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AT: Hollow Earth Solves Extinction

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AT: Hollow Earth Solves Extinction

Inner Earth denizens will not let us in, at best they will enslave us

Libra Rising 11 (Libra Rising, “Hollow Earth Archives”, June 2011, http://www.librarising.com/hollow/hollowarchives.html, accessed 6/21/11, CW)

Ever since the first nuclear detonations in 1945 over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Inner Earth leaders, both good and bad, have stepped up the monitoring of our Outer Earth surface, regularly sending reconnaisance UFO ships as well as using satelite surveillance and other means. The bridge between our technologies is closing and the time for a reunification of both worlds(inner and outer) is at hand. The problem is that there are two opposing forces with contradictory agendas for this unity. The negative inner earth denizens located mostly in Middle Earth(Earth's cavernous shell) want our enslavement, whereas the positive inner earth people located mostly on the planet's inner concave surface want our liberation and regeneration. Fortunately the negatives are dwindling in number as more and more of us here on outer earth are waking up and choosing the path to peace and harmony. Even the prophecies indicate that the vast majority of humankind will choose life over death and truth over lies. Eradicating what's left of the negative forces, however, will be no easy matter, but it will and must be done if the prophesied Millennium or new Golden Age is to become a reality.
There is a way for us to get to hollow Earth, but the inner earth government is keeping it a secret

Libra Rising 11 (Libra Rising, “Hollow Earth Archives”, June 2011, http://www.librarising.com/hollow/hollowarchives.html, accessed 6/21/11, CW)

There is a massive conspiracy to hide the true nature of our planet – that it is hollow, oblate, and inhabited within. Access to the hollow interior is principally through the north polar opening which is some 1200 to 1400 miles wide. There is also a south polar opening, but it is mostly covered with snow and ice. At about 77 degrees north lattitude the the planet starts flattening out an around 82 degrees north lattitude it starts curving inwards and one can catch glimpses of the earth’s inner central sun which lights and warms the interior and which is behind aurora borealis. There is a noticeable rise in temperature in these latitudes and salt water turns into fresh and wildlife is more abundant and the compass needle goes wild and then points south instead of north. Admiral E. Byrd flew over and into the north polar opening in a secret American expedition in 1947 and confirmed all of these facts but was sworn to silence over the matter. All of the major powers have bases stationed in the Arctic in a united but hushed attempt to probe the secrets of the hole at the pole and the interior world, but they are restricted entry by the more powerful inner earth governments or societies which they fear. Before every golden age the ice and snow around the polar openings melt and evaporate forming water or ice canopies around the planet and liberating access to the inner earth.

Aliens live in Hollow Earth

No matter what kind of aliens you believe in they don’t come from “space” they’re from hollow earth

Geraghty 10 (Paul, creator of Google Earth, UFO Encounters, “The Hollow Earth Theory and Aliens”, 8/23/10, http://www.ufoencounters.co.uk/aliensfrominnerearth.html, accessed 6/23/11, CW)

In certain places, at various times, some people have claimed to hear a distinct humming sound in their head which sits on the fringe of their awareness but which, nonetheless, can be extremely irritating to them. Not everyone hears the sound, but those who do are deeply affected by it, and there have even been cases of people committing suicide after being driven mad by the incessant hum. People hearing the sound are often found within the same general locale, suggesting that they are not making the whole thing up. These strange hums have been reported in several places in the UK, most famously in Bristol as the "Bristol Hum." Internationally, the "Taos Hum" from Taos, New Mexico, in the United States, is probably the best known. Hollow Earth theorists speculate that the humming sound comes from advanced machinery used by the race of "Others" or aliens deep within the Earth. Proponents of a Hollow Earth make much of certain satellite photographs of the planet which were released by NASA. These appear to show a crater-like dark aperture in the centre of the Earth. However, critics insist that the photographs referred to are composites, created by layering multiple photographs together, and that the dark area in the centre is nothing more than an area which happened not to be illuminated by daylight at the time the images were taken. Who Are The Aliens Within The Hollow Earth? Among Hollow Earth believers, opinions differ about the nature of the beings inside the Earth, and their attitude towards us. Some are convinced that these "inner Earth aliens" are benevolent Atlanteans who are much like us in appearance, but who may be concerned that some of our technological developments might pose a threat to their way of life; others insist that the Inner Earthers are degenerate lizard creatures of malicious intent who are plotting some kind of takeover of the surface world. The view that there are multiple ET races or factions within the inner world is also encountered.
The good and the bad aliens are both subterranean species from hollow earth

Natalina 10 (Extraordinary Intelligence, “UFOs… Truth or Deception? Part 3: Aliens from Earth, 11/24/10, http://extraordinaryintelligence.com/2924/the-unexplained/ufos-truth-or-deception-part-3-aliens-from-earth/, accessed 6/24/11, CW)

Anyway, we’ve gotten a bit off base.  Back to UFOs and aliens.  It is believed by some that these underground dwellings, be they mere caverns and passages or an entire inner Earth underworld, are the home to beings that are alien to us;  and that perhaps the possess technology beyond what we’ve been able to achieve.  Whether they originated here or they came here long ago is a place where researchers have a variance in opinion.  What matters, they say, is that they are here.  And in one very famous account, they are up to no good. In 1943, Richard Shaver had a story to tell.  In those days, with stories as fantastic as Shaver’s, it was common to submit stories to the cult or pulp magazines that were so popular at the time.  Shaver submitted his tale to Amazing Magazine.  Editor/Publisher Ray Palmer began to correspond with Shaver, and ultimately received a 10,000 word document titled, “A Warning to Future Man”.

Shaver claimed that there was a civilization living in underground caverns. These were mostly sinister beings, descended from an extremely advanced prehistoric race that formed civilizations below the Earth’s crust, but left because of the sun’s damaging radiation. From Shaver’s original manuscript: With the most positive finality, the caverns do exist, and they are incredibly extensive, so that the possible population (were not so many dead) could be thousands of times that of the surface of the earth, because it consists of very many tiers of caves? The caves are connected by broad highways, carved through the solid rock for thousands of miles, the whole inner earth being a vastly complicated network of tunnels connecting literally thousands of great caved as large as any surface city, and some so large as to dwarf a New York to insignificance. Those left behind fell into 2 categories.  The Teros, supposedly benevolent, human-like beings, and the Deros, who were sadistic and cruel. The Deros apparently like to kidnap humans, drag them into their caverns, torture them, and then eat them.  Not the most pleasant thing to imagine.   Shaver’s tales were printed by Palmer as a work of fiction, and was titled The Shaver Mystery.  Palmer insisted that while he presented the story in a fictional setting, he truly believed Shaver’s accounts.  They went on to compile quite a library of information, much of which can still be purchased today.  Here’s a selection of what I was able to find.

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