Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 Mercury Conspiracy Theory

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AT: Extinction Impacts

Aliens will help us during the tribulation

Daust and Santorossa, psychics, 2000 (Danielle –owner of Global Psychics- and Bob, “The Intervention: a time of tribulation before ascension or transmigration” Global Psychics Inc., http://globalpsychics.com/enlightening-you/prophecy/aliens-tribulation.shtml, Accessed: 6/22/11, SL)

Benevolent Aliens - Help Waiting in the Wings

The benevolent aliens will help us clean up the damage done to the earth (they have awesome technologies for this), this will happen from year 2 to year 8, after the year 0 which is the beginning of the tribulation period (years 0-2). They will be summoned by divine messengers sent to Earth during this time.during the above years, some will seek to dominate Earth, or what's left, but will be unsuccessful, largely because of what follows...during this period, religions will still be around but humanity will note many spiritual exchanges with the divine and will wonder what is happening to them; but the exchanges will be pleasant, much will be spoken about this phenomenon and this is when the divine messengers and the spiritual hierarchies on earth explain what is to become of Earth and humanity. This is when humanity will compare "notes" with these other benevolent entities (there is more than one group here) and see that they were not alone, not only in creation, but, not alone in appreciation of Creator and the divine hierarchies, which humanity will begin to explore in this time period. These entities will show humanity how to do this and they will participate in the years five to eight of the transformation period, so that this awareness may occur in humanity. As explained, humanity will feel an awakening, they will receive assistance from other benevolent entities. (Humanity will) begin to see these entities, there will be no fear, for there will be trust, for they will feel and see the great works of these entities. They are beginning to come, culminating in the years five to eight, the coming transformation of mother earth.Exchanges will occur, humanity will feel they are about technology, instead, they will be exchanges of the spirit. Humanity will learn from these entities what is to come in the spiritual revolution. Then they will be told about these entities history, Earth's history as they know it, and the revolution which occurred to the entities and which must transpire on earth. Humanity will be made aware of how nature evolved. These benevolent entities, will contact earth, for they are of great wisdom, great love, great spirituality, so that earth will not fear. They will create a reality which will warm the conversion of spirituality in humanity and total rehabilitation of earth. These entities will glow with the energy of Creator to show humanity all that is possible.

AT: Global Warming

Global Warming is completely fabricated-no risk of species or human extinction

Robinson and Robinson, chemists at Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 97

[Arthur B. and Zachary W, Wall Street Journal, “Science Has Spoken: Global Warming Is a Myth” 1997, http://stephenschneider.stanford.edu/Publications/PDF_Papers/RobinsonAndRobinson.pdf, accessed 6/25/11, HK]

The global-warming hypothesis, however, is no longer tenable. Scientists have been able to test it carefully, and it does not hold up. During the past 50 years, as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen, scientists have made precise measurements of atmospheric temperature. These measurements have definitively shown that major atmospheric greenhouse warming of the atmosphere is not occurring and is unlikely ever to occur. The temperature of the atmosphere fluctuates over a wide range, the result of solar activity and other influences. During the past 3,000 years, there have been five extended periods when it was distinctly warmer than today. One of the two coldest periods, known as the Little Ice Age, occurred 300 years ago. Atmospheric temperatures have been rising from that low for the past 300 years, but remain below the 3,000-year average. Why are temperatures rising? The first chart nearby shows temperatures during the past 250 years, relative to the mean temperature for 1951-70. The same chart shows the length of the solar magnetic cycle during the same period. Close correlation between these two parameters--the shorter the solar cycle (and hence the more active the sun), the higher the temperature--demonstrates, as do other studies, that the gradual warming since the Little Ice Age and the large fluctuations during that warming have been caused by changes in solar activity. The highest temperatures during this period occurred in about 1940. During the past 20 years, atmospheric temperatures have actually tended to go down, as shown in the second chart, based on very reliable satellite data, which have been confirmed by measurements from weather balloons. Consider what this means for the global-warming hypothesis. This hypothesis predicts that global temperatures will rise significantly, indeed catastrophically, if atmospheric carbon dioxide rises. Most of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has occurred during the past 50 years, and the increase has continued during the past 20 years. Yet there has been no significant increase in atmospheric temperature during those 50 years, and during the 20 years with the highest carbon dioxide levels, temperatures have decreased. In science, the ultimate test is the process of experiment. If a hypothesis fails the experimental test, it must be discarded. Therefore, the scientific method requires that the global warming hypothesis be rejected. So we needn't worry about human use of hydrocarbons warming the Earth. We also needn't worry about environmental calamities, even if the current, natural warming trend continues: After all the Earth has been much warmer during the past 3,000 years without ill effects.

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