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For Immediate Release

re: The Tardy Brothers : Comedy & Juggling Show

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High Energy Jugglers come to (venue or city) to shake things up!
You may have seen juggling, but you haven’t truly experienced it until you’ve seen the

explosive, inventive juggling of brothers Matthew and Jason Tardy.

The (venue) located (location), brings the dynamic duo to (city) for one night only, (date) at (time). The Tardy Brothers are here to show everyone what high energy juggling is all about!
The Atlantis Resort calls them “AMAZING!”, Inside Edition has dubbed them "One of the hottest juggling acts in the country!" and Fox News says “They make their Momma proud!”. Featuring their own brand of relentless sarcastic wit, physical comedy, live music and high energy juggling, Matthew and Jason Tardy have created an unstoppable performance that has audiences on their feet!
The Tardy Brothers have been touring professionally at theaters, colleges and resorts for over 20 years with such highlights as the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, the Golden Phoenix Casino in Reno, NV and even The White House in Washington DC three times! Matthew and Jason have also been seen on CBS Sunday Morning, Inside Edition, and David Letterman.
Come see why the Oddfellow Theater called it “A totally rockin’ experience for the whole


Tickets are available by calling (venue) at (phone). Tickets are (prices). Show time is (time), doors open at (time). FMI check out

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Call for more info: 1-866-584-4532 or email at

Tardy Brothers is made up of brothers, Jason and Matthew Tardy. Their performing career started as

teenagers in Maine when they presented some sketch comedy at a local community talent

show. They were seen by Michael Miclon, The Stand-Up Juggler, who noticed their natural

rapport with the audience, and encouraged them to develop their talent. Not long after this

Jason and Matthew accepted an invitation to apprentice and tour with Michael Miclon.
The apprenticeship opened other doors including the opportunity to train with world renowned jugglers Michael Menes and Peter Davison and Mime Master Tony Montanaro. The

brother's naturally competitive spirit mixed with good-natured sibling rivalry rocketed their

juggling skills to dramatic heights in a short period of time. Keeping the act "in the family" has

also benefited them in other ways. They seem to have an uncanny ability to anticipate each

other's moves on stage, which serves them well as they perform their synchronized duet


Example Interview Questions

  1. What exactly is “high energy juggling”?

  1. Have you ever been injured by juggling dangerous props?

  1. Do you fight a lot; working together and being brothers?

  1. Do you write the music or juggling first?

  1. Where is the furthest place you have ever performed?

  1. How does Matt fit through a tennis raquet and how did he learn he could do that?

  1. Did your mom yell at you when you juggled in the house?

  1. What happens if you drop during a show?

  1. How long have you been performing?

  1. Is this show good for all ages?

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