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2010 to 2012: Printmaking - Camberwell college of Arts & Design

1995-2000: BA Fine Art - Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design


September 2016 - "Parlour Arboretum", Harcourt Arboretum at Oxford University, Oxford (Performance)

September 2015 - Premiere of "The cycle of Ragnarök" short film, London college of communication, University of the arts London (Screening)

September 2015 - Pop up cinema, Portobello Film festival screening of "The cycle of Ragnarök", London (Screening)

February 2015 - "Parlour Symbolique", Freud Museum, London (Performance)
November 2013 - "Diverse gatherings", No format gallery, London (Exhibition)

November 2013 - Mirrors to the sky, part of Silent cacophony festival war memorial, Barbican centre, London (Performance)

July 2013 - Parlour Arabesque, Leighton house museum, London (Performance)

October 2012 - Parlour souterrain, Brunel museum, London (Performance)

September 2012 - Parlour jardin, Oxford University botanical gardens, Oxford (Performance)

November - December 2011 - "Time Master", Maria vai com as Outras gallery, Porto, Portugal (Solo Exhibition)

THEATRE FESTIVAL - October 2011 - Festival de Teatro Póvoa do Varzim "É-aqui-in-ócio", Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal (Film screening)

RESIDENCY - September to November 2011 - Residency/ collaboration with "Anattabardo" Butoh company, Porto, Portugal

May 2011 - "Objects of desire", Freud museum, London (Exhibition - installation)

May 2011 - Parlour Principia, Swedenborg hall, London (Performance)

22 October 2010 - "Parlour Praxis", Christchurch Spitafields, London (Performance Eating an apple in church)

24 September 2012 - "Parlour collective na Ler", Ler Devagar/ Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal (Performance First there was a beginning then infinity)

KOREAN EXPERIMENTAL ARTS FAIR - July 2010 - "Black hole", Kopas gallery, South Korea (Film screening)

14 May 2010 - "Parlour École Loqueteuse", Ragged school museum, Mile end, London (Performance)

5 March 2010 - "Middle of nowhere - objects and actions in the abyss", Departure gallery, Southall, England (performance)

28 January 2010 - "Cultlet". In response to Marcus Coates exhibition "Psychopomp", Milton Keynes gallery, Milton Keynes, England (Performance)

December 2009 - "Voyeur". In response to Sophie Calle exhibition, The Whitechapel gallery, London (Installation)

25 May 2009 - "Parlour Chirurgie", The old operating theatre, London (Performance Nigredo, Rubedo, Albedo)

19 September 2008 - "Lust & Luxuria", The Whitechapel gallery, London (Performance Telling a story)

April - June 2008 - "00s Nature", Contemporary arts project, Shoreditch, London (Group Exhibition)

April 2008 - Chelsea college of Art Performance Symposium/fair, Chelsea college of Arts and Design, London (Performance Black hole)

February 2008 - "Lunacy", Whitechapel gallery, London (Performance Interlude with typewrite/timespace)

December 2007 - "La Maison a remonté le temps", la Maison des Poupees, Paris, France (Performance, short film screening)

September 2007 - "Animal", Red gate gallery, London (Group exhibition)

August 2007 - Coletiva ao 8º mês, Galeria Pedro Serrenho, Lisbon, Portugal (Group exhibition)

May 2007 - "Parlour Étude", Jesus college , Oxford University Performance Arts festival, Oxford, England

March 2007 - "Terra Incognita", Foolish People, 491 gallery, London

2006 - International Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal

2006 - The great Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, London

April - May 2005 - "Porto IV", Galeria Pedro Serrenho Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal (Group exhibition)

March - April 2005 - "Design Ambients", Casa Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (Solo Exhibition)

January - February 2005 - "Zoo", Galeria Pedro Serrenho Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal (Solo Exhibition)

BIENNAL MONTIJO 2005 - Prémio Vespeira, Montijo, Portugal

June - July 2004 - "P.K.630,7:Lisboa-Madrid", La galeria Factoria Perro Verde, Madrid, Spain (Group exhibition)

June - July 2003 - "Escapism", Galeria Pedro Serrenho Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal (Solo Exhibition)

November - December 2002 - "Encontros en la Coruna", Club Financeiro Atlantico, La Coruna, Spain (Group Exhibition)

August 2002 - Coletiva ao 8º mês, Galeria Pedro Serrenho Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal

THE AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 2000 - "The new graduates", London


ArtHabens Special Summer 2015 edition, Cover feature and pages 48 to 68

Diário de Notícias/ Cartaz (newspaper arts and culture supplement), 3rd August 2002

Espaço & Design, August 2002

Art Review, June 2000

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