Judges’ Choice 3rd place – Ask Not For Whom The Post Is Liked 2nd place – Android Upgrade 1st place – And What a damned Fine Morning It Is has been invited to the 2013 Gala Finals held at Seymour Centre in March! People’s Choice

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Short+Sweet Sydney 2014 Week Two Results
The results for our second week are in! Some great plays have earned their way to the Wildcards Finals, People’s Choice Showcase and Gala Finals. We had a particularly strong Wildcards programmes this week.
Top 80 Week 2

Judges’ Choice

3rd place – Ask Not For Whom The Post Is Liked

2nd place – Android Upgrade

1st place – And What A Damned Fine Morning It Is

And What A Damned Fine Morning It Is has been invited to the 2013 Gala Finals held at Seymour Centre in March!
People’s Choice

3rd place – Android Upgrade

2nd place – Spaceman And Executioner

1st place – And What A Damned Fine Morning It Is

Spaceman And Executioner has been invited to the People’s Choice Showcase, as the People’s Choice winner is already in the Gala Finals.
Wildcards 2

Judges’ Choice

3rd place – The High Road

2nd place – The Peach

1st place – Sacred Profane

People’s Choice

3rd place – Dry Erase BJs

2nd place – The Peach

1st place – Sacred Profane

Sacred Profane wins a spot in the Wildcards Finals.

The top two Wildcards plays in the People’s Choice vote win a spot in the Wildcards Finals. The next two plays win a spot in the People’s Choice Showcase. The current frontrunners are:

4. Wildcard 1 When Mickey Met Luka 10.39%

3. Wildcard 2 Dry Erase BJs 10.94%

2. Wildcard 1 DV (Domestic Violence) 13.35%

1. Wildcard 2 The Peach 14.68%

Full Report
Top 80 Week 2

1. Our second week of Short+Sweet Sydney 2014 opened with “And What A Damned Fine Morning It Is”, written by Trace Crawford and directed by Stephanie Merriman. It starred Sam Dugmore as Ted and David McLean as Jim. Two suburban male stereotypes emerge from their houses one morning. As they exchange niceties, it becomes apparent that beneath their pleasant facade lies a deep-seated resentment of the other. This was the week’s clear winner and won both the Judges’ Choice and the People’s Choice and a spot in the Gala Finals at the Seymour Centre on 21 Mar.

2. Second in the lineup was Dan Borengasser’s “Outside The Box.” Henrietta Stathopoulos directed Brittany Ayden as Bobby, Elizabeth May as Liz, Brandon Lees as the Mime and Emma Webb as Cassie. Sometimes parents think they know best, but perhaps the Birthday present should have been a dog – a real dog.
3. The third play was the winner of Best Production at Fast+Fresh 2013. “The Game” was written and performed by Luther Canute, Max Moran and Ed Capel. Directed by Phil Cunich and assistant directed by Chris Canute, this play saw a look back at the value of mateship in difficult circumstances. Three young soldiers on the frontline in Vietnam try to pass the time by reminiscing about their footballing days.
4. Fourth was “Turning Tables”, written by Michael Lill and directed by Kirsty Budding. Theatre and art have been outlawed and Australia has become a cultural wasteland. Can Shakespeare and Hamlet save the day? It was performed by Arne Sjostedt as Thomas, Hugh Bosman as Arthur, Bryan Pike as Shakespeare and Tom Shortt as Hamlet.
5. Closing act one was “Exodus”, written and directed by Festival Director Pete Malicki. This play starred a cast of eight girls, all playing their namesakes: Sarah North, Mikaela Franco, Ebony Halliday, Hannah Dawson, Katie Lees, Jolene Mifsud, Pip Maclachlan and Rosemary Ghazi. A group of girls gathered together to watch a fixed match deal with an unwanted stranger joining their group, but as they leave the room one by one and don’t come back, it’s clear there's a bigger problem.
6. First after the interval was the winner of Crash Test Drama, “Android Upgrade”, written by Vee Malnar and directed by Joy Roberts. It featured Ben Hanly as the android, Debbie Tilley as Angela and Katherine Wasiel as Larissa. A futuristic comedy set in the year 2040. Angela decides to Upgrade her Android, but it seems that his gadgets may be too much for her to deal with. “Android Upgrade” came second in the Judges’ Choice and third in the People’s Choice. Solid effort!
7. Seventh was “Parent Teacher”, written and directed by David Roberts. An unsuspecting father attends Parent Teacher Night and finds out more than he bargained for. Independent Theatre Company Theatrical Brilliance presented Courtney Powell as Ms Hansy, Jeff Hampson as Mr Delmaine, Raechel Carlsen as Hannah and director David as Mr Towchy.
8. Our eighth play was “Ask Not For Whom The Post Is Liked.” Written by Craig DeLancey and directed by Gabriella Florek, it featured Mandy Sugar as Karen alongside Rhiannan Villano as Jane and came third in the Judges’ Choice. When things get oddly personal at her job interview, Karen starts to suspect that Jane might be more than just a Facebook friend.
9. Ninth up was “Wanted”, written and directed by – and starring – Sam Jenkins of “Harry Potter In Ten Minutes” fame. John's wife is dying. After the town's people won't help save her, John kills them one by one. Set in the Wild West, “Wanted” is a mostly speechless play, with all characters played by a single actor.
10. Closing Week 2 was “Spaceman And Executioner”, written by Tristram Baumber and directed by Geraldine Aegerter. Men come from Mars, women from Venus – even in outer space. G Theatre presented Aaron Nilan as the Spaceman and Ebony Louise Halliday as the Alien. Since the People’s Choice Winner also won the Judges’ Choice, “Spaceman And Executioner” has won a spot in the People’s Choice Showcase as the audience runner up.

