Teams issues Teams login issue?

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Teams issues

Teams issues

  1. Teams login issue?

  1. first we need to check weather user has proper license or not (E3 & E5).

  2. If he had proper license then uninstall teams and then we need to clear the cache memory of teams from %appdata%\microsoftteams in user computer.

  3. Download and install teams from office portal and login there.

2. Teams is slow or hang

  1. Check for the last restart time of your devicetype systeminfo in command prompt and check there or go to task manager see the performance of the device. restart teams and see.

  2. it's not resolved, check user has proper license or not. If he had properly license opening web version and check whether it is running normally.

  3. then we need to clear the cache memory of teams from %appdata%\microsoftteams in user computer and restart the teams app.

  4. Check for updates install

  5. if it is not working normally ,then download teams app and sign in again.

3. Not able to share screen teams?

  1. If you are not able to share screen in in meetings, then Meeting admin to change the who can present option to everyone.

  2. screen sharing not working during chat then lower your screen resolution. test with different resolution and see which one is supported when screen sharing.

  3. also not working, check for updates install updates of teams or your device OS.

4. Audio quality is not good in teams meeting?

open teamssettingsdevicesaudio devicesthere we can make audio settings according to our audio deviceand make a test call to verify it.

5. Not able to use video call?

  1. first check the network connection good or not

  2. Microsoft team servers are down or up

  3. try to clear out your cache memory of teams in your computer

  4. Go to settings click devicescheck camera settings and restart the teams

  5. also not working, then reinstall the teams from Microsoft website & login again.

Download 28.22 Kb.

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