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2014 - 2015





2014 - 2015
Competitive swimming is a fantastic sport in which to participate for any child. In addition to being a fun activity it teaches children discipline, the value of hard work, reasonable goal setting and how to schedule and prioritize. These are all qualities or skills that will assist your child to excel in achieving any future goals and be successful with future interests and activities. It will help your child achieve a very high level of physical fitness while participating in a fun, non-violent sport with an extremely low rate of serious injury. Swimming increases endurance which is essential for any sport or activity.
The Rapids swimmers in all groups have experienced a high level of success and are getting better each season! In the past Rapids swimmers have achieved many goals including East Coast Championship times and National Championship times. For the upcoming season the focus is on swimmer development for all swimmers. During the 2014/15 year there will be Super Skills in-house meets for our pre-competitive swimmers and for competitive swimmers our team will be hosting two West Coast Invitational meets, one being in October and the other in April. As well the competitive team will participate in 6-10 other meets at the Provincial, Atlantic and possibly National level.

The Corner Brook Rapids Coaches & Executive have been working hard over the summer to improve upon last year in order to provide your swimmer with the best program in the province!

Club Philosophy
The Corner Brook Rapids Swim Club strives to produce an environment in which athletes will build confidence, develop discipline and find the inspiration necessary to do their best in competitive swimming. To facilitate this, the coaches will recognize needs and work with patience and consistency. Every member, including swimmers, coaches, and parents are important to the success of the team. High expectations are maintained for all.

The Coaching Staff

Head Coach
Bruce Hamlyn has been involved in coaching in Corner Brook since 1980. Bruce grew up in the City and was present during the birth of competitive swimming in Corner Brook. Bruce attended the Canada Games in 1973 and swam at Mount Allison University on a swimming scholarship. For the past 30 years Bruce has shown dedication to training through triathlon. He has a Level II coaching certification and brings a wealth of swimming knowledge and experience to the pool deck.  
Email Bruce: bruce.hamlyn@ssc-spc.gc.ca

Assistant Coaches

Tracy Hogan swam competitively for 12 years with NAAC (now SJL), the Kenora Aquatic Club and the Windsor Aquatic Club in Ontario and also the Memorial Sea Hawks. She has a Level II coaching certification with 27 years coaching experience and she has been with us for ten years. Tracy has been a member of various all-star teams, attended Olympic Trials and currently still holds a Provincial record.
Email Tracy: t.hogan@nf.sympatico.ca

Mandy Bull has been involved with swimming since the age of 9 and swam at the National level. She is a trained coach and brings with her 15 years of coaching experience. She has her National Life Guard certification, her Level 1 coaching certification and also swam at the Masters level in Michigan and Newfoundland. This is Mandy’s fifth season with the Rapids.
Email Mandy: mandybull@westernhealth@nl.ca

Cindy Colbourne joined the coaching staff in the Rapids 2013/14 season. She is a former competitive swimmer with the Western Whales swim club and a former swim instructor. Cindy has also been involved in many other sporting activities while growing up in Corner Brook. She has 17 years of teaching experience at the primary/elementary level which greatly aids her in her role as a pre-competitive coach with the Rapids. Cindy has enjoyed her time with the Rapids and is a very strong addition to our swim club coaching staff.
Email Cindy: colbourne-frazer@nf.sympatico.ca
Taylor Smith During the Rapids 2013/14 season, we were very happy to welcome Taylor as a junior volunteer coach. This season Taylor will be joining us as coach of the Ripples, the Rapids entry-level pre-competitive group. Taylor has been a competitive swimmer for 8 years and has competed at many meets over the years throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. She has her National lifeguard certification and is a certified swim instructor.
Email Taylor: Taylor_smith1996@hotmail.com


Please feel free to contact any member of the executive if you have any ideas to improve swimming for your family or if you wish to discuss any concerns during the swimming season. Here is the listing of executive members and contact information:

