French-English “Dictionary”

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French-English “Dictionary”
á bas les aristos: Atristos to the back!

A la lanterne les aristos! Let’s string the aristocrats on the lampposts

á propos: a timely remark; by the way

aristo: aristocrat

au revoir: good-bye

banal: dull; boring

billet doux: a love letter or a note

bon mot: good word

bonhomie: good-naturedness

bourgeoisie: middle class citizen whose wealth comes from education or employment

chapeau-bras: hat under the arms

chat gris: grey cat

chérie: my love; my darling

ci-devant: French nobility from before the ancient regime

citoyen: citizen (male)

citoyenne: citizen (female)

conge: holiday

contredanse: type of folk dance

coterie: exclusive group of (fashionable) friends with a common interest

coup: violent overthrow of the government

cravat: tie

curé: cleared

début beginning

dîner de françailles: engagement

émigrés emmigrant

en avant: ahead; in front

fêtes: celebration

Hé! La mere! Hey! Mother!

incroyable: unbelieveable

Je m’ennuie, mon ami: I’m bored, my friend.

jeunesse dorré: arrogant (golden) youth

liberté-egalité-fraternité: liberty-equality-brotherhood

M. monsieur

Mme. madame

Monsigneur: “my lord” member of clergy

morbleu: corruption of mort de Dieu

mot d’ordre: call to action

Pardieu: by Jove! (old-fashioned; Jove is Zeus; by the gods!)

père: father

plebeian: someone in the middle or lower class

recherché: to look for something again

rue street

sacré tonnerre: sacred thunder (old-fashioned)

sacrés Anglais: sacred English

sacrés aristos: sacred aristocrats

sacrrrée soutane: sacred robe of the clergy

sang-froid: cool; calm

serviette: towel; napkin

sobriquet: nickname

soirée de contrat: becoming engaged or betrothed

soupcon: suspicion

tête-á-tête: head to head

tricotteeuses: hags (ordered by the State) who sit and jeer at the condemned as they knit

tumbils: cart

vis-á-vis: face to face

voilà: there!

voyons: let’s go see
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