Football Player Jason Adame

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Football Player Jason Adame

Well it’s time to tell the truth. I was born in 2000; I was in the football team which we were the red birds. I was number one because no body wanted to be it so I decided to be number one. The position I was a running back which I was good but I wanted to be was a safety. Why I didn’t like running back was because they threw it to me then out of no where a kid was coming full speed and he hit me hard into the in zone, but I scored the touchdown.

But we still went to the championships which we were in an on fire then the other team we vs. was the blue jay which they were pretty good but we won by one point. One kid was good because one of are players fumble which we almost lost that game. But we recovered an interception which was my friend. My nick name was little Donald driver because I was fast as him. But better then Donald driver just kidding. My favorite player in the green bay packers is probably Brett Favre, arron Rodgers, and last but not least is claw Matthews. Claw is so beast he stills plays for the green bay packers. The best quarter back went to the Vikings but then he left football. But we still have Arron Rodgers the best quarter back right now.

When I was five I went to a green bay packers game which they were vs. the chargers which the packers were 45 and the chargers were 12 and when it was halftime they were shooting balls and other kind of stuff which they threw a jersey which I got it. It was pretty awesome and we last year won the super bowl and is were the Steelers which I was bald. I was so happy we won the Steelers. The number one team is the green bay packers and the ravens.

Then we vs. another team which they were pretty good but we still bet them by one point. I scored the last point which we won and the score was 12-13.The number one team was us which we won the other championships which we won only three championships because we were one of the best teams. The teams that were good were the buck, blue jays and, this other team called the cobras. The most difficult team was the blue jays, and the cobras. The teams that bet us was the jays, the cobras and, this other team which we lost by one point. When we won the three championships we all celebrated and went to go see a packers game vs. the chargers everybody that was in my team liked the green bay packers which the packers won by 4 touchdowns it was awesome because the score was 45-13 is was the coolest games I went to.

In my memories the number one to I thought was good was the blue jays because they were fast and I knew most of them. Because they went to my school which was awesome and the team I didn’t like was the cobras because we lost because the coaches send out all the good players first then they were all tried then we lost by two points which it was not cool. But I got to an interception which was awesome and I recovered a fumble that the quarter let go.

When I grow up I want to be in the all-stars players which I never meet one of the players in the green bay packers which someday I will. The player I want to meet is Aaron Rodgers, Donald driver; claw Matthews, Gregg Jennings, and the old beast quarter back Brett Favre. Because there all beast players and I wanted to meet other players back then.

Will when I quit the team because we were moving so we celebrated a last day because I was leaving and it was in 4 of July so we but some much fireworks we were all glad which we invited everybody that went to are games which was awesome. It was awesome because we did them all in the same time which was awesome.


Why I wanted to do this was because I wanted to tell about my story of football. Which are team was the best from all other teams that we vs. the second was the blue jays and then was the cobras. We won more championship.

That Soccer incident

by, Lorenzo Arevalo

, I woke up around because I had an indoor soccer game at 10 or 11. So after I woke up my dad yelled ,”foods ready”.so then I rush into the kitchen to go eat, after I finish eating I go and start to ready for my soccer game. So after I’m done it’s around 9:30, then my dad yells again, “are you ready little monkey”.

Then I said,”yea just let me put on my shin guards put on my shoes and get my water”.so then I got everything that I needed and we headed to my game. Then after we got to the soccer field we were early and had to wait. By that time everyone on my team had shown up in like 5 to ten minutes before the game.

So then the coach said,” everyone in a circle now”. Then our coach started telling us where we were going to play on the field,” Lorenzo left side, Brian middle, Derek right and so on and so on.” After the game that we were waiting to end finally finished. After that all of our team and the other team got on the field and started to shoot.

Then the buzzer rang to start our game. So then we started to play while our coach was yelling,” stop the ball, don’t let them shoot, start passing and play around with the ball a little”. But in second half that is when things started to get really bad. Our team was winning 2-1 so then they started to get really physical. The referee started to call so much fouls. He got tired of calling fouls he made the kid who was doing most of the big fouls to sit out for ten minutes.

After that the team got even madder and started to play even rougher than they were before and the coach kept telling them, “calm down”. But that just enraged them ever more so they decided to take their anger out on me.

So two of them got behind me while I was running and flipped me over. So I front flip like seven feet, and so I looked back and I heard them say,” Good job”.

So from this experience I learned to keep trying. Keep doing what you love, you will get hurt sometimes, but that’s part of life. Also from that I learned to be more careful, and I’ve learned tricks to help me handle the ball and to be more careful during a soccer games. So I still play soccer but I remember that day i stopped doing what I love the most SOCCER!!!!

When I Started Skateboarding

By Levi Barlow

It all started at one day when I saw the X games 11. I thought the guys competing were so cool. That is when I asked my dad.

“Can I get one of those?” I said.

“You really want a skateboard?” He said.

Yeah” I said.

He gave me the oddest look, because he never thought of me of much of the skater type.

“ I will get you a skateboard if you actually try to skateboard as best as you can.” He said.

“I promise I will try to do my best.” I said.

A couple days went by, or it seemed it was actually a month, I kind of forgot about it. That next month I got my first skateboard. I was so happy about the skateboard I was so proud of it. I felt like I could do anything.