President Brenda Duffy duffybpp@yahoo.com

Vice-president Mike Greene mikegreene@bellaliant.net

Treasurer Mike Lacey Michael.Lacey@kruger.com

Secretary Tracey Mackey jandtnelson@nl.rogers.com

Registrar Cindy Colbourne colbourne-frazer@nf.sympatico.ca

Communications Deanne Vincent deann.vincent@whscc.nl.ca

Team Manager Bob Edwards redwards@rnc.gov.nl.ca

Pre-competitive Rep open position

Fundraising Chair Ed Mercer edemercer@gmail.com

Meet Manager Jane Hogan jane.karasek@gmail.com
Corner Brook Rapids Website: http://www.cbrapids.ca

Corner Brook Rapids E-Mail: cbrapids@gmail.com

Our mailing address is: Corner Brook Rapids Swim Club

P.O. Box 1122

Corner Brook, NL

A2H 6T2

Pre-Competitive Program

The pre-competitive program consists of two groups; the Ripples and the Riptides.

The Ripples

Swimmers entering this group must meet the minimum standard, one lap of the pool (25m), unassisted, of front swim with over arm recovery. Group goals are focused on developing great streamline, balance, body position, kick, and breathing patterns.

These are the most basic and key components of fast swimming. Front crawl and back crawl are the basic strokes in this group. The pace clock is introduced to swimmers at this stage. Teamwork and fair play are learned through games and group interaction.

The Riptides

Strong front crawl and back crawl are essential at this point. Butterfly, Breaststroke and IM become more important. Aerobic capacity is developed. Focus is on maximizing racing technique and encouraging a competitive attitude while maintaining friendships and having lots of fun.

Swimmers in these groups are expected to attend in-house Super Skills Meets to help prepare and encourage swimmers to move to the next level. Super Skills Meets occur during regularly scheduled practice hours and swimmers will be notified of upcoming dates.

Competitive Program

The competitive program consists of three groups, White, Blue and Red.

White Group

This is the entry group for competitive swimming and swimmers should possess all the key skills necessary to enter a meet. These skills are usually acquired by participation in our pre-competitive program. During the year, swimmers in White Group must attend at least two provincially sanctioned meets and Championship meets if qualified.

Butterfly and Breaststroke are refined in this group. Longer sets (distance and duration) with a focus on aerobic capacity and technique will be the focus of training sets. Swimmers will be introduced to dry-land training, core strengthening and stretching. Swimmer and Coach Goals focus on the 200m freestyle and 200m Individual Medley events to qualify to attend Provincial Championship Meets.

Blue Group

All swimmers in this group must be close to having Championship Time Standards. Morning practices begin at this level. The frequency, duration, and intensity of training sessions are increased from White Group. Swimmers in this group are expected to attend at least two provincially sanctioned meets in addition to the Short Course Champs and Long Course Champs.

The 200m and 400m events are the focus of this group. Swimmers train to increase aerobic capacity and improve technique on their way to becoming well-rounded swimmers. Group goals are focused on achieving East Coast Qualified status.

Red Group

Red Group is the highest training level in the club. This group swims as often as 8 times per week for 11.5 hrs total pool time/ week. Swimmers in this group must as minimum be Championship Time Standards qualified and the focus turns to qualifying, competing, and making finals, at Atlantic, Regional, and National competitions. Swimmers must attend all meets with the exception of the two optional meets designated. Championship Meets are compulsory. Swimmers must demonstrate at all times a positive attitude, consistent effort and maintain an acceptable level of attendance.

This group demands the highest level of both personal and team dedication. 100% commitment is required for this group to be successful in achieving its goals.

Move-Up Criteria for the competitive White, Blue and Red Groups will be:

  • Near perfect attendance in the group in which they are currently

swimming (Attendance)

  • Commitment to the Training Schedule of the Next Group (Interview)

  • Good Attitude (Assessed By Coaches)

  • Strong Work Ethic (Assessed By Both the Current and New Coach)

  • Appropriate Skill Base to Succeed in the Next Level (Assessed by New Coach)

  • Growing Commitment to Swimming (Assessed By Both the Current and New Coach)

  • Consent of their present and future Group Coach

Swim Meets
Super Skills These are in-house meets that take place four times a year for the benefit of our Pre-Competitive and Non-Competitive Swimmers. They usually take place during practice time on a Friday and are a relaxed atmosphere in which our swimmers can experience what it is to swim competitively.
Invitational Meet  This type of meet is for competitive swimmers of all ages.