Wildcards 2

1. Opening the second Wildcards show was a great play which came through one of our development programs, Crash Test Drama. “Bringing Work Home”, written and directed by Simon Tonkin, starred Adam Dorrington as Kyle and Jen Francis as Leah. A work-obsessed married couple cannot but help bring their workplace roles and personas right into the bedroom.

2. “Inoperable” by Sam Floyd was up second. What do you do when your patient argues back? A black comedy about a surgeon who has her most difficult patient yet. Brittany Ayden directed Patrice Rielly as the Surgeon and Mandy Sugar as the Patient.
3. The third play was “Sarcophagus”, written and directed by Jim Searle from Independent Theatre Company Pacey’s Players. It is Egypt, very B.C., and two slaves, sealed in the Pharaoh’s tomb, consider their options. It starred Emmanuell Aroney as Heiro and Batuhan Gürel as Glyph.
4. Fourth for the show was “Maid Of Conviction.” This play was written by Suzan Dalziel and directed by James Graham, with a cast of Keith Potten as Bishop of Beauvais and Hayley Joy Brown as Joan of Arc. A drama based on the story of Joan of Arc, heroine of France. The scene takes place in her jail cell on the morning she is to be executed on the stake.
5. The next play was “Sacred Profane”, written and directed by Kirsty Budding from ITC Contra Entertainment. A religious teacher and a rebellious student develop a mutual fascination and obsession that forces them to reassess their most deeply held values. It starred a top cast of Gertraud Ingeborg as the Teacher, Katrina Kelly as the Student and Short+Sweet 2013 Best Actor Tom Green as the Boy. “Sacred Profane” won the Judges’ Choice and has been invited to the Wildcards Finals. It also won the People’s Choice. Congrats!
6. Opening act two was “Dry Erase BJs” by Brian Walker. Brett Garland directed a saucy Clariza Vicente as Melissa, Grant Garland as Carl, Lena Sandberg as Isobel and director Brett as John. A prostitute and a retail slum lord, or some would call it self-employed. “Dry Erase” was a comedy about love and being proud of who you are, and that you should never judge a book by its cover. It came third in the People’s Choice.
7. Next up was “The High Road”, written by Seth Freeman and directed by Kathy Petrakis. Billy, an angry, frustrated driver, is lured into a bet by his wife – be positive for five minutes while driving. Can Billy do it no matter what or who comes his way? Nick Field played Billy, Kim-Cuong Do was Linda and Jane Thorpe was the Officer, and the play came third in the Judges’ Choice.
8. The eighth play for Wildcards 2 was called “The Moon Boy”. Sara Seal wrote this play and Les Davidson directed a cast of Zoe Tomaras as Emily, Ricky Klein, Monica Ulibarri and Gabriela Meloco. When Emily falls in love she is challenged to forsake reality. Will she be able to make that leap?
9. Ninth was “The Peach”, written by Alex Dremann and directed by Sarah Connor. A small coffee shop. A liaison for the famous Butcher Boss. A simple man who likes killing things. Together, their next assignment is of grave importance and calls for silent ninja skills and ample amounts of pie. Benjamin Roorda was Jake and Wayne Guy was Karwacki. This play finished second in the Judges’ Choice and the People’s Choice and is the current frontrunner to be in the Wildcards Finals as one of the audience favourites!
10. The final play was a ride and a half! “Poo Poo Pee Doo” was written and directed by Anna JahJah, with a cast of Kris Shalvey as Cap-ten, Roxy Azoory as Say-lore, Basile Mellac as Jules-yet and Michael Leonard playing live trumpet. Very entertaining/odd stuff!

Well done to all of the talented actors, writers and directors who put together a great show of Wildcards and Top 80 plays. Hope to see you again in Week 3!

2014 Festival Schedule

Top 80 – King Street Theatre
Top 80 Week 1 – Wed Jan 8 – Sun Jan 12
Top 80 Week 2 – Wed Jan 15 – Sun Jan 19
Top 80 Week 3 – Wed Jan 22 – Sun Jan 26
Top 80 Week 4 – Wed Jan 29 – Sun Feb 2
Top 80 Week 5 – Wed Feb 5 – Sun Feb 9
Top 80 Week 6 – Wed Feb 12 – Sun Feb 16
Top 80 Week 7 – Wed Feb 19 – Sun Feb 23
Top 80 Week 8 – Wed Feb 26 – Sun Mar 2
(Performances: Wed–Sat 7:30pm, Sun at 5.15pm, five performances)
Wildcards – King Street Theatre
Wildcards 1: Sat Jan 11 – Mon Jan 13
Wildcards 2: Sat Jan 18 – Mon Jan 20
Wildcards 3: Sat Jan 25– Mon Jan 27
Wildcards 4: Sat Feb 1 – Mon Feb 3
Wildcards 5: Sat Feb 8 – Mon Feb 10
Wildcards 6: Sat Feb 15 – Mon Feb 17
Wildcards 7: Sat Feb 22 – Mon Feb 24
Wildcards 8: Sat Mar 1 – Mon Mar 3
(Performances: Sat at 2:30pm, Sun at 1pm, Mon at 7:30pm)
People’s Choice Showcase – King Street Theatre
(Performances: Thu–Sat 7:30pm, Sun at 5.15pm, five performances)
Wildcards Finals – King Street Theatre
(Performances: Sat at 2:30pm, Sun at 1pm)
Gala Final and Awards
Matinee: Fri 21 Mar, 7:30pm
Awards show: Sat 22 Mar, 7:30pm

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