From: Ross Clark, Richard Finner, Terry Keiser

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August 13, 2009
To: Ron Vito, Paul O’Connell

From: Ross Clark, Richard Finner, Terry Keiser

Applied Digital Media & Printing Faculty

Applied Technology Department

Cc: Virgina McKee-Leone, Patrick Schwerdtfeger

RE: ADM Year-End Report

This report outlines accomplishments for 2008-2009 in Applied Digital Media & Printing and suggested goals for the coming year.
Accomplishments 2008-2009:

  • Several students were placed into full-time employment in the industry.

  • The Graphix Club was an active group on campus participating in Halloween Town, Club Rush, Ho Ho Pizza Party, Easter Bunny Party, etc. and taking photos at most events as a community service. The club ended the year by providing about $2000 in scholarships to students.

  • The Graphix Club sponsored the annual Spring Open House which was attended by over 100 potential students and their instructors. The same evening, winners were announced for the annual Digital Media contest, also sponsored by the club where scholarships were awarded.

  • The SkillsUSA Chapter was sponsored by Applied Digital Media & Printing, registering 27 students for regional, state, and national career / technical competitions. Thirteen students received California State medals, where over 1000 students and advisors participated in a multitude of career / technical competitions. The year culminated with the national conference held in Kansas City, MO, where 5 RCCD students placed in the top ten in the nation: Graphic Communications: 2nd; Culinary Arts, 20th; Photography 2nd; Commercial Baking, 9th; Video Product Development (team), 1st.

  • Several students entered the California State SkillsUSA Pin Design contest with the following results: Asaph Green received 1st Place, having his design produced as the California State pin. He received a cash scholarship.

  • Several students entered the Printing Industries Association of Southern California design contest. Stephen Ledesma received 3rd place and $600. His ecological-themed poster is displayed in the Mayor’s office and in the office of Jan Muto, RCC’s President.

  • We have completed our first year with National PrintED certification, and will offer testing and certificates to students in the future.

  • The state-of-the-art Computer-to-Plate Fuji DART system, has been implemented providing students with real-world experience in a totally digital workplace. The students have actually produced plates on the system, since the area was remodeled to accommodate student use.

  • A digital printing area was created for student access, again, satisfying PrintED requirements.

  • Annual Program Review was completed, identifying needs and the future course of the Discipline.

  • Annual Program Review identified the need for a one-lab replacement each year, and, unfortunately, no computers were replaced. As funds were limited, one lab’s monitors were replaced with flat screens and chairs. (Monitors-VTEA; chairs, RCC capital funds).

  • Students produced projects as a service for many other clubs on campus such as Model United Nations. Students also assisted the Printing & Graphics Center during peak production periods, eliminating the need for several outside bindery costs and staff overtime.

  • Faculty continued to upgrade their skills as conferences were attended such as Photoshop World and MAC World, and National SkillsUSA.

  • Faculty assisted at the state level by creating articulation templates used across the state.

  • The program was spotlighted in October at the prestigious GraphEXPO held in Chicago. At the event, RCC student Mayda Salas was honored as the 2008 national gold medal winner in Graphic Communicaitons for SkillsUSA.

  • As a result of the win by Mayda Salas, funding was put together to purchase the Heidelberg press received as a prize from SkillsUSA. Thank you to Ray Maghroori (District), RCC Finance Committee, and to Jim parsons for providing the funding. The $80,000 press only cost the District $55,000, in the end.

  • Outreach efforts increased as tours were given during the year to over 30 school groups as they toured the Riverside City campus. Graphics is now a standard tour with the Outreach Department. Several career days were attended by faculty at local high schools.

  • The department refined its course offerings by updating the 3-year plan of courses to ensure successful completion by students. In the process, issues were addressed regarding lower enrollments and the implementation of enrollment management. Several classes were dropped from the program, as a more effective line-up of courses was approved.

  • Progress is being made as the department migrates to the School of the Arts by participating in curriculum development, grant submissions, and community events.

  • The 3 Graphics computer labs continue to be maintained with current software. Software licensing allowed timely upgrade to the Adobe CS4 Creative Suite before others.

  • Articulation agreements have been renewed for San Bernardino County Schools and ROPs, and Riverside County Schools and ROPs.

  • Faculty members are on the advisory committees for San Bernardino County Schools and ROPs, and Riverside County Schools and ROPs.

  • The department submitted and received a 5-year VTEA grant to achieve certified Apple and Adobe Training Center status.

(Ongoing)'>Last year’s goals and progress:

  • Implement PrintED certification for students, with yearly reporting. (Ongoing)

  • Outreach: Continue school visitations, career days, posters on campus, and tours. (Ongoing)

  • Provide Graphix Club and SkillsUSA support for students to showcase their skills. (Ongoing)

  • Continue to seek input from industry partners to maintain program viability. (Ongoing)

  • Continue to seek funding to keep computer hardware “cutting edge.” (Ongoing)

  • Seek industry partners for student placements and internships. (Ongoing)

  • Complete the authorization process to be an Apple Authorized Training Center which will give students the ability to take certification testing for various Apple Professional Applications at a reduced rate and receive the Apple Certification in these applications that many employers like Disney, DreamWorks and Pixar desire. After completing our classes in the Apple Professional Applications and passing the certification tests, students and employers can be assured of a successful minimum skill level in these applications. (Ongoing - Ross Clark)

  • Begin the training process for our instructors that will lead to the department being an Adobe Authorized Training Center with an estimated completion during the 2009-2010 school year. This will enable students to be Adobe certified in various professional layout, illustration, photo manipulation and web-enabled products enhancing their employment skills. (Ongoing – Terry Keiser and Ross Clark)

  • Offer 6-8 week classes for industry skills updates in various software packages. (No progress)

  • Offer ADM64 as an online course. (No progress)

  • Create an online course for “Motion,” (part of the Final Cut Pro package). (No progress)

Applied Digital Media & Printing has seen a dramatic drop in related programs at the high school and ROP level as a result of the shift to remedial programs targeting exit exam completion. Our faculty has input through membership on advisory committees at all districts in the area and perform outreach whenever possible.

The Graphics Technology faculty serves on several committees, for example:

Ross Clark: Academic Senate, RSA Committee, Multimedia Industry Advisory Council

Rich Finner: RCC Strategic Planning Committee, RCC Financial Resource Committee, Senate Finance Committee

Terry Keiser: RSA Committee, and the Multimedia Industry Advisory Council.
In addition to committee assignments, the faculty advises the Graphix Club and the SkillsUSA chapter and serves on a variety of advisory committees for school districts and ROPs in the two-county area and the Career Pathways Initiative for Cathedral City High School.
The faculty looks forward to another great year with student success and industry involvement.

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