Short Course Championships  This Provincial championship meet takes place in the early spring in a 25 meter pool.  Swimmers must attain the Provincial Championship time standard to participate in this meet.


Long Course Championships  This Provincial championship meet takes place late in May in a 50 meter pool (The Aquarena).  Again, swimmers must attain the time standard to participate in this meet.


East Coast Championships This is for swimmers in Eastern Canada who meet the time qualifying standard.  These Championships are held twice a year, similar to our Provincial Championships, in a 25meter pool in mid winter and in a 50 meter pool usually in the first week of July.

Time Standards

Time Standards are available on the Corner Brook Rapids website.

Termination of Membership

To terminate membership, a written letter must be submitted to an executive member.

Corner Brook Rapids Code of Conduct

To achieve the goal of maximizing the potential, personal satisfaction, and growth of our swimmers, all club members (coaches, swimmers, and parents) agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct. It is intended as a guide for appropriate behavior for all members to follow while engaged in any club activity.

  • I will treat all members with respect.

  • I will commit to the club by applying myself in a manner consistent with the objectives and performance goals of the club.

  • I will use appropriate language.

  • I will treat the property of others with respect.

  • I will treat my own body with respect by refraining from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and/or tobacco.

  • In the spirit of good competition I will display respect and appreciation towards competitors and officials.

Specific Rules While Attending Swim Meets

  • I will stay on the pool deck with my team and support my teammates.

  • I will follow all instructions regarding curfews and boundaries given by a coach or chaperone.

  • I will be a well-behaved guest in my hotel room.

  • I will follow the established rules of the facility and will recognize that the employees of that facility have the final authority.

Violations of the Code of Conduct
Violations of the Code of Conduct should be dealt with at the level where they happen and by the coach of that group. However, if the results are not satisfactory then the problem should be referred to the Head Coach. If it is still not resolved then the Club President should be informed.
Violations of the Code of Conduct may be dealt with in one or all of the manners listed below. More serious violations of the code may result in the stronger of the disciplinary measures being imposed.
1. Verbal warning to the member

It must be made clear to the person that he or she is in violation of the code.

2. Member is removed from pool deck

The individual is immediately removed from the situation and informed of the possible consequences if the behavior is not corrected. In the case where the offending member is a swimmer his or her parents are notified and informed. The member may be asked to write a letter of apology to those people affected.

3. Member is removed and a meeting is arranged.

The member is removed from the situation and a meeting (including members of the Executive) is set for the purpose of discussing the violation and its consequences. In the case where the offending member is a swimmer, his or her parents will be contacted to arrange the meeting. Suspension of the member from the pool for some period of time may be necessary.

4. Final Meeting

Expulsion may be an option, depending on the situation. An expelled member may apply to a Discipline committee (made up of members of the Executive) for re-entry after a twelve-month period.

Issues With Harassment
If you feel the actions of another club member(s) are preventing you from participating fully and equally in the activities of the Corner Brook Rapids Swim Club you are encouraged to bring the matter to your individual coach. However, if his or her response is unsatisfactory, other individuals you could speak to are:
The Head Coach

A Club Executive member

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable with the people listed above please contact Swim Newfoundland and Labrador at 576-7946 or through their website www.swimnl.nfld.net/.

Swim fees alone may not be sufficient to meet the operating costs of the team. In recent years the Corner Brook Rapids, a not-for-profit organization, has been dependent on fundraising to prevent swimmer registration fees from becoming prohibitively high. Fundraising allows us to keep the fees at a reasonable level and fulfill our mission of allowing each swimmer to reach his or her full potential. The executive is preparing their budget for the coming year and while we will try to keep fundraising to a minimum, some fundraising may be necessary. In the past we have done ticket draws, held auctions and sold cookie dough. We will keep all swim team families informed of this issue as it develops.
There is one fundraiser we have been involved in for many years and which we know we will undertake again this year. The Swim For Hope is a Province-wide fundraiser with all monies raised being jointly shared between the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre and the local swim club. It involves a 12 hour continuous swim relay where participants collect individual and corporate sponsors. Participants will compete for various prizes including the top three fundraisers in the province. It is a fun evening for the kids and parents, as well as community groups challenged to get in on the activities.
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