The first day I skated I wasn’t good at all; all I could do was barely even roll on it. Then I would fall down and hurt my butt. I got back up every time and tried it again.

My dad said, “ Your pretty good.”

“Not really.” I said.

“It’s your first day” He said.

“I know but I still suck. “ I said.

“ Your doing great” He said.

That gave me confidence. The next couple days were pretty much me just rolling around and getting used to the feel of the skateboard.

I landed my first Ollie when I was five years old. Can you imagine the happiness that I had when I landed that? It was like heaven on earth, because I was only five and it was the biggest accomplishment of my life. I put my heart and soul into that first Ollie; even though it was only about one inch off the ground I was still proud of myself.

It was a beautiful day when I first took my worst fall yet. I was going pretty fast down a good sized hill, and I hit a pebble and my wheels got stuck on the pebble. I flew at least five feet going down the hill. I got so many scrapes I had one all the way down my back and on my knees. It felt like the worst burn on earth. Especially when we tried to clean the scrapes.

I didn’t want to skate again after that fall and I didn’t skate for about six days. I was so nervous to try to go outside and skate again. That day I actually tried again I fell tons of times. These falls didn’t hurt though all I did was just fall on my butt and get back up.

I thought skating got boring after that because I wasn’t very interested in it anymore. I only skated a little bit for the next five years.

It was when I turned eleven years old when I got a new skateboard. I got into skating again. I could still Ollie when I got that board. I still skate today.

Reflection: I learned tons of new stuff from skateboarding. It helped my social life a lot. Skating made me who I am today. I am a good skater now.

How I pulled my arm

By, Bryson Barnett

I was at school playing football and I was the quarter back so we did a Hail Mary. I through the football over the fence so I said sorry to the people all of a sudden the bell rang RIIIIIING. We went to class and I talked to my teacher about what I did.

She was not mad but she called my friend up to her desk Tommy please come to my desk. She talked to me and tommy about what I did. I said, “yes but it was an accident.” Is that true tommy,” yes.” I said,” I will ask my parents if I could buy you a new football.” Now both of you go to your desks and work on your assignment. School was almost over. Then the bell rang RIIIIIIIING.

Yay School is over. I walked home happy. But I was worried what my mom would say. I said, “I’m home.” “Mom, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” can I borrow some money because I through my friends football over the fence. “Yes, but we have to talk to dad about that ok. So please go to your room until I call you for dinner .so I went to my room and played my video games. Then I heard my mom say Bryson, your dad is here. Ok. I opened my door and saw my dad making dinner and talking to my dad.

My dad said “Bryson your mom and I were talking about what you did, we are going to have to ground you , and we are going to buy your friend a new whatever it was, so go to your room.” I said, “But can I have dinner before I go to my room? Yes you may. So we had dinner which was Steak with some Corn. It was good so I went to my room and time passed by. It was the next day. The birds were singing .and the sun was up. So I went to my closet to pick out some clothes I put on a stripped shirt and some pants on.

I got out of my room and asked what was for breakfast. It was a Pop Tart I enjoyed eating it. It was time for my mom to take me to school. So my mom dropped me off at school.

I said, ‘love you mom’. Just when she drove off to work I went to see if my friends were there they were their waiting for me to get over their.

I said to my friend, how do you like your new football? I like it he said. Well it is so big; it was the only one they had. Ok. He said well I’m going to have to do something to you. What is it? Come over here and we will show you. Ok I am over here so we were talking about playing tug a war. So you get to have the strong people , then lets get started they asked who wanted to be the rope so I voted to be the rope so they pulled my arm out of my socket. So I went to the office called my mom and said I pulled my arm out of my socket



My first broken bone

By: Parker Bentley

The Ride There

Well I was going on a ride with my brother and my mom’s boyfriend’s son; we were going on a ride with our four wheelers. The ride there was amazing it was so beautiful it took my breath away. I loved it up until the sharp corner, when I was turning I crashed into the side of the mountain next to me. It happened so fast the pain didn’t start kicking in for about ten seconds then…..

The Pain

After I crashed about ten seconds later the pain started. At the first my whole left foot was numb but ten seconds later it started throbbing with pain it was the worst pain I have felt in years it was excruciating. But when I took off my shoe it was even more pain then when it started. When I saw my brother come around the corner, I was so relieved. Then my brother picked me up and put me back onto the four-wheeler. We started going back to camp.

The Ride Back To Camp

The ride back was terrible it was throbbing the whole way back. Every time I hit a bump it felt like the bone was rubbing against the other one it hurt so bad it was the worst pain I have ever felt.

When I Got Back To Camp

When I got back to camp I got off the four-wheeler and sat in a reclining chair. The bleeding was so bad it made me want to puke. Then we figured out it was bleeding from under the toenail and it looked like the toenail was going to come off. Then I took some acetaminophen to relive the pain. Then I waited in the car to start going back home.

The Ride Home

My toe didn’t hurt very badly on the way home because I had it elevated the whole way home. Whenever I put my foot my foot on the ground it started throbbing because all of the blood was going to it hurt.

The doctor’s report

The doctor said that my big toe and only my big toe was broken but I half to where a big huge cast on my foot just cause my big toe. They didn’t even tape it to my other toe how weird.



By: Parker Bentley

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