Flight Operations Internship Program-Unpaid

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Flight Operations Internship Program-Unpaid
American Airlines is offering internship opportunities. Most of our internships are located at the American Airlines Flight Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. We also have internships available at New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth and Los Angeles International airports. If you require further information about the program please contact Lisa Solitario at (817) 967-5147 or at Lisa.Solitario@aa.com.
The internship is open to all full-time students enrolled in flight programs at selected universities. The basic requirements are:

  1. Junior or Senior Status

  2. Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

  3. Commercial Certificate/Instrument Rating (obtained before applying)

  4. Second Class FAA Medical with ability to obtain First Class certification

  5. U.S. citizen or alien with legal right to accept employment in the U.S.

To apply for an internship position, please provide the following information to your Career or Academic Advisor to be submitted by March 8, 2013. .
Interested applicants go through an initial selection process at their school; the most competitive applications are forwarded to American Airlines. We review resumes, cover letters, transcripts, recommendations and driving records, and then fly the top candidates to Dallas/Fort Worth for interviews
Required Documents:

  1. Cover Letter and Resume

  2. Copies of Flight Certificates, Ratings, and Medical

  3. Current official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

  4. Current official motor vehicle records for previous 3 years

NOTE: In addition for applying for internship position, students must apply online before March 8, 2013 at www.aacareers.com\college

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