Fiber Optics Installer Nanodegree Career Readiness Guide Purpose

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Fiber Optics Installer Nanodegree

Career Readiness Guide


This document is designed to help prospective students learn more about careers in fiber optics installation, and the new Installer Nanodegree training program. This includes:

  • Examples of fiber optic installer job descriptions

  • A realistic preview of life as an installer

  • What is covered in the Installer Nanodegree and how students learn

  • When and where you can participate

  • How to enroll in the Installer Nanodegree training program

Examples of fiber optics installer job descriptions

Each hiring vendor may have different requirements for hiring new employees. Here are a few examples of job descriptions from real fiber optics installer vendors:

  • ITC Fiber to the Home Installer link:

  • Telecom Installer link:

  • OnePath Broadband Technician link:

  • AT&T Installation Technician link:

  • Charter Communications - Installation Technician link:

  • Onepath, Broadband Technician, NC

A realistic preview of life as an installer

Videos provide a virtual installer ride along from different companies:

  • AT&T Network Careers link:

  • AT&T Premises Technician link:

  • Customer Installation Technician, Comcast link:

  • Fiber Optic Technicians - description link:

  • Google Fiber - Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet to Kansas City link:

  • Life of a DISH technician link:

  • On the job with a Charter Technician link:

  • Verizon Service Hero link:

What is covered in the Installer Nanodegree

  • Fiber optic theory

  • Cabling

  • Networking

  • Construction

  • Troubleshooting

  • Customer Service

How students learn

  • Students who enroll in the program complete projects online and offline with the help of a coach to earn a Nanodegree from Udacity.

  • Participants will have opportunities to practice hands-on skills and receive feedback on performance.

  • Nanodegree students will spend approximately 40 hours total (independent and/or in-person).

  • Students working independently need access to a computer and internet. Please see Udacity’s technical requirements at The Atlanta (start date: September 12) and Charlotte (start date: September 26) pilots will include hands on, in-person coaching opportunities for a select cohort of Nanodegree students.

Where and when you can participate


When: Pilot Period

Online - Atlanta Metro

September 12 - September 24

Training facility in College Park GA

Steps to Enroll:

Review GuideConfirm AvailabilityComplete Interest FormEnrollment

Review this guide to learn more about careers and the Installer Nanodegree

Confirm you are available to commit 40 hours total to study during pilot period

Atlanta Interest Form

If you are selected to participate in the pilot, Udacity will contact you via email

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