ES; Donna Ware, Whitehead ES

1994: Molly Efland, Alps Rd. ES; Natalie Hicks, Barrow ES; Tommie Nicholson, Fourth St. ES; William Pappas, Cedar Shoals HS; Beth Tatum, Cedar Shoals HS

1993: Joan Gould, Barnett Shoals ES; Annette Jackson, Cedar Shoals HS; John Osborne, Cedar Shoals HS; Joyce Reynolds, Whit Davis ES; Freida Thomas, Alps Rd. ES

1992: Marianne Causey, Barrow ES; DeLois Gainey, Hilsman MS; Eleanor McMinn, Alps Rd. ES; Norma Quinn, Whit Davis ES; Janice Stowe, Clarke Central HS

1991: Sandy Bouldin, Clarke Central HS; Jean Chandler, Winterville ES; Ginger Davis-Beck, Burney-Harris-Lyons MS; George Harwood, Clarke Central HS; Louise Neal, Cedar Shoals HS

1990: Jeanne Carithers, Alps Rd. ES; Carol Garbin, Gaines ES; Sally Krisel, Barrow ES; Michael Price, Cedar Shoals HS; Candace Stoffel, Burney-Harris-Lyons MS

1989: Cyndi Clark, Clarke MS; Dolly Davis, Barnett Shoals ES; Anna Holshouse, Cedar Shoals HS; Betty Shockley, Fowler Dr. ES; Anna Uhde, Alps Rd. ES

1988: Vivian Alford, Whitehead Rd. ES; Linda Caston, Winterville ES; Pat Jameson, Hilsman MS; Patti McWhorter, Cedar Shoals HS; Marge Schneider, Cedar Shoals HS

1987: Sherrie Gibney, Fowler Dr. ES; Martha Gilree, Burney-Harris-Lyons MS; Ellen Hanna, Hilsman MS; Ruth Longman, Cedar Shoals HS; Pearl Powell, Cedar Shoals HS

1986: Teresa Hobson, Cedar Shoals HS; Joanna Jackson, Clarke MS; Eleanor Miller, Gaines ES; Marianna Miller, Alps Rd. ES; Annie Laura Pace, Cedar Shoals HS; Ann Powell, Clarke Central HS

1985: Faith Kipp Brown, Cedar Shoals HS; Kathryn Bumgartner, Hilsman MS; Jean Lovell, Barnett Shoals ES

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