Health Information System

Domains of Health Information System

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Domains of Health Information System

  • Health system outputs – the quality, use and availability of health information and services.
  • Health outcomes – mortality, morbidity, disease outbreaks, and health status.

Components of Health Information System

Health information system has an organized set of interrelating components which can be grouped under two entities:

Information generating process
Data Collection
Data Transmission
Data Processing
Data Analysis
Information for use in
decision making
Info-needs / indicators
Organizational rules

HIS in Developing Countries

  • lack of NHIS policy framework and its application to plans, projects and actions.
  • Relative NHIS weak structure and limited resources.
  • Limited NHIS performance with poor and limited availability of accurate, complete and timely information

HIS in Developing Countries

  • Limited skilled staff and training for information and technology management.
  • Low and delayed production, analysis, reporting, dissemination and use of information.
  • Lack of effective communication between producers and users of information

HIS in Developing Countries

  • Fragmented and even overlapped specific information systems with lack of integration of specific and sub-national systems within a national HIS network.
  • Lack of coordination and communication between the stakeholders (offices, institutions, sectors) that should be involved in the production and sharing of information.
  • Lack of appropriate finance.

Subsystems of Health Information System

A health information system can be considered to consist of several separate subsystems:

  • Disease surveillance and outbreak notification.
  • Data generated through household surveys.
  • Registration of vital events and censuses (births, deaths and causes of death).